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Archives: Week Of May 12-18, 2003
-VOLUME: 65 / ISSUE: 1,922 Monday - May 12, 2003-
Harry AndersonHarry Anderson is reported to be going back to touring with his comedy and magic shows. The Plain Dealer quotes him about his live performances, "I had to get back to a passion, and that's what I've done… But I haven't been doing it enough to stay sharp… I would do one show about every six weeks, but if you're going to do comedy, that's not enough. Comedy is not like riding a bike. You have to do more than a show here and there or quit, and I'm not about to quit." Anderson also explained how this new show is different, "This show is on the intellectual side. I couldn't do those things that freaked people out in the past. This is the age of lawsuits. Years ago, we [performers] were naive. We had no idea how dangerous or inappropriate the things we were doing happened to be. Today we know what all the rules are. It's like the '50s, and I mean that in the worst way. Fortunately, I was around in another era. Timing has always been on my side." To read the May 9 article by Ed Condran titled "Court is in session this week when 'Judge Stone' hits stage" click: HERE.(5/12)

Brazilian magicians have won a law suit against the TV Globo network which aired the Masked Magician specials. An Associated Press article reported that "Globo TV was ordered to pay an amount equal to the income each magician lost since early 1999, when it first aired Mister M segments on its weekly 'Fantastico' show, said Sergio dos Santos, a court official." To read the May 10 article by Stan Lehman titled "No secret: Magicians win legal battle with Brazilian TV network" click: HERE.(5/12)

Earl Nelson, Aldo Colombini, Mark Matsumoto, Dale Salwak, Chef Anton, Tim Shegitz, Jonathan Neal, Charles Bach, and Joshua Seth appear at the Magic Castle in Los Angeles on May 12-18. Masahiro Yanagida lectures on Sunday May 18.(5/12)

Fielding WestFielding West is featured in a Las Vegas Sun article that looks at his career and presentations. West pointed out, "Instead of being beautiful and spectacular, I wanted it to be funny and grandiose." The article also reports about his upcoming appearances, "He's among the performers scheduled to appear in 'Lance Burton's Magic & Comedy All Stars…' and '…in late June, West will take his illusions to Lake Tahoe, where he'll perform a version of his one-man show through early September at Harveys." To read the May 9 article by Lisa Ferguson titled "West is fielding requests for his funny magic" click: HERE.(5/12)

Dave Letendre who has been performing in Tokyo for more than 30 years is featured in a Japan Today article that quoted him about his career, "I wanted to be a magician and a teacher and I did both. I taught at a business college here in Japan for 25 years and did magic shows on weekends… About three years ago, I stopped teaching and became a full-time magician. Now I am like a businessman. I don't sell books, I don't sell shoes; I sell my magic shows." To read the May 10 article by Chris Betros titled "Magician Letendre always has a few tricks up his sleeve" click: HERE.(5/12)

Steven Bye who performed in a benefit for the Starlight Children's Foundation is mentioned in a Maitland Mercury article that quoted him, "Seven magicians all donated their time and gave up corporate gigs to be there… About 200 people attended and a lot commented on how wonderful the show was." To read the May 12 article by Sara Corry titled "Magic and mystery part of Starlight fundraiser" click: HERE.(5/12)

Malcolm Wilson's bang wand was confiscated by police in England because it can fire bullets. A Glasgow Daily Record article quoted a police spokeswoman, "Anyone who has bought this wand is advised to hand it in to their local police station for examination." To read the May 12 article by Kevin Turner titled "Spellbanned" click: HERE.(5/12)

Richard Wiseman's book and theories about luck are discussed in a Pittsburgh Post-Gazette article that describe him as, "Once a professional magician, Wiseman has devoted much of his career as a psychologist to investigating and dispelling beliefs about psychics, ghosts and other paranormal phenomena. Study after study has shown that these superstitions are groundless. But the subject of luck often arose during these studies. 'People would tell me, 'I'm not psychic, I'm just lucky.'" To read the May 12 article by Byron Spice titled "Psychologist aims to deconstruct luck New book posits that attitude and expectations influence how often it comes your way" click: HERE.(5/12)

CANADA: Dan Harlan lectures for IBM Ring 92 on Tuesday May 13 at 7pm at Douglas College (700 Royal Ave -Room 2203) in New Westminster, BC. For more information click: HERE.(5/12)

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-VOLUME: 65 / ISSUE: 1,923 Tuesday - May 13, 2003-
Johnny Ace PalmerDavid Groves presents Johnny Ace Palmer and Glenn Aga in the "Brentwood Magic Cabaret" on Wednesday May 14 at 7:30pm at El Dorado Cantina (11777 San Vicente Blvd.) in Brentwood, California. Tableside magic will begin at 6:30pm. Admission is $10 and a 2-drink minimum per person.  For more information and reservations phone: 310-207-0150.(5/13)

Jadugar Anand is honoured by the Karnataka Magic Academy Trust in Bangalore, India where many dignitaries attended. A Times Of India reported, "Later in the day, Anand, who is the creator of three World records and performer of more than 25,128 grand shows, mesmerised a large audience, including state governor T N Chaturvedi." To read the May 13 article titled "Magicians gather for jubilee show" click: HERE.(5/13)

Col. Jere Cook who is retiring from the US Air Force to become a magician is profiled in a Peoria Journal Star article where he explained, "Nobody remembers Col. Cook but everyone remembers Dr. Magic." The article reported, "He plans to continue his career as a magician, which takes him around the country for performances." To read THE May 12 article by Elizabeth Kinder titled "Longtime military man has magic on his mind Nearing retirement, 54-year-old colonel will focus on tricks of a different trade" click: HERE.(5/13)

P.C. Sorcar Junior's show, "Indrajal," is described in a News Today article as "a theatrical representation of realisation of the wishful dreams of living happily where nothing seems to be impossible." The article is promoting his show on May 21 in Vani Mahal, India. To read the May 12 article by NT Bureau titled "Watch him wave the magic wand" click: HERE.(5/13)

NEW JERSEY: Harvey Berg lectures on Wednesday May 14 at 8pm for JMMRT at the V.F.W. Hall (20 Pennsylvania Ave., two blocks from the NJ Transit -- Linden train station) in Linden. Cost is $10 for members and $15 for non-members. For more information click: HERE.(5/13)

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-VOLUME: 65 / ISSUE: 1,924 Wednesday - May 14, 2003-
Rick ThomasRick Thomas is featured in a Showbiz Weekly article that calls his show at the Tropicana in Las Vegas, "one of the most popular afternoon shows on the Strip." The article reports, "Thomas' show is thrilling enough for adults, but meant for the entire family to enjoy. So make sure to see the magic show that offers all the thrills of a night in Las Vegas--during the day. And that's no illusion." To read the May 18-24 article by Richard Abowitz titled "Inside The Mind Of A Magician" click: HERE.(5/14)

David Merry presents his hysterical one-man show "Don't Panic" at Yuk Yuk's Comedy Club in London, Ontario on May 15-18 with one or two shows per night. Admission is $8-$15 per person.(5/14)

Paul Stone and his company are profiled in a Liverpool Echo article that quotes him about the best show he produced, "There have been lots of exciting shows throughout my career but the most memorable was probably the first time I produced and MC'd a show at The London Palladium theatre in 1990. …It was such a success that this year I will be producing my seventh event there." To read the May 10 article titled "Magician is under no illusions about work; My Dream Job Paul Stone: Events Producer" supplied by Infoseek and YellowBrix click: HERE.(5/14)

Monty, Harvey Ouchi, and Yona Chock appear at the Yum Yum Tree in Ward Center Hawaii on May 15-16 at 7pm. Admission is $20 per person (includes meal, show, beverage, etc...). For more information phone: 808-524-1791.(5/14)

ILLINOIS: The 34th Annual Magic Collectors' Weekend will be held on May 15-17 at the Hyatt Regency Woodfield in Schaumberg.(5/14)

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-VOLUME: 65 / ISSUE: 1,925 Thursday - May 15, 2003-
Derren BrownDerren Brown will be presenting a Russian roulette themed show on Channel 4 in England as part of his new "exclusive two-year deal" he has signed with them. A Guardian article reported that, "In the Russian roulette special Brown will choose a member of the public to load a real bullet into a pistol and will guess which of the six numbered chambers it is in. …He will hold the gun to his head and, when the chamber he believes contains the bullet comes round to the barrel of the gun, Brown will fire it away from himself." A second show will revolve around a séance theme. The article also reported that "The season [October] will also feature US magician David Blaine, escapologist Thomas Soloman and Scottish magicians Barry Jones and Stuart McCloud." To read the May 14 article by Jason Deans titled "Brown bites bullet for Channel 4" click: HERE.(5/15)

