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Archives: Week Of June 16-22, 2003
-VOLUME: 66 / ISSUE: 1,947 Monday - June 16, 2003-
Rick Thomas' "The Magic of Rick Thomas" long-running show at the Tropicana that has recently been upgraded is reviewed in the Las Vegas Review-Journal where they describe some of the additions to the show and offer, "Thomas understands that you don't have to be hip to make it on the Strip. Still, if the competition chose to believe you can't do a show without the hip-hop beats and topless girls, he'd no doubt be happy to keep the real truth as secret as his magic." To read the Jun. 13 review by Mike Weatherford titled "Rick Thomas refines, upgrades his afternoon show" click: HERE.(6/16)

Darren Romeo"Siegfried & Roy presents Darren Romeo the Voice of Magic" will run at Busch Gardens in Tampa Bay, Florida as part of their "Summer Nights" promotion. Romeo is scheduled to open on Jun. 21 and run through Aug. 3 with two shows per night. For more information: click: HERE.(6/16)

Dirk Arthur's "The New Art of Magic" at the Silverton's Opera House is featured in a Las Vegas Sun review that gave it 3 out of 5 stars and reported, "Although animals are an important part of Arthur's show, they aren't the most dramatic. Much more impressive than watching a black panther somehow materialize out of an oversized disco ball is seeing an almost full-scaled replica of a train engine appear onstage. …Or the levitation of a Lamborghini that then seems to disappear into thin air. …Or the appearance and disappearance of a helicopter." To read the Jun. 13 review by Jerry Fink titled "Arthur's magic fun, but buffet doesn't disappear" click: HERE.(6/16)

Mark Schwartz is described as "derring-do of amateur escape artist" in a Munster Times article that reported on Friday's event at the Old Jail Museum in Indiana. Schwartz explained that, "…escaping has always been a hobby of his and that he learned much of his stuff from a magician whose father had worked with the great Houdini. 'There's something about Houdini ... that's always struck a chord in me,' Schwartz said. 'He's kind of my hero.'" To read the Jun. 13 article by Brian Williams titled "The great escape" click: HERE.(6/16)

Joel Ward and Kristi Toguchi's show Magicanna opened at the Four Seasons Resort Avaira in Carlsbad, California on Jun. 10. The show will run every Tuesday at 1:30pm through August.(6/16)

R. Paul WilsonR. Paul Wilson, Brian Gillis, Guy Bavli, Mystina, Jason Tong, Jansenson, B. J. Hickman, and Jason Latimer appear at the Magic Castle in Los Angeles on Jun. 16-22. Guy Bavli lectures on Sunday Jun. 22.(6/16)

Joel Howlett who was invited to appear at he SAM's Young Memebers show in Las Vegas next month is featured in a Melbourne Herald Sun article that reported that, The Newcastle magician is the first Australian ever to be invited to perform in Las Vegas by the prestigious Society of American Magicians (SAM). To read the Jun. 15 article by Mercedes Florez titled "Vegas invite's magic for Aussie wizard" click: HERE.(6/16)

The Magicians Circle in Elk Grove, California is profiled in a Sacramento Bee article that met at a cemetery. Mentioned in the article are Phil Stillman, Rick Sihner, Drew Tomlinson, and Tony Borders. To read the Jun. 13 article by Michael Kolber titled "Learning new tricks" click: HERE.(6/16)

Majinga the Magician and the Magic Genii who appeared at the Morgan Hill Community Playhouse are featured in a Morgan Hill Times article. To read the Jun. 13 article titled "Magic show at MH playhouse" click: HERE.(6/16)

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-VOLUME: 66 / ISSUE: 1,948 Tuesday - June 17, 2003-
Wittus WittThe "Goocheldozen uit de collectie van Wittus Witt" (Magic Sets from the Wittus Witt Collection) exhibit opened on Jun. 13 at the Museon Museum (Stadhouderslaan 37) in Den Haag, The Netherlands. Wittus Witt has one of the largest collections of magic sets in the world and will be displaying around 70 out of his 1,200+ sets dating from 1840. The exhibit, which will run through August, is around the corner from the FISM 2003 headquarters and all convention attendees will have an opportunity to visit the collection for free.(6/17)

