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Archives: Week Of May 5-11, 2003
-VOLUME: 65 / ISSUE: 1,917 Monday - May 5, 2003-
The Great Gorgonzola & His New AssistantDonato Colucci's ''The Great Gorgonzola & His New Assistant'' which has been running at the Actors Workshop in Boston is reviewed in the Boston Globe where they report, "Founder of Boston's Publick Theatre, Colucci not only wrote the script but portrays the title character and performs 40 magic tricks through the two acts. He has fine-tuned the show through seven years of development, 15 revisions, and two previous productions." To read the May 2 review by Ellen Pfeifer titled "'Gorgonzola' is strong on magic but sometimes fails to enchant" click: HERE.(5/5)

Kerry Pollock is featured in the Beacon Journal when appearing at the Battle of Magicians in Canton, Ohio. Pollock describes the stage show he will emcee as, "This is going to be comparable to a Las Vegas show… I've been looking forward to this because of the people I'll be working with. …People are going to see a lot of world-class acts.'' Performers in the show mentioned in the article include Greg Frewin, Chris Capehart, David & Dania, and Skilldini. To read the May 2 article by Andrea Misko titled "Local magician pulls career from his hat" click: HERE.(5/5)

Sylvester the Jester, Terry Lunceford, Rich Cowley, Mark Hendrickson, Bruce Gold, Bryan Stoops, and Andy Amyx appear at the Magic Castle in Los Angeles on May 5-11.(5/5)

Jason Michaels appears at the Church Street Pub (7022 Church Street East) in Brentwood, Tennessee on Tuesday May 6 beginning at 8pm. Michaels will present 20-30 minutes shows throughout the night where a special area will be setup for Michaels to present formal shows behind a card table. The shows are free to patrons. For more information phone: 615-377-6979.(5/5)

David Copperfield's return to the MGM Grand in Las Vegas next week is previewed in a Las Vegas Review-Journal article that reported, "Copperfield is touting 'An Intimate Evening of Grand Illusion' as his most spectacular stage show ever." To read the May 2 article titled "Copperfield brings illusions to MGM Grand" click: HERE.(5/5)

David Copperfield's appearance in New Mexico is reported in the Albuquerque Journal where it is reported, "Copperfield said the ideas for his shows take about two years to develop. 'They're mostly my ideas. But I collaborate as a film director would with a team of people,' he said. 'The creative team is about five of us. It is totally focused on developing new material. All the time I'm changing the show, moving forward and testing things out.'" To read the May 2 article titled "dream world" supplied by Infoseek and YellowBrix click: HERE.(5/5)

Chris Britt's anti-smoking magic show for children is described in a Listen article that looks at his young career and how became interested in presenting the show. The article also reported that, "Chris is most proud of the Creative Dude Award that he won in 1998 at Louis Tannen's Summer Magic Camp for the levitation trick he invented. Chris finds the invention of tricks the most gratifying aspect of magic, and says, 'Everyone has something within themselves, a way of expressing themselves. For me, it is creating magic.'" To read the May 1 article titled "Say the magic words: 'I won't smoke'" supplied by Infoseek and YellowBrix click: HERE.(5/5)

Abbott's is mentioned in a WOTV story about St. Joseph County which is described as the "home to the magic capital of the world in Colon. Abbott's Magic Company is in was founded in 1934 by magician Harry Blackstone, Sr. This little shop is known across the world. They sell tricks to David Copperfield, Siegfried and Roy, and even Penn and Teller." To read the May 1 article by Dan Bewley titled "One Tank Trip" click: HERE.(5/5)

MARYLAND: Garrett Thomas lectures on Tuesday May 6 at 7:30pm at Denny & Lee Magic Studio (325 South Marlyn Avenue) in Baltimore. Tickets are $15 per person and are available by phoning: 410-686-3914.(5/5)

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-VOLUME: 65 / ISSUE: 1,918 Tuesday - May 6, 2003-
Michael GrandinettiMichael Grandinetti is featured in the March/April issue of PRIMO, the upscale magazine that targets Italian-Americans living in the United States. Grandinetti's career is recapped in the three-page article that concentrates on his close family ties and the support he gets from them. Discussing magic on TV Grandinetti is quoted, "I love the combination of TV and magic… On the stage a couple of thousand people see your work; on TV 30,000 can see it. I enjoy knowing my magic amazes people, and TV is a larger way to connect with people." The feature titled "the new wave" was written by Lori Granieri.(5/6)

Thomas Szulanczyk is featured in The Daily Item where he discusses how he became interested in magic and what he has learned. Also mentioned in the article were the International Brotherhood of Magicians, Wayne Hughes, Michael Ammar and Lance Burton. To read the May 4 article by Debra Brubaker titled "Teen magician fools folks up close" click: HERE.(5/6)

