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Archives: Week Of April 14-20, 2003
-VOLUME: 64 / ISSUE: 1,902 Monday - April 14, 2003-
Paul HallasPaul Hallas is featured in a Huddersfield Daily Examiner article that looks at his life and how it led him to magic. The article describes him as "…a magician who flits from table to table at corporate dinners, wowing diners with his skills, and giving performances at conferences and hotels. He says: 'Going full-time was a brave decision to make. My only regret is that I didn't do it sooner. I think being older helped in the financial industry but entertainment is very youth-orientated.'" To read the Apr. 12 article by Jenny Parkin titled "Life's magic" click: HERE.(4/14)

Michael Vincent, Whit Haydn, Chuck Jones & Co., Allan Hayden, Jeff Martin, and Nancy Jean Gray appear at the Magic Castle in Los Angeles on Apr. 14-20.(4/14)

Indian film "Chota Jadugar" is reviewed in the Mid-Day Mumbai where it is given three and a half stars and is described as a "genuinely fun, chuckle-enticing summer holiday flick, kids in the neighbourhood (preferably two to 12-year-olds) should gang up and watch." To read the Apr. 11 review titled "Review of Chota Jadugar" click: HERE.(4/14)

Another take on the above 3-D movie is discussed in a Keralakaumudi article that described the film as, "The boy, born into a family of magicians and who grew up in India with his magician grandfather, Acharya, is forcibly taken away by his father to the US. Indrajith who gets fed up living with his hostile stepmother longs for his randfather's world of magic." To read the Apr. 13 article titled "Magic Magic" click: HERE.(4/14)

Jonathan Austin is featured in a Richmond Times-Dispatch story that traces his career as a magician, juggler and comedian. The article observes, "Austin is a true professional. He practices every day - almost every hour, it seems - and is constantly working on new tricks, such as juggling blindfolded and learning to ride a 9-foot unicycle. He tries to jog every day, he does push-ups and sit-ups, and he tries to eat right." To read the Apr. 12 article titled "So Far, So Good" supplied by Infoseek and YellowBrix click: HERE.(4/14)

Bud Brown's performance at the Porterville Public Library is described in a Porterville Recorder article which quotes Brown, "They were great. Everybody was considerate and fun. They looked like they were having a lot of fun. They laughed a lot at my jokes, even though they were a bit corny… I get as much out of performing as they get out of me." To read the Apr. 11 article by Som Khamsaysoury titled "Youngsters amazed by special magic show at library" click: HERE.(4/14)

Al Conway's appearance at a celebrity wedding is reported in a Huddersfield Daily Examiner article. To read the Apr. 12 article by Katie Campling titled "Star's special wedding magic" click: HERE.(4/14)

Michael Matson's audition for a part in "The Pirates of Barnegat Beach" is covered in an Asbury Park Press article that reported, "One of the more unusual auditioners was Michael Matson, 19, of Stafford, who donned a white-tinted mime mask and did a robot-like routine to music that included sounds of squeaks and machines grinding. Ending with the moon walk, he switched gears and became a magician, pulling cards from nowhere." To read the Apr. 12 article by Bonnie Delaney titled "Be mime: Performers try out for offbeat 'Pirates'" click: HERE.(4/14)


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-VOLUME: 64 / ISSUE: 1,903 Tuesday - April 15, 2003-
Siegfried & Roy's white lions will be featured in their own animated series. A Hollywood Reporter Article reported that "NBC is jumping into the white lion's den with a 13-episode order for a groundbreaking computer-animated series about the big cats who perform in Siegfried & Roy's Las Vegas magic show." To read the Apr. 14 article by Cynthia Littleton titled "NBC Takes 'Pride' in Cartoon Series" click: HERE.(4/15)

Doc EasonThe Tower Magic Bar & Restaurant in Snowmass Village, Colorado which was once owned by John Denver and has featured regular magicians Doc Eason (since 1977) and Eric Meade (since 1989) closed on Saturday Apr. 12. Prior to Eason and Meade the regular magician who actually made the magic a viable business at the bar was Bob Sheets.(4/15)