James Mapes presents his "Journey Into The Imagination" Hypnosis show on Friday May 16 at 8pm at the Town Hall Theatre (123 West 43rd Street) in New York City. Tickets are $25-$35 per person and are available by phoning: 646-473-1914 or by clicking: HERE.(5/15)

Clifford Warne died on Wednesday May 14. Warne was a well-known magician, television personality, speaker and preacher in Australia. At one time he hosted the children's television show "Sing Me A Rainbow" which featured many local magicians. Warne also released three instructional audio CDs titled "The Art of Reading Aloud," "A Storyteller's Secrets," and "Hold That Audience," in addition to doing some narration of audio programs for children.(5/15)

Ross Johnson presents his "...enigmas and perplexities" on May 16, 23 and 30 at 8:15pm at Pop's Highwood (214 Green Bay Road) in Highwood, Illinois. For reservations phone: 847-266-1313.(5/15)

David Seebach presents his "Wonders of Magic" show at the Sunset Playhouse (800 Elm Grove Road) in Elm Grove, Wisconsin on May 16-18. Tickets are $7.50-$15 per person and are available by phoning: 782-4430. For more information click: HERE.(5/15)

TEXAS: John Carney presents a show, lecture and workshop on May 16-17. On Friday he will perform a full show that is open to the public and on Saturday he will give a lecture and workshop for magicians. All the events take place at the Hideout Theater, (617 Congress Avenue) in Austin. For more information and reservations phone: 512-478-1366.(5/15)

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-VOLUME: 65 / ISSUE: 1,926 Friday - May 16, 2003-
Gerry McCambridgeGerry McCambridge has just signed a contract with NBC to produce a prime time television special that is tentatively scheduled to air in November with options for two more shows to be produced sometime in the future. Taping is scheduled to begin in June. The official announcement should be made in around a week.(5/16)

Steve Cohen appeared on The Early Show on CBS-TV on Thursday where they showed him performing a number of routines from his Chamber Magic show in New York City and discussed how he became interested in magic. To read and see the May 15 report by Melinda Murphy titled "Harking Back To Houdini" click: HERE.(5/16)

Dr. Robert Albo, Robert Kane, and Patrick Martin appeared at a fundraiser at the UC Berkeley’s Lawrence Hall of Science on Tuesday May 13. The special event featured a rare viewing of magic apparatus and posters from the massive collection of Dr. Albo who also performed as Professor Mysto, the 100-year old magician who performed at San Francisco's Geary Theatre in 1904.(5/16)

Ben RobinsonBen Robinson will be presenting his cabaret show on Saturday May 17 at 9pm at Kafe AtmosZphere (854 Kearny Ave) in Kearny, New Jersey. This is a revival of Robinson's show that ran off-Broadway in 1988 which is scheduled to be broadcast on satellite television later this year and eventually released on DVD. Musician Matt Turk will be opening the show. Admission is $7 plus a $2 minimum per person. For reservations phone: 201-955-2212.(5/16)

Robert Fellows who currently presents a "Mind Over Manipulation" show is featured in a York Dispatch article after presenting a show on how to quit smoking. The article reported, "Using card tricks and stories from his personal experiences, he tries to help people identify and avoid manipulation." To read the May 15 article by Jennifer Blenner titled "Using humor to quit smoking" click: HERE.(5/16)

Scott Hitchcock, Thin Air, Simon Lovell, Todd Robbins, Dennis Kyriakos, Asi Wind, and Jamy Ian Swiss headline at Monday Night Magic on May 19 at 8pm in NYC. For tickets phone Ticketmaster at: 212-307-4100. For more information click: HERE.(5/16)

Mitch Harwood performs for Fantasma Toys at FAO Schwarz (58th Street and 5th Avenue) in New York City on Saturday May 17 at 2pm and 4pm.(5/16)

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