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Archives: Week Of June 23-29, 2003
-VOLUME: 66 / ISSUE: 1,952 Monday - June 23, 2003-
Shattering Illusions - Jamy Ian SwissJamy Ian Swiss' book "Shattering Illusions" is reviewed in the Los Angeles Times where it is called, "There are many smart and useful moments in 'Shattering Illusions,' including a history of magic performed in bars, of which Swiss was once a practitioner, and an excellent survey of magical literature." The review also observed that "Magic itself is a cult with its ministers and acolytes and arcane knowledge, its lectures and conventions and freaks. You can't even find Swiss' book on; it's published by the aptly named Hermetic Press (try the Web site or your local magic shop) and essentially intended for a quasi-secret cadre of serious magicians who still guard even published secrets with some jealousy." To read the Jun. 22 review by Crispin Sartwell titled "Entertaining deception" click: HERE.(6/23)

Murray joined the cast of "La Femme" at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas on Jun. 22 where he will be performing his CD act through the end of the month.(6/23)

The "Mystery Lounge" will be presenting the final show of the limited run engagement on Tuesday Jun. 24 at the Comedy Studio (1236 Mass. Ave.) Cambridge, Massachusetts. Featured performers include Mike Bent, Steve Kradolfer, Alexander, Erik Rochelle, Jon Stetson and David Oliver. The Society of American Magicians (Boston Assembly #9) will also be presenting its "Excellence in Performance Award" to the cast of the show during the final performance. For reservations and information phone: 617-661-6507.(6/23)

Mac King, Siegfried and Roy, Penn and Teller, and Lance Burton's shows in Las Vegas are discussed in a Boston Globe feature that looks at some of the more popular magic shows in town. To read the Jun. 22 article by Jerry Camarillo Dunn Jr. titled "Some magicians amaze you; others conjure up yawns" click: HERE.(6/23)

Martin Lewis, Aaron Fisher, Dream Makers, Steve Silverman, Brian Ochab, Bob Busch, Larry Chaffers, Fitzgerald, and Jeff Martin appear at the Magic Castle in Los Angeles on Jun. 23-29.(6/23)

Matthew Morgan is featured in a Juneau Empire article about his appearance at the Centennial Hall in Alaska. Morgan who performs around the world explained, "Working with Japanese populations is fascinating… They like the silk and card disappearing act. Here in America, they're fascinated with animals and illusions. In Europe, they're more into whimsy, comical acts. I try to adjust my show to make it unique every time." To read the Jun. 20 article by Korry Keener titled "Quiet magic" click: HERE.(6/23)

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-VOLUME: 66 / ISSUE: 1,953 Tuesday - June 24, 2003-
Tom MullicaA Red Skelton Museum and Performing Arts Center is scheduled to be built in Vincennes, Indiana and Tom Mullica is profiled and quoted in a Saturday Evening Post article. Mullica is described as, "Mullica, recreates all of Red's characters on stage, much to the delight of Skelton fans. His likeness to the famed comedian (after donning a half-hour's worth of makeup) causes audiences to gasp." Mullica also confessed, "I'm just imitating the man, and I feel guilty about it at times, receiving all that applause for something that's not mine, but I can imagine how he must have felt with that love and adulation coming over the footlights." The story by Ted Kreiter titled "A Home For Freddie The Freeloader" appears in the July/August issue of The Saturday Evening Post.(6/24)

Forbes Magazine has published the 2003 list of "The Celebrity 100" highest earners and their "Power Rankings." Three magic acts have made the list this year: David Copperfield was the 10th highest paid celebrity with $55 million and ranked 43. Siegfried & Roy were the 12th highest paid celebrities with $52 million and ranked 38. David Blaine was the 93rd highest paid celebrity with $5 million and ranked 98. To view the magicians list click: HERE.(6/24)