The Magic Circle and its Centre for the Magic Arts is featured in The Independent on Sunday that profiles the Magic Circle while describing it's headquarters and giving its history. The article observed, "Whether you call it art or entertainment, the richness of magic's history demands to be honoured, and the Centre for the Magic Arts certainly does that." To read the Jun. 15 article titled "Tricks and treats" supplied by YellowBrix click: HERE.(6/17)

Christopher Nolan who is scheduled to direct the next Batman movie will be directing "The Prestige" which is written by his brother Jonathan and is based on the Christopher Priest novel of the same name. "The Prestige" is set to revolve around the rivalry between two professional magicians during the late 19th century. The movie has $40 million projected budget and is rumored to star Jude Law.(6/17)
--To buy the book click: HERE.

Chris Pilsworth's magical play, "Disappearing Nightly," appears on Jun. 18-22 at the Ron Maslin Playhouse in Kanata, Ontario, Canada with seven performances of the 90-minute show. Tickets are $19.50-$29.50 per person and are available by phoning: 613-592-5787. For more information click: HERE.(6/17)

Torkova is the special guest performer at the "Mystery Lounge" at the Comedy Studio in Harvard Square (1236 Mass Ave) Cambridge, Massachusetts on Tuesday Jun. 17 at 8pm. He will join regular cast members David Oliver, Mike Bent, Steve Kradolfer, Erik Rochelle, and Jon Stetson. Admission is $10 per person. For reservations phone: 617-661-6507.(6/17)
--Show cancelled due to fire at theater on 6/16.(6/17)

Jeffery Deaver who wrote "The Vanished Man" is featured in an Irish Times article that looks at his career and the process of writing his books. The article pointed out, "The Vanished Man, pits his hero against a master magician who uses the tools of his trade - quick costume changes, sleight-of-hand - in order to get close to his victims and kill them." To read the Jun. 16 article by John Connolly titled "Read, twist and shout" supplied by YellowBrix click: HERE.(6/17)
--To buy the novel click: HERE.

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-VOLUME: 66 / ISSUE: 1,949 Wednesday - June 18, 2003-
Paul GertnerPaul Gertner presents his one-man show "Paul Gertner: Ten Fingers, A Play of Magic" on Jun. 19-22 at the Center for Performing Arts in Rhinebeck, NY. The show is a semi-autobiographical play that features the many routines that were created by or have become associated with Gertner. This is Gertner's second appearance at the theater, the first being in January, 2002. Tickets are available for $17-$19 per person by phoning: 845-876-3080.(6/18)

Paul Daniels discusses the current state of entertainment on British television in a lengthy article in the Western Mail that promotes his upcoming appearance at The Merlin, Magic and Mystery Festival. Daniels explained, "I've realised for some time now that television is going one way and it's not my way. …The glamour and variety has gone out of television; there's no dreams or ambition anymore. Television has been taken over by the snotty nose set who sit on couches interviewing people." Daniels also reported, "I've no intention of retiring just yet, there's so much more to do. I've got meetings in the next few days to discuss my new website which is up and running and the possibility of setting up a chain of magic shops to get young people interested in the trade." To read the Jun. 16 article titled "Television has been taken over by the snotty nose set who sit on couches" supplied by YellowBrix click: HERE.(6/18)

Arian Black mentions some upcoming plans in a Las Vegas Review-Journal article, "Black's afternoon 'Secrets' revue recently closed shop at Fitzgerald's. She says she's hoping to be back in September as part of a larger show at another property, one that's 'more of a revue centering around me as a major character.' 'It's me being part of an ensemble where I get to be the feature person, which I think is achievable for me,' she says." Also mentioned in the article is that Victor & Diamond will be appearing at the Plaza on occasional weekends. To read the Jun. 17 article by Mike Weatherford titled "Sulich sees silver lining in move" click: HERE.(6/18)

