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Archives: Week Of April 21-27, 2003
-VOLUME: 64 / ISSUE: 1,907 Monday - April 21, 2003-
April 21 issue of New York magazineThe April 21 issue of New York magazine has a lengthy feature about psychics, mystics, astrologers and the people who claim talk to the dead, to pets, and to god. One of the features is a five page article about Gerard Senehi who calls himself an "Experimentalist" as he performs magic and mentalism to New York's high society. The article describes many of his "experiments" and his performing style before going on a crusade to find out if what he does is real or not. When pressed to admit that what he does is a trick Senehi explained, "But you know what you're asking me, right? …You're asking me to say that Santa Clause isn't real." The article also takes some very interesting twists about his personal life which aides him in his performing style. Magicians mentioned in the article include: Ted Lesley, Bill Herz, Allen Zingg, Uri Geller, James Randi, Michael Chaut, Jamy Ian Swiss, and Steve Fearson. To read an excerpt of the article by Jennifer Senior titled "The Mystery Man" click: HERE.(4/21)

Tommy Cooper's daughter reminisces about his antics as magician and comedian in a Mail on Sunday article, "When I was growing up my father was forever playing tricks on us at home. Out of the blue he would ask me: 'Could you get a cigar for me out of that little box over there?' I'd open the box and a snake would fly out. He found it hysterical. He handed a book to me once and asked: 'Turn to page three, will you?' I opened it and got an electric shock. Once again, he fell about laughing. You would have thought we would have become wary, but he always managed to catch us out. Even now I'm jumpy around the house and approach doors, cupboards, boxes and books with caution." To read the Apr. 20 article titled "Drunken parties, a secret love affair and a dad who lived for laughter" supplied by YellowBrix and Infoseek click: HERE.(4/21)

Steven SpillSteven Spill and his nightclub, Magicopolis, are featured in a Los Angeles Daily News article that promotes his new show "Escape Reality." Spill and his wife Bozena Sparrow star in the new show that is described as, "Part sketch comedy, part melodrama, Spill likes to think of the show as a series of dreams. A woman falls in love with her psychiatrist before he gives her a lift, making her float in thin air. In another skit, a woman remembers the magical childhood walks she took with her grandmother." To read the Apr. 18 article by Martin S. Gonzalez titled "How's tricks?" click: HERE.(4/21)

Greg Wilson & Co., Mark Haslam, Suzanne, Alfie, Mike Elkan, and Ross Horwitz appear at the Magic Castle in Los Angeles on Apr. 21-27. Losander lectures on Sunday Apr. 27.(4/21)

Loch David Crane who performs as Bafflin' Bill Cody is featured in an Alameda Times-Star article about his show at the Crestview Elementary School. Crane is quoted, "Shows like this are great because it gives them something that is exciting ---- outside the curriculum ---- to look forward to at the end of the year… Basically, we are trying to get them to read and stay in school. That's why I use the phrase, 'if you read, you can succeed,' as the magic words." To read the Apr. 19 article by Ruth Marvin Webster titled "Crestview students rewarded for reading" click: HERE.(4/21)

Doc Eason, Jon Stetson, Mike Bent, Steve Kradolfer, Erik Rochelle and David Oliver appear at the "Mystery Lounge" at the Comedy Studio in Harvard Square (1236 Mass Ave) Cambridge, Massachusetts on Tuesday Apr. 22 at 8pm. Admission is $10 per person. For reservations phone: 617-661-6507.(4/21)

Edd Crafer who wants to be The Magic Circle's Young Magician of the Year is featured in a Norwich Evening News article that quotes him, "The main problem has been trying to find the right props and equipment for the act. Everything has got to flow and I have been doing a lot of practising to get it right." To read the Apr. 19 article by Mark Moore titled "Edd is just magic!" click: HERE.(4/21)

Mike Sharples' show at the Spindles Shopping Centre is covered in the Oldham Evening Chronicle that quotes the Spindles manager, "Youngsters really enjoyed the show, as it was an opportunity for them to see close-up tricks." To read the Apr. 17 article by Usma Raja titled "A magical week with Mike" click: HERE.(4/21)

Martin Preston's appearance at the Angel Cabaret Dinner Theatre is reported in Hernando Today where his is quoted, "This show will be really special… I'll be doing a magic show combined with a comedy segment utilizing, of course, an illusion involving a bunny rabbit for Easter." To read the Apr. 20 article by Elizabeth Osmond titled "'The Cottontail Cabaret' has just one hopping show" click: HERE.(4/21)

