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Archives: Week Of June 30 - July 6, 2003
-VOLUME: 66 / ISSUE: 1,957 Monday - June 30, 2003-
More magicians, who live in Las Vegas, will appear on television on Tuesday Jul. 1 during a three-hour period than possibly ever before. The Animal Planet will air three one-hour specials beginning at 8pm ET with last year's "Animal Magic," Lance Burton's new special "Guerrilla Magic" at 9pm ET, and a one-hour documentary about Dirk Arthur and his felines titled "Big Cat Magic" at 10pm ET. In addition to Burton and Arthur expect to see: Johnny & Pam Thompson, Joseph Gabriel, Rick Thomas, Jim Steinmeyer, Steve & Maria August, Ed Alonzo, Mac King, Dana Daniels, Andrew Goldenhersh, Penn & Teller, Kevin James, Fielding West, Apollo Robins, and more. The three-hour block will be repeated three times into Jul. 2.(6/30)

Showgirls of MagicThe "Showgirls of Magic" is featured in a Las Vegas Sun article that looks at the changes made to the show recently, "…including bringing in four new girls and giving them a couple of new magic tricks. The new cast of gorgeous dancers/magicians includes Kelly Lake, Dawn Davidson (formerly with 'Bottoms Up'), Ophelia Covacevich (formerly of 'Splash') and Kathleen Pederson ('Midnight Fantasy')." Also mentioned in the article are the three novelty acts in the show Russ Merlin, Steve "Tiny Bubbles" Daly, and Antonio Hoyos. The article mentions that the show is, "…a thoroughly entertaining show by a troupe of talented performers who breeze effortlessly through the show with hardly a misstep." To read the Jun. 27 article by Jerry Fink titled "'Showgirls' ready to bust out of San Remo theater" click: HERE.(6/30)

Bill McIlhany is mentioned in a San Bernardino Sun article about the booming self-storage industry. The article reported that McIlhany, "…rented two storage spaces in Westwood six years ago after filling a second condo with magic tricks, carrying cases and videotapes and books about magic. He pays $450 a month for the space but says it's a necessity." To read the Jun. 28 article by Barbara Corerra titled "Got Space?" click: HERE.(6/30)

R. Paul Wilson, Terry Seabrooke, Murray Hatfield & Teresa, John George, Terry Lunceford, David Avadon, Jeff Ezell, and Jim Skaggs appear at the Magic Castle in Los Angeles on Jun. 30-Jul. 6.(6/30)

Hare Krishna is featured in an NCR Tribune article that reported, "After having successfully displayed his skills in more than 2,500 shows here and abroad, the magician confessed that he was self-taught and whatever skills he had today he had developed them through trial and error method." To read the Jun. 28 article by Nalini Ranjan titled "Master of abracadabra casts a spell on viewers" click: HERE.(6/30)

PRESS RELEASE: Hermann And Marcia Carr Featured In M-U-M Magazine.

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-VOLUME: 67 / ISSUE: 1,958 Tuesday - July 1, 2003-
Margaret Dailey who was the first female national president of the Society Of American Magicians (1990-91) died on Jun. 29. She was very instrumental in creating and growing the Society of Young Magicians, which now has more than 100 chapters all over the United States. Along with her husband Frank, also a past SAM national president (1983-84), they were lifelong supporters of involving young people in magic and tried to attend, support and even subsidize many events that cultivated involvement. Viewing will take place on Jul. 2 at 4-8pm at Stevens Mortuary (5520 W. 10th St.) in Indianapolis, Indiana and the funeral on Jul. 3at 10:30am at the Chapel Hill United Methodist Church (10th and Girls School Road) in Indianapolis. She is survived by her husband Frank W. Dailey.(7/1)

The International Brotherhood of MagiciansThe International Brotherhood of Magicians' 75th annual convention takes place on Jul. 1-5 in Kansas City, Missouri where the talent lineup features some of the best in the business. Performers include Danny Archer, Gay Blackstone, Rich Bloch, Trixie Bond, Tom Burgoon, Jim Cellini, Michael Close, Aldo Colombini, Pat Davisson, Bob  Fitch, Jade, Ardan James, Mark Kalin & Ginger, Andre Kole &Co., Simon Lovell, Jay Marshall, Max Maven, Kenji Minemura, Barry Mitchell, Jonathan Neal, The Netcheporenko's, Nikolai & Nina, Obie O'Brien, Shoot Ogawa, and The Spencers. For more information and last minute registration information click: HERE.(7/1)

Mel Harvey's new act as a 1930s Chicago style gangster is mentioned in a Leamington Spa Courier article. To read the Jun. 30 article titled "Mafia Magic" click: HERE.(7/1)

NEW JERSEY: Jimmy Molinari lectures on Wednesday Jul. 2 at 8pm for JMMRT at the V.F.W. Hall (20 Pennsylvania Ave., two blocks from the NJ Transit -- Linden train station) in Linden. Cost is $10 for members and $15 for non-members. For more information click: HERE.(7/1)

CALIFORNIA: Ian Rowland will be lecturing on his unique mental magic on Jul. 2 at 7:30pm at the SCV Water District HQ Bldg (5700 Almaden Expressway) in San Jose. Admission is $15 per person. For more information click: HERE.(7/1)

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-VOLUME: 67 / ISSUE: 1,959 Wednesday - July 2, 2003-
David CopperfieldDavid Copperfield will begin the summer tour of his "An Intimate Evening of Grand Illusion" on July 18. In promoting the show he will be appearing on a number of television shows. His current schedule of TV appearances includes: The Today Show (Jul. 2 at 8am ET - NBC-TV), Fox News (Jul. 7 at 8:45am – FOXNEWS-TV), Conan O'Brien (Jul. 12 at 12:35am ET – NBC-TV), Extra (Jul. 15 – Syndicated), CNN Live (Jul. 18 at 11:30am ET – CNN-TV), and CNN Headline News (Jul. 18 between 3-6pm ET).(7/2)
--A live chat with David Copperfield is scheduled for Jul. 2 at noon ET on To go there click: HERE.(7/2)

Steve Wyrick news is leaked in a Las Vegas Review-Journal article, "The Sahara and magician Steve Wyrick's camp are nearing an announcement that his show will close Aug. 31. Wyrick is said to headed for another property." To read the Jul. 1 article by Norm titled "Friends of Buddy Hackett recall his comic genius" click: HERE.(7/2)

The Houdini Days Festival scheduled for Aug. 29-30 in Appleton, Wisconsin is announced in a Post-Crescent article that quotes organizer Chris Cochrane, "The thinking behind it is to inspire families to get interested in magic and make it cool." Performers already announced include: Mark Wilson, Joshua Jay, Sylvester the Jester, Rondini, and Mike & Chris. To read the Jul. 1 article by Heather LaRoi titled "Poof! Houdini festival appears" click: HERE.(7/2)
--To read a transcript of a Jul. 1 WBAY-TV news report by Lisa Manna titled "Houdini Days Festival Promises to be Magical" click: HERE.(7/2)

Ron GeoffriesRon Geoffries is profiled in a Courier-Post article that describes him as "one of the busiest magicians in South Jersey." Geoffries explained, "If you've done your job right, the audience should feel bewitched. If it looks like no effort, then it's working. You can be flamboyant, but it should look effortless." To read the Jul. 1 article by Cheryl Squadrito Moskovitz titled "Magician makes tricks look easy" click: HERE.(7/2)

The IBM convention in Kansas City gets some press in a Kansas City Star article that reported about their shows, "While the seminars and meetings are for members only, four shows at the Lyric Theater are open to the public. Beginning tonight, the shows feature some of the best-known magicians and illusionists in the world, brought to town to entertain the conventioneers, said Larry Warshaw of Overland Park, president of Ring 129." Mentioned in the article are Greg Frewin, Max Maven, Andre Kole, David Sandy, Siegfried & Roy, David Copperfield, and Lance Burton. To read the Jul. 1 article by Kate Beem titled "Illusionists bring magic to Kansas City" click: HERE.(7/2)

The Amazing Johnathan is featured in a Showbiz Weekly article that reported, "The zest and zeal with which Amazing Johnathan performs his seemingly spontaneous, over-the-edge numbers is simply outrageous." To read the Jul. 6-12 article by Carla J. Zvosec titled "Playing A Trick" click: HERE.(7/2)

Art Benjamin and Chuck Griffith will join David Groves in "Magic In The Burbs" on Thursday Jul. 3 at 7:30pm at the Home Brew Coffee Company, (661 W. Arrow Hwy.) in San Dimas, California. Admission is $5 plus a one-drink minimum per person. For reservations and information phone: 909-394-1964.(7/2)

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-VOLUME: 67 / ISSUE: 1,960 Thursday - July 3, 2003-
Richard Wiseman describes his trip to the Magic Castle in The Independent where he discusses a detour, "I stopped off in New York to visit a friend. We went to Times Square, which was a lot rougher then than it is now, and saw a con artist performing the three-card trick. …I told my friend that although there only appeared to be one person throwing the cards and taking the money, in reality, there were many more people involved. I started to point out the different members of the con team - the people watching out for the police, the stooges placing fake bets, and so on. …Proudly, I counted 13 members of the gang. Then I looked down and realised that there must have been 14, because my bag had been taken from between my feet." Wiseman also explained that the event turned out to be lucky because he was forced to put together a new act that turned out to be better than the one he lost in the bag. To read the Jul. 2 article by Stephen Portlock titled "My Greatest Mistake" supplied by YellowBrix click: HERE.(7/2)

David CopperfieldIf you missed David Copperfield's live appearance on the Today Show on Jul. 2 with Katie Kouric and Al Rocker the video segment can be seen on their website. Also offered on the site is a recorded audio interview where Copperfield answers a slew of questions and mentioned that he owed CBS another TV special that might air this year. To view the video and listen to the interview click: HERE.(7/3)

Margaret Giddens Hoover Dailey who died on Jun. 29 at the age of 83 is described in an Indianapolis Star obituary as, "Mrs. Dailey was a devoted magician who dedicated most of her time to young people in magic." To read the Jul. 2 obituary titled "Margaret Giddens Dailey helped young magicians" click: HERE.(7/3)

Paul Daniels' home that was flooded earlier in the year is mentioned in a Teletext article that reported on his plans to rebuild the home, only this time on stilts. The article also mentioned that, "He [Daniels] says the local planning authority is dragging its feet over his proposal to demolish the property and rebuild it on stilts to prevent flooding." To read the Jun. 30 article by Derek Robins titled "Paul Daniels seeks a home on stilts" click: HERE.(7/3)

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-VOLUME: 67 / ISSUE: 1,961 Friday - July 4, 2003-
Harry Anderson's New Sideshow Side BusinessHarry Anderson's New Sideshow Side Business
"I want to tell you all about my new shop Sideshow" an excited Harry Anderson tells MagicTimes. On Monday July 14 (Bastille Day) Harry Anderson and his wife Elizabeth will be opening a new store in New Orleans called "Sideshow." The store is decorated using the sets from his 1987 television special "Sideshow" and from his long running television series "Night Court." The retail store will feature all of his interests and passions. As you walk in you will pass sections about the occult, an exclusive line of jewelry and souvenirs, gaming, games, magic, and even a section for shoplifters with postcards and slum magic for them to steal. The main part of the shop will be dedicated to sideshow art and products. Anderson managed to contact several artisans who specialize in producing authentic one-of a kind items, "that are available by the dozen." To find out more about the shop and his current career plans in this MagicTimes exclusive click: HERE.(7/4)

Peter Hopkins who was scheduled to do a blindfold drive on Saturday was stopped by the police. A Western Mail article quoted Hopkins, "They simply felt that the police could not be seen to support an event that was so dangerous. …They were worried that, in the interest of promoting road safety, allowing the event to go ahead would give the wrong message to the general public." To read the Jul. 3 article by Catrin Pascoe titled "Magician's stunt in dark banned" click: HERE.(7/4)

Mark Wilson's involvement in the production of "Merry Wives" is mentioned in an Inside VC article that reported, "Donenberg enlisted the assistance of Mark Wilson, who starred in 'Magic Land of Allakazam' when the first network TV magic series debuted in 1960. …Wilson taught the illusions to Geoffrey Lower, who plays Ford." To read the Jul. 3 article by Jeff Favre titled "Sitcom Shakespeare" click: HERE.(7/4)

Danny Alan, Chris McDaniel, and Chris Capehart headline at Monday Night Magic on Jul. 7 at 8pm in NYC. For tickets phone Ticketmaster at: 212-307-4100. For more information click: HERE.(7/4)

Jim Jackson presents "Art Guffaw" on Saturday Jul 5 at 11am and 2pm at the Theatre of Dreams (735 Park St.) in Castle Rock, Colorado. The Vaudeville style show features juggling, puppetry, magic and giant soap bubble manipulation. Tickets are $10 per person and are available by phoning: 303-660-6799.(7/4)

PRESS RELEASE: Magic Camp Scholarships.

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