Alan Duncan who won The Scottish Association of Magical Societies Children's Magic competition in 2000 at the age of nine was told he cannot compete this year. A Glasgow Evening Times article reported that "…he was banned from entering this year after the rules changed. The Scottish Association of Magical Societies has decided the minimum age for entering is now 16." To read the May 5 article titled "Magician too young for competition he won THREE years ago" click: HERE.(5/6)

Mike Bent, Steve Kradolfer, Erik Rochelle, Jon Stetson, and David Oliver appear at the "Mystery Lounge" at the Comedy Studio in Harvard Square (1236 Mass Ave) Cambridge, Massachusetts on Tuesday May 6 at 8pm. Admission is $10 per person. For reservations phone: 617-661-6507.(5/6)

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-VOLUME: 65 / ISSUE: 1,919 Wednesday - May 7, 2003-
The winners of the 2003 Academy of Magical Arts Inc. awards presentations held at The Magic Castle in Hollywood on May 6 are: Shoot Ogawa (Close-Up Magician of the Year), James Dimmare (Stage Magician of the Year), Whit Haydn (Parlour Magician of the Year), and Paul Green (Lecturer of the Year). These awards were voted on by the membership of the organization. The special awards and fellowships were presented in January at the World Magic Seminar in Las Vegas. David Regal wrote/produced the event this year.(5/7)

The Harry Houdini exhibitThe Harry Houdini exhibit at the Outagamie Museum in Appleton, Wisconsin will close after Oct. 31 and will reopen on Jun. 2, 2004 with a new interactive exhibit. An Appleton Post-Crescent article reported that "The museum will create a new exhibit on the famed magician of the early 20th century, largely comprised of its own artifacts from the Houdini Historical Center collection instead of renewing a lease agreement with [Sidney] Radner." The new exhibit that will be called "A.K.A. Houdini" is reported to be "…a brand-new exhibit. We're approaching it as a new project rather than adapting an old one." To read the May 6 article by Steven Hyden titled "Houdini museum exhibit to reappear" click: HERE.(5/7)

Lee Noble (January 5, 1916-April 30, 2003) is profiled in The New York Sun where his career and accomplishments are discussed. He is described as, "Noble was a smooth-talker whose aim was to entertain and delight the audience, rather than to astonish them by, say, making an elephant disappear. Some in his profession term the style that of a 'gentleman magician' or an 'English magician.' Whatever it's called, Noble combined the skills of a prestidigitator, a toastmaster, and a comic." Quoted in the article are Don Arthur and George Robinson. To read the May 6 article by Stephen Miller titled "Lee Noble, 86, Magician 'Gentleman' Linked Old and New Practices" click: HERE.(5/7)

David Copperfield presents his "An Intimate Evening of Grand Illusion" show at the Hollywood Theatre in the MGM Grand in Las Vegas where he will appear on May 8 through 21. For tickets and information phone: 800-929-1111.(5/7)

James SwainJames Swain who is described as a "gambling expert and former sleight-of-hand magician" is interviewed in an Alameda Times-Star article about the accuracy of the scams in the movie "Ocean's Eleven." For accurate portrayals of gambling scams Swain recommended "Rounders," "Croupier" and "The Sting." Swain also pointed out that "Nothing fails in 'The Sting,' which Swain considers the best of the genre. 'Everything in it is accurate,' he says. 'The confluence of events may be a little Hollywood-ized. But they used John Scarne, the world's foremost expert on gambling, as a consultant for many of the stings. And his hands stand in for Paul Newman's hands (in card games).'" To read the May 6 article by Barry Caine titled "Don't bethouse a la 'Eleven'" click: HERE.(5/7)

David Blaine is listed as one of the "25 Most Beautiful'' people selected by People en Espanol. A Reuters article quotes the magazine's managing editor, ''Our '25 Most Beautiful' represent the true value and spirit of being Hispanic.'' To read the May 6 article titled "People en Espanol Picks '25 Most Beautiful'" click: HERE.(5/7)

"Playful Meditation on Magic" which is part of the "With This Way Up" show is described in The Scotsman as "Peter Arnold and Melanie Wilson are on to something with their hilarious interpretation of the popular magic formula. From the opening moment, when an apologetic Wilson approaches the audience in the guise of a member of the theatre's marketing department, the piece dispenses fabulously with any notion of a fourth wall between performers and punters." To read the May 7 article by Mark Brown titled "New wave washes over" click: HERE.(5/7)

Art Benjamin and Jeff Martinj will join David Groves in "Magic In The Burbs" on Thursday May. 8 at 7:30pm at the Home Brew Coffee Company, (661 W. Arrow Hwy.) in San Dimas, California. Admission is $5 plus a one-drink minimum per person. For reservations and information phone: 909-394-1964.(5/7)