MurrayMurray just taped a segment for the new Comedy Central show, "Reno 911." The parody, "reality" show has him being stopped by police for drunk driving and being asked if he has anything on him -- and the magic begins. The show is scheduled to air in July.(6/18)

Stephen Mulhern who stars in the British children's show on The Quick Trick Show is featured in a Wales on Sunday article where he discusses his future plans and current projects. The article concluded, "With so much success under his belt, Mulhern is feeling positive about the future and, like Ant, Dec and Cat, would eventually like to make the move to family-oriented TV. 'That would be amazing,' he enthuses. 'I'd love to do a Saturday night game show or a family show.'" To read the Jun. 15 article titled "It's kids' stuff" supplied by YellowBrix click: HERE.(6/18)

Wayne Kawamoto, and David Lovering will join David Groves in "Magic In The Burbs" on Thursday Jun. 19 at 7:30pm at the Home Brew Coffee Company, (661 W. Arrow Hwy.) in San Dimas, California. Admission is $5 plus a one-drink minimum per person. For reservations and information phone: 909-394-1964.(6/18)

Joel Howlett who will be appearing in on the Stars of Tomorrow show in Las Vegas at the SAM convention is featured in a Newcastle Star article that reported, "Newcastle North Rotary have helped offset the cost of Joel's trip and on June 24, McDonalds in King Street, will be having a "Fun Night", beginning at 5.30pm. They will donate 10 percent of the night's takings towards Joel's expenses." To read the Jun. 18 article by Christine Tondorf titled "Joel's Vegas show no magic trick" click: HERE.(6/18)

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-VOLUME: 66 / ISSUE: 1,950 Thursday - June 19, 2003-
Derek LeverDerek Lever is now the sole organizer of the famed Blackpool convention produced by the Blackpool Magicians Club, which is commonly called "The World's Largest Magic Convention" where the numbers can reach 3,000 attendees. Among the changes to be implemented by Lever is to increase the number of dealers displaying at the event from an enormous 73 to an unbelievable 103. Already booked for the Feb. 21-22, 2004 convention are: Rene Levand, Derek Dingle, Paul Gertner, Franz Harary, Bob Fitch, Henry Evans, Carl Cloutier, Joe Pasquale, Ray Alan & Lord Charles, Takamitsu Uchida, Roy Gardner & James, and Johnny Casson. Lever will be assisted by Harry Robson and Alan Mylecraine. For more information click: HERE.(6/19)

"The Illusion," a play, by Pulitzer Prize winner Tony Kushner based on L'illusion Comique by Pierre Corneille (1636) runs at the Playwrights Theatre (6000 J St) in Sacramento, California on weekends trough the end of June. Tickets are $5-$12 per person and are available by phoning: 916-278-4323. For more information click: HERE.(6/19)

Lance Burton will be appearing at Barnes & Noble (8915 W. Charleston Blvd.) in Las Vegas on Friday Jun. 20 at 11:30pm as part of a promotion to launch the new Harry Potter book.(6/19)

Rafael Benatar Rafael Benatar presents his full-evening show on Jun. 20 and 21 at 10pm and 1am at La Cripta Magica (Tarragona 15) in Madrid, Spain. For reservations phone: 915399696.(6/19)

David Williamson, Tina Lenert, Mike Caveney, Bill Herz and John Ekinis star in OperaCadabra at the Cedarville Opera House in Cedarville, Ohio on Jun. 20-21. Tickets are $5-$15 per person and are available by phoning: 937-766-5529. For more information click: HERE.(6/19)

Bill Kress and Rick Silver headline in "The Real Magic 2003" on Jun. 20-21 at the Aurora Theatre (3087 Main Street) in Duluth, Georgia. The event is a fundraiser for Partners In Flight a non-profit organization dedicated to keep exotic birds from extinction. Tickets are $10-$20 per person and are available by phoning: 770-476-7926. For more information click: HERE.(6/19)

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-VOLUME: 66 / ISSUE: 1,951 Friday - June 20, 2003-
Bob LittlePENNSYLVANIA: Cruise ship pioneer Jimmy Ray will headline at Bob Little's Super Sunday, on Sunday Jun. 22, with his close-up lecture. Featured performers include El-Mar, Helene, Sho-Ma (from Hungary), two magic prodigies and the Three Street troupe will present their Magic, Juggling Sideshow. Admission is a very low $25 per person for this 12-hour (10am-10pm), one-day convention held at The Warrington (Route 611) in Warrington. Auction hosted by Hank Moorehouse, free Champagne, cake, and homemade chocolate. For more information phone: 215-672-3344.(6/20)

Lance Burton celebrates the seventh anniversary of his show at the Monte Carlo Hotel & Casino on Saturday Jun. 21. Burton has six more years left on his groundbreaking 13-year, 100 million dollar contract.(6/20)

Billy Naughton who was the manager and demonstrator at The Magic Shop in Hicksville, New York collapsed and died on Thursday Jun. 19 while at the store. Naughton was also a popular performer in the area.(6/20)
--Visitations are scheduled on Jun. 21 at 7-10pm and Jun. 22 at 2-5pm and 7-10pm with a broken wand ceremony at 9pm at the Lindenhurst Funeral Home (424 South Wellwood Ave - 631-957-0300). Funeral services are scheduled for Jun. 23 at 11:15 am at the St. Cyril Church (95 Half Hollow Rd) in Deer Park, NY -- 631-586-8810.(6/20,21)

Monday Night MagicBobby Baxter, Rocco, Puck and Peter Kougasian will be headlining at Monday Night Magic on Jun. 23 at 8pm as they celebrate their sixth anniversary. The show recently moved to a new venue back in downtown Manhattan at the SoHo Playhouse (15 Vandam Street). Tickets are $32.50 per person and are available by phoning: 212-615-6432. For more information click: HERE.(6/20)

Lance Burton and Mac King's appearance on the "Magic Road Trip" special is featured in a Courier-Journal article that looks at their roots in Louisville, Kentucky where they grew up. The article pointed out, "The odds would seem very long indeed that two boyhood magicians from Louisville would be signed to big-time casino contracts in Las Vegas." Burton joked, "I just hope to keep working as long as I can… Or I could end up back in Kentucky driving a tractor." To read the Jun. 20 article by Tom Dorsey titled "Magicians Burton, King hit the 'Road'" click: HERE.(6/20)

Simon Lovell performs for Fantasma Toys at FAO Schwarz (58th Street and 5th Avenue) in New York City on Saturday Jun. 21 at 2pm and 4pm.(6/20)

Felix Snipes' magic show, "ESP, The New Age and the Occult: Biblical Answers," is featured in a Bowling Green Daily News article that quotes Rev. Tom Stokes about the show, "It was one of the best revival-type activities we did the whole time I was there… He appeals to all groups. I like, as a pastor, his evangelistic message. He's a good preacher as well as a magician." To read the Jun. 19 article by Alicia Carmichael titled "Magician to mix faith with illusion" click: HERE.(6/20)

NEW YORK: Petrick & Mia lecture on Friday Jun. 20 at 7:30pm for the SAM Parent Assembly. The will also appear on Monday Jun. 23 at 7pm at the Magical Arts Centre (578 Warburton Avenue) in Hastings-On-Hudson where show admission is $10, lecture and show admission is $15, special workshop admission is $30. For more information about the Hastings-On-Hudson lecture phone: 914-478-2680.(6/20)

PRESS RELEASE: Martinka Magic Auction Ends Sunday June 22nd.

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