MARYLAND: Patrick Page lectures on Tuesday Apr. 22 at 7:30pm at Denny & Lee Magic Studio (325 South Marlyn Avenue) in Baltimore. Tickets are $20 per person and are available by phoning: 410-686-3914.(4/21)

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-VOLUME: 64 / ISSUE: 1,908 Tuesday - April 22, 2003-
Robert Lee Jacobs (Jan. 26, 1942-Apr. 18, 2003) died last Friday at the age of 61. Jacobs has long been the leading manufacturer of magic poster reproductions and was the owner of Lee Jacobs Productions, which also published many important books about magic and the allied arts. Based in Pomeroy, Ohio, Jacobs often attended magic conventions with his displays of collectible books, posters and occasional magic themed shirts. At one time he also performed a comedy stage act. His wife Ramona Compton is expected to continue running the business.(4/22)

Eric Walton and Nelson Lugo"Eric & Nelson: Men of Magic" appear at the Abingdon Theatre (312 West 36th Street) in New York City through May 11. The show which stars Eric Walton and Nelson Lugo is described as a "Sexy and irreverent deconstruction featuring acts of legerdemain too incredible to describe." In reviewing last year's incarnation of the show a story described it as, "a refreshing alternative to the classic magic show ­ Men of Magic manages to be funny and gasp-inducingly astounding and sparklingly smart and sophisticated all at once." Tickets are $15 per person and are available by phoning: 877-737-3285. For more information click: HERE.(4/22)

Monday Night Magic in New York City will be moving from their current location at the McGinn/Cazale Theatre to a larger venue in Greenwich Village. Beginning May 26 the shows will appear at the SoHo Playhouse (15 Vandam Street). The final show at the McGinn/Cazale Theatre will be on May 19.(4/22)

PC Sorcar and his wife Jayashri are pictured teaching magic to a group of physically handicapped children in Calcutta. The Daily Times photo and caption reported that "The magician couple will perform in three shows on consecutive days to raise funds for a child health clinic." To read the Apr. 21 article titled "Indian magician PC Sorcar" click: HERE.(4/22)

The Hong Kong 2003 International Magic Convention on Mar. 28-30 held a magic competition and the winners were: Sum Kun (China) winner of the Stage Competition, Roy Tang (Hong Kong) was the First runner up and Catherine (Korea) was the Second runner up.(4/22)

A columnist for The Guardian becomes involved in magic and explains how he has learned about close-up and gives some tips for some who want to pursue learning magic. His main source is Ron Macmillan's International Magic Studio in London where he does his purchasing. Magicians mentioned in the article include David Blaine, David Jones, Daryl, Dai Vernon, and Jerry Sadowitz. To read the Apr. 22 article by Charles Burgess titled "For my next trick" click: HERE.(4/22)

The Amazing Johnathan is featured in this week's Showbiz Weekly where he is described as "Shock, magic and comedy are mild words to describe the creative entertainer. The 'ugh' factor figures prominently in the Amazing Johnathan's show. In fact, he seems to thrive on grossing out the audience. The more disgusting things get, the more the audience groans and the bigger Johnathan's grin becomes." To read the Apr. 27-May 3 article by Hilary L. Green titled "The Amazing Johnathan Pushes The Limits" click: HERE.(4/22)

A parody of David Blaine attempting to outdo Jesus on Easter appears in DeadBrain. To read the Apr. 20 parody by Pete Nottage titled "Magician Blaine to recreate Jesus' miracles for Easter" click: HERE.(4/22)

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-VOLUME: 64 / ISSUE: 1,909 Wednesday - April 23, 2003-
Fechter's Finger Flicking FrolicNEW YORK: The 33rd annual Fechter's Finger Flicking Frolic convention, which is "The Original Close-Up Magic Convention takes place on Apr. 23-26 in Batavia. The intimate "by invitation only" gathering has traditionally featured a literal whose who of attendees with most of the movers and shakers in close-up magic attending and performing. Featured lecturers this year are Pat Page, Yves Doumergue, Jean Jacques Sanvert, Pavel, Cellini, Boris Wild, David Stone and Meir Yedid. Obie O'Brien, who organizes the event with his board of directors, mentioned that among the attendees this year are David Williamson, Bill Malone, Herb Zarrow, Bob Sheets, Michael Vincent, Daryl, John Carney, David Regal, Eric DeCamps, Henry Evans, Bob Swadling, Ali Bongo, and Roger Klause. This years guest of honor is Meir Yedid.(4/23)

Oscar Muñoz is profiled in The Monitor where he is described as, "The 39-year-old Pharr resident can walk through a plate glass door, put his hand into a mirror and levitate more than six inches off the ground." Muñoz is quoted, "To help motivate the kids… A TV special? A Vegas show? Sure it's nice, but it's not me. I like talking to the kids and telling them they can be anything." To read the Apr. 21 article by Dulcinea Cuellar titled "Pharr resident brings magic" click: HERE.(4/23)

Woody Pittman will be joining David Groves in Magic in the Burbs on Thursday Apr. 24 at 7:30pm at the Home Brew Coffee Company, (661 W. Arrow Hwy) in San Dimas, California. Admission is $5 plus a one-drink minimum per person. For reservations and information phone: 909-394-1964.(4/23)

Marcel Marceau recounts a conversation he had with David Copperfield in a Digital Chosunilbo article, "Marceau, his face lined with the innumerable expressions made over decades and decades of performing, started with a story about the magician David Copperfield. Marceau recalled that Copperfield once told him that they were both magicians - Copperfield explained that he made things disappear, while Marceau made invisible things appear. Marceau said that a body can give poetic inspiration to a person, even without words." To read the Apr. 22 article by Yoon Young-shin titled "Marceau Makes You See Invisible Something" click: HERE.(4/23)

Dr. Richard Wiseman's book "The Luck Factor" is the subject of an article in The Tennessean that recounts Wiseman's career, "Luck is not a typical subject of psychology, and the 36-year-old Wiseman is not a typical scientist. He began his working life as a magician, which led to an increasing fascination with the inner workings of the mind. He studied psychology and did research in some of the field's more quirky areas, such as laughter, lying and psychics." To read the Apr. 22 article by Stacey Hartmann titled "Good luck isn't just a roll of the dice" click: HERE.(4/23)

MASSACHUSETTS: Doc Eason will hold an intensive workshop on Wednesday Apr. 23 at 7:15pm at Hank Lee's Magic Factory (112 South St.) in Boston. Admission is $25 per person. For more information phone: 617-482-8749.(4/23)

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-VOLUME: 64 / ISSUE: 1,910 Thursday - April 24, 2003-
Online Wizard, Richard Robinson, Gives The Web A Magic Spin - A MagicTimes ExclusiveOnline Wizard, Richard Robinson, Gives The Web A Magic Spin
Richard Robinson has announced that his newest website Magic Spin is now live and open for business. Magic Spin features up-to-the-minute reviews of new magic media products such as books, DVDs, CD-ROMs, videos, e-books, and downloads. Innovation is no stranger to Robinson, who was one of the first to envision personal computers as a conjuring tool as viable as linking rings, cups or any other traditional apparatus. In 1991, his Spider Network was one of the first computer bulletin board systems exclusively for magicians, boasting hundreds of users at its peak. First and foremost, however, Robinson considers himself a magician and the components of his performing curriculum vitae are just as impressive as his Internet successes. To read the MagicTimes exclusive story click: HERE.(4/24)

David Merry presents his hysterical one-man show "Don't Panic" at Yuk Yuk's Comedy Club in Barrie, Ontario on Apr. 24-27 with one or two shows per night. Admission is $8-$15 per person.(4/24)

Shahid Malik's record breaking straightjacket escape is reported in The Herald where they explained, "Three minutes and a few rope burns later, the 49-year-old was back on firm ground, having set a world record for escaping from a straitjacket at such a height. He had just under four minutes to work himself free from the bindings before the rope burned through." The article also discuses Houdini's career. To read the Apr. 24 article by Stephen Stewart and Stephanie Williamson titled "No hanging about as burning desire aids escape bid" click: HERE.(4/24)

BBC News article reported that, "Hundreds of onlookers cheered as Shahid Malik completed his Houdini-style mid-air stunt before being lowered to the ground by an 80 tonne crane in Glasgow's George Square." The article also quoted Malik, "I am planning one escape stunt to end all stunts. I have been devising it for the last 15 years and it involves the Grand Canyon." To read the Apr. 23 article titled "Escapologist sets new record" click: HERE.(4/24)

Shahid Malik's stunt is described in The Glasgow Daily Record, "Hundreds cheered his Houdini-like act yesterday, before he was finally lowered to the ground by a crane. Malik, 49, took just under three minutes to throw off the straitjacket and untie the rope around his ankles." To read the Apr. 24 article titled "How The Flaming Hell Did I Get Roped Into This" click: HERE.(4/24)

Rafael BenatarRafael Benatar performs his full-evening stand-up show on Apr. 25 and 26 at 10pm and 1am at La Cripta Mágica, in Madrid. For reservations phone: +34-915399696.(4/24)

The upcoming Scottish Association of Magical Societies (SAMS) 52nd Convention is reported in the Ayrshire Post where some of the performers are mentioned. The event will feature, John Archer, Jack Silver, Jay Scott Berry, Robert Temple, Joe Baxter, Shirley Ray, Chris De Rosa and Kenneth Kerr. To read the Apr. 23 article titled "Now you see 'em ... now you don't!" click: HERE.(4/24)

Gary Laramore's appearance at the River Valley Day of Magic set for April 26 at the Fort Smith Convention Center is reported in the Greenwood Democrat. Most of the article is about his assistant Erin Nanney Adams who describes the show, "It’s a high-energy and fast-paced show… with large stage illusions and making people disappear and reappear. There’s comedy, audience participation and a lot of special effects." To read the Apr. 23 article by Martha Cole titled "Former Greenwood resident to perform in River Valley Day of Magic" click: HERE.(4/24)

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-VOLUME: 64 / ISSUE: 1,911 Friday - April 25, 2003-
Steve CohenSteve Cohen's upcoming run at the Ritz-Carlton in San Francisco is reported in The Examiner where Cohen explained, "I like to fashion my act from the philosophy of Nate Leipzig, a magician from the early 1900s… 'People don't mind being fooled as long as they are fooled by a gentleman.' I didn't set out to be an entertainer in the court of millionaires. But I grew up in Chautauqua, N.Y… As a kid, I would post signs saying I was available to give magic shows for other kids. Those were in homes that were worth $5 million or so. You had to be very good to get invited back. You had to get good very fast. Being around wealthy people was simply my world. ... But I've learned that rich or poor, there is a fascination with magic that makes its way to a common ground." To read the Apr. 24 article by Bruce Bellingham titled "Before our eyes" click: HERE.(4/25)

Greg Gulamerian, John Kingry, and Pete Pederson appear in "Magic at the Wells" at the Virginia Stage Company in Norfolk, Virginia on Apr. 26 at 2pm and 6pm. Prior to the shows there will be a special Wizards School featuring classes for children eight years and older. Tickets are $12 per person and are available by phoning: 757-627-1234. For more information click: HERE.(4/25)

Bob Friedhoffer presents his "The Magic of Science" show on Sunday Apr. 27 at 11:30am at the Linder Theater at the American Museum Of Natural History in New York City. The show will feature Friedhoffer performing science based magic and explaining the principles behind the illusions. Admission is $5 per person.(4/25)

Jez Rose who refers to himself as a psychological illusionist is featured in a Bucks Free Press article that quotes him about his company, Psychological Artistry, that is currently providing special effects for Harry Potter III, "I used to work as a magician, but very quickly got fed up with everybody doing the same material. The company is using my old talents of magic but what I am doing now is my new found art and I love it. It is the best job in the world." To read the Apr. 24 article by Alice Eaton titled "Psychological illusionist Jez Rose explains his art" click: HERE.(4/25)
--Jez Rose has told MagicTimes that, "...We are not at all involved with Harry Potter III. This came about through a misunderstanding with the reporter who interviewed me about my work.(4/28)

Philip Partridge who was a recipient of a grant from The Prince’s Trust in England will have an opportunity to personally thank HRH The Prince of Wales on Monday Apr. 28 when he visits Cheshire. Partridge will perform a routine for the Prince and some guests and dignitaries. Partridge used the £1500 loan to start his performing career.(4/25)

Puck, Thin Air, and Master Lee headline at Monday Night Magic on Apr. 28 at 8pm in NYC. For tickets phone Ticketmaster at: 212-307-4100. For more information click: HERE.(4/25)

Simon Lovell performs for Fantasma Toys at FAO Schwarz (58th Street and 5th Avenue) in New York City on Saturday Apr. 26 at 2pm and 4pm.(4/25)

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