Lanny Miller, Jeff Case, Bill Ragsdale, and James Alcon discuss magic and their local magic clubs in a Greensboro News Record article. To read the May 4 article titled "Magic Clubs Help Keep Mystery Alive" supplied by Infoseek and YellowBrix click: HERE.(5/7)

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-VOLUME: 65 / ISSUE: 1,920 Thursday - May 8, 2003-
Arnie Kolodner and Tannen's Magic appear in New York magazines "Best of New York" 2003 issue. Kolonder receives the honor of "Best Magician (for Kids)" and is described as "Donald Trump, Katie Couric, Kevin Kline, and Harvey Weinstein have all hired Kolodner to perform at their children’s birthdays. Be prepared to pay top dollar ($650 for a one-hour show), and check on availability well in advance." Tannen's gets the vote of "Best Magic Shop" and is described as, "At this revered 72-year-old shop, rabbit-producing hats, flying carpets, and saw-a-woman-in-half boxes constitute what amounts to the largest and most up-to-date collection of tricks in the world." To read the Best of articles click: HERE.(5/8)

American Magic"American Magic" opens on May 8 for a limited engagement at the Altered Stages (212 29th Street) in New York City. The show that runs through Jun. 8 is using the classic Houdini handcuff poster to promote itself. Although it is unclear if any magic is used in the show the plot revolves a "…mind reader [that] entertains the President during a birthday gala, he is accused of stealing secrets from his head and being in collusion with terrorists." The show's website does contain clips of someone performing close-up magic. Tickets are $18-$20 per person. For more information click: HERE.(5/8)

The Jersey Shore Magic Club is featured in an Asbury Park Press article that looks at their program of offering free magic lessons to youngsters before each meeting. The article quoted Bob Dennis who told the attendees, "It's a great hobby that gives you public speaking skills and dexterity… Magic is for fun, it's a mystery and you're giving people wonder… But it's only magic because people don't know how you do it. So, practice your tricks before you show them and don't tell anyone how it is done because you'll ruin it for them." The program is being used to create interest in magic and help grow the club. Magicians mentioned in the article included John Clark and Joe Talluto. To read the May 7 article by Bonnie Delaney titled "Card trick: Magic club's lessons makes prospective members 'appear'" click: HERE.(5/8)

Joe M. Turner appears at Offshoot Productions' "Stars on the Southern Crescent" on Friday May 9 at 8:15pm in Fayetteville, Georgia. Tickets are $8 per person and are available by phoning: 770-631-2362.(5/8)

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-VOLUME: 65 / ISSUE: 1,921 Friday - May 9, 2003-
Eric DeCampsPENNSYLVANIA: The Second Annual May Magic Spectacular takes place on Saturday May 10 at the Barristers' Club (114 Walnut Street) in Allentown. Headlining the day will be Eric DeCamps presenting "An Afternoon Of Intimate Magic" and lectures by Bob Little and Larry Hass. Admission for the full day is $30 per person at the door. For more information phone: 610-432-9846 or click: HERE.(5/9)

R.J. Lewis, Frank Brents, Jon Stetson, Simon Lovell, Norman Beck, Carl Mercurio, and Jamy Ian Swiss headline at Monday Night Magic on May 12 at 8pm in NYC. For tickets phone Ticketmaster at: 212-307-4100. For more information click: HERE.(5/9)

Carl Mercurio performs for Fantasma Toys at FAO Schwarz (58th Street and 5th Avenue) in New York City on Saturday May 10 at 2pm and 4pm.(5/9)

Darren McDonald who is one of the finalists of the Magic Circle's Young Magician of the Year Competition to be held in London on Jul. 13 is featured in a Telegraph & Argus article that quotes him, "I'm very excited… I've been fortunate to get through to the final and because my act is a bit different from most of the others I have a chance to win it." To read the May 8 article by Ian Briggs titled "Darren's trip is sheer magic!" click: HERE.(5/9)

ENGLAND: The Bristol Day of Magic 2003 takes place on Sunday May 11 in Weston super Mare. Featured performers include Eugene Burger, Mike Gancia, Terry Herbert, Mark Mason, Paul Megram, Mark Shortland, John van der Put, Carl Dean & Claudine, Brian Sefton, John Archer, Obleo, Peter Wardell, and Noel Britton. For more information click: HERE.(5/9)

Brenton Foale discusses the Monash Young Magicians Club in a Monash Journal article that quotes him, "Magic is a dying art. I think there's a need for clubs like this in Australia because not enough kids have an active interest in magic. There is a lot more interest in sport, computer games or TV." To read the May 7 article titled "New Merlin breathes life into 'dying' magic" click: HERE.(5/9)


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