Jerome Flynn who plays Tommy Cooper in the London Play, "Jus' Like That," is featured in a Reuters article that described the original Cooper as, "…a comedian-magician whose genius lay in a bumbling ineptitude that belied a sense of timing that was second to none. His act consisted of corny magic tricks -- he read the instructions in the middle of the routin." To read the Jun. 23 article by Michelle Green titled "UK actor Flynn surrenders to Tommy Cooper" click: HERE.(6/24)

Carl Mercurio presents his 30-minute cabaret show, "The Universe is Expanding," on Jun. 25 and Jul. 2 at the Jekyll & Hyde Pub in New York City as part of the weekly Big Bertha's Variety Show. Joining Mercurio will be other variety acts. For more information phone: 212-989-7701.(6/24)

MARYLAND: Petrick & Mia lecture on Wednesday Jun. 25 at 7:30pm at Denny & Lee Magic Studio (325 South Marlyn Avenue) in Baltimore. Tickets are $15 per person and are available by phoning: 410-686-3914. There will also be a special workshop offered in the afternoon.(6/24)

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-VOLUME: 66 / ISSUE: 1,954 Wednesday - June 25, 2003-
Steve Cohen's "Chamber Magic: A Demonstration of Modern Conjuring" which opened on Jun. 19 at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in San Francisco will be there for one more week during the limited engagement. The first week sold-out and there are very few seats available for the rest of the shows on Jun. 25-28 at 7pm and 9pm. For reservations phone: 415-773-6198.(6/25)

The Great GolfiniDan Rodriguez, an SAM past national president, has created an act around Golf and bills himself as "The Great Golfini." He currently appears is performing every Tuesday and Wednesday at Fitzgeralds-Donwtown in Las Vegas where he opens for Paull Casas. Rodriguez is also an occasional opening act at the Plaza Hotel.(6/25)

A celebration of the magic of Harry Potter is the theme of David Groves' "Magic In The Burbs" show on Thursday Jun. 26 at 7:30pm at the Home Brew Coffee Company, (661 W. Arrow Hwy.) in San Dimas, California. In addition to Groves, as "Professor Purple" performers will include: Jim Skaggs as "Professor Snazzleberry" and Nicholas Carifo as "Professor Fritzie Frog." Admission is $5 plus a one-drink minimum per person for adults and $2.50 for kids. For reservations and information phone: 909-394-1964.(6/25)

The Pacific Coast Association of Magicians (PCAM) has announced its lineup for this year where the event will be held in Coquitlam, BC Canada on Jul. 31-Aug. 3. Performers will include: Greg Frewin, Joshua Jay, Aldo Colombini, Julie Eng, Oscar Munoz, Eric Buss, John Shyrock, Diamond Jim Tyler, Reed McClintock, Sean Bogunia, Jeff McLeod, and Shawn Farquhar. For more information click: HERE.(6/25)

While magicians all over the world were dressed as wizards and doing wizardly shows to promote the Harry Potter book, Siegfried & Roy hosted cast members from the original "Wizard Of Oz." During an autograph-signing event in Vegas that attracted many actors from early TV and movies, some of the celebrities visited the S&R show. Pictured are: From left: Meinhardt Raabe (Wizard of Oz), Margaret O'Brien (The Poseidon Adventure), Stella Stevens, Alan Young (Mr. Ed), Randall Malone, Liz Renay, Terry Moore (Peyton Place), Edd Byrnes (77 Sunset Strip), Mickey Rooney and wife Jan, France Nuyen (South Pacific), and James MacArthur (Hawaii 5-0). Raabe got a big laugh when he recited his famous line "Ding, dong, the witch is dead, the wicked witch is dead." (A Siegfried & Roy Photo).(6/25)

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-VOLUME: 66 / ISSUE: 1,955 Thursday - June 26, 2003-
Jeff McBrideJeff McBride's show at Trump Plaza in Atlantic City last weekend was previewed in a Daily Record article that reported, "As for his Trump Plaza engagement, McBride promises he'll have some new tricks up his sleeve, with the emphasis on sleight of hand. One bit, he promises, 'will prove to the audience I have the fastest hands in the world - hopefully.' He adds he has also given his wife, Abbi Spinner, more of a role than she had when they last performed locally at the Claridge a couple of years ago." Speaking of his signature routines McBride commented, "I have to do (them)… I can't show up in Atlantic City and not do 'Coins from Kids' or 'The Mask.' There are certain 'greatest hits' I always have to do." To read the Jun. 20 article by Chuck Darrow titled "Magician McBride disappears following just one weekend" click: HERE.(6/26)

Eddie's Trick & Novelty Shops in Georgia are featured in an Atlanta Journal-Constitution article that discusses the two magic shops, their history and the magic they sell. Store manager Richard Morris said, "The most satisfying thing for me is when you get someone who's just getting interested in magic… And seeing them get that magic bug for the first time." Morris also warned, "Practice and dedication come with the territory, so don't expect to walk in Blackstone's shoes without putting in the hours." To read the Jun. 26 article titled "Tricky business" click: HERE.(6/26)

Danny Cole is scheduled to appear at the Comedy & Magic Club (1018 Hermosa Ave.) in Hermosa Beach, California through Jun. 28. For tickets and reservations phone: 310-372-1193.(6/26)

Jeff Parmer is featured in a Long Beach Press Telegram article that looks at his career as magician and motivator. Parmer explained, "I use my magic as a teaching, inspirational tool and a way to convey concepts… Some information is delegated by the company. I also get to incorporate some of my own strategies." To read the Jun. 24 article by Mark Edward Nero titled "Magical messages" click: HERE.(6/26)

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-VOLUME: 66 / ISSUE: 1,956 Friday - June 27, 2003-
Marc SalemMarc Salem begins a monthly column titled "Marc Salem's Mind Control" in the August issue of Men's Health magazine. The first column titled, "5 Sneaky Ways to Read Your Boss," teaches how to read people, "…based on a sound principle of nature: The subconscious always rats out the conscious. By understanding how the brain and body react in certain situations, you can train yourself to decode the nonverbal messages people unwittingly transmit." Each column also features a "Mind Game of the Month" with the first being a test for your girlfriend to see if she is telling the truth.(6/27)

Kirby VanBurch's show at the Remington Theatre in Branson, Missouri is profiled in The Baxter Bulletin where they report, "If you're a fan of magic acts, then you'll enjoy VanBurch's show with its mixture of big illusions and small ones. It's the kind of show that elicits 'ooohs' and 'aaahs' from the audience, along with tricks that will prompt you to ask, 'How'd he do that?'" To read the Jun. 26 article by Thomas Garrett titled "VanBurch's performance is magical" click: HERE.(6/27)

Infantino performs in "Magic, Comedy & More" at the American Legion Hall (Veteran's Memorial Blvd.) in Massapequa, New York on Sunday Jun. 29 at 4pm. Also on the bill are ventriloquist Vince Dantona & George and comedian Ron Tobin. All proceeds are being contributed to charity.(6/27)

Wayne Dobson's lecture at the School on Wizardry in Stourbridge, England is mentioned in an Express & Star article. To read the Jun. 26 article titled "Magical tricks of the trade" click: HERE.(6/27)

Will Shaw, David Kaye, and David Oliver headline in a special "Family Show" at Monday Night Magic on Jun. 30 at 8pm in NYC. For tickets phone Ticketmaster at: 212-307-4100. For more information click: HERE.(6/27)

Carl Mercurio performs for Fantasma Toys at FAO Schwarz (58th Street and 5th Avenue) in New York City on Saturday Jun. 28 at 2pm and 4pm.(6/27)

MARYLAND: Jimmy Molinari lectures on Monday Jun. 30 at 7:30pm at Denny & Lee Magic Studio (325 South Marlyn Avenue) in Baltimore. Tickets are $15 per person and are available by phoning: 410-686-3914. There will also be a special workshop offered in the afternoon.(6/27)

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