The Johnson Smith Co., which has been supplying magic to beginner and novice magicians for almost a century is featured in an Associated Press article that quotes merchandise manager Craig Tarbeck, "Mr. Alfred Smith really saw himself as a writer. He wrote all the copy for the catalog items, and both he and his son were really geniuses at writing long copy that actually explained to people why they should purchase a particular item." The article also makes references to magicians: Johnny Carson, Orson Bean, and Edgar Bergen. There is also a reference to a recent phone call they received, "One customer called wanting to order a book on how to levitate. He had just one concern: would he levitate so high his head would bump the ceiling fan? The customer service representative advised him to turn the fan off and he would be fine." To read the Apr. 14 article by Betty Carroll titled "Company changes with times, stays true to the wacky, weird" click: HERE.(4/15)

Mike Bent, Steve Kradolfer, Erik Rochelle, Jon Stetson and David Oliver appear at the "Mystery Lounge" at the Comedy Studio in Harvard Square (1236 Mass Ave) Cambridge, Massachusetts on Tuesday Apr. 15 at 8pm. Admission is $10 per person. For reservations phone: 617-661-6507.(4/15)

James Randi is featured in a Tampa Bay Online article that reported, "He'll be a featured speaker Saturday at the Atheist Alliance International Convention in Tampa." To read the Apr. 14 article by Philip Morgan titled "Nobody's Fool" click: HERE.(4/15)

Glen David Gold who wrote "Carter Beats the Devil" is featured in the Honolulu Advertiser where he discusses his childhood and love for writing. Gold also explained a lesson he learned about writing, "…he entered a writers' workshop at the University of California-Irvine and learned that cleverness isn't genius and that everybody could do with some editing." To read the Apr. 13 article by Wanda A. Adams titled "Magician rose from flickers of childhood" click: HERE.(4/15)

NEW JERSEY: Pavel lectures on Wednesday Apr. 16 at 8pm for JMMRT at the V.F.W. Hall (20 Pennsylvania Ave., two blocks from the NJ Transit -- Linden train station) in Linden. Cost is $15 for members and $20 for non-members. For more information click: HERE.(4/15)


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-VOLUME: 64 / ISSUE: 1,904 Wednesday - April 16, 2003-
Stuart P. CramerStuart P. Cramer died on Monday Apr. 14 at the age of 90. Cramer was a friend and student of Karl Germain. He is best known to magicians as the writer of three books about Germain, "The Secrets Of Karl Germain" (1962), "Germain the Wizard and His Legerdemain" (1966) and "Germain the Wizard" (2002). He also wrote "The Golden Stream" under the name Y. Phineas Cramer in 1978. Cramer was also a pioneer trade show magician and over the years presented many different types of shows using various names and characters.(4/16)

The Daytona Magic Shop in Florida is featured in a Daytona Beach News-Journal article about their business, October convention and retail sales trends that go with the special events in the area. The article reported, "Most of their business springs from the store's 400-page Web site. This keeps the staff busy filling orders. They average 25 orders a day. The daily stress is getting same-day orders in the mail by 3 p.m." To read the Apr. 14 article by Jim Haug titled "Daytona Magic: Events small part of success" click: HERE.(4/16)

David Groves, Robert Baxt, and Jim Skaggs appear in Magic in the Burbs on Thursday Apr. 17 at 7:30pm at the Home Brew Coffee Company, (661 W. Arrow Hwy) in San Dimas, California. For reservations and information phone: 909-394-1964.(4/16)

Noel Britten who conducts historic tour walks through England has added a new one on the 100th anniversary of a magician's death. The Bath Chronicle reported that, "The tale of magician Albert Macdonald who fell into the River Avon and died - while his pet guinea pig which was in his pocket survived." To read the Apr. 15 article titled "Strange Tale Of The Death Of Magician" click: HERE.(4/16)

Jim Merrills' new book, "Magicians in the Making,'' is the subject of a South Bend Tribune article that discusses his career as a magician and motivational speaker as well as describing his book's purpose, "The book, scheduled for release this month, is Merrills' way of encouraging people who work with children to host magic camps. Merrills has been conducting these camps, which introduce children to a range of props and tricks, since the early '90s." To read the Apr. 15 article by Alesia I. Redding titled "Sleight of hand slips in message" click: HERE.(4/16)

Dominic Wood's new magic set is described in a Northern Echo article as, "Whether you're seven or 70, you can learn to dazzle your families and friends with outrageous feats or sleight-of-hand, thanks to this box of tricks from the shooting star of British TV magic… Some of the tricks are old favourites, things you've seen professionals like Dominic doing. Many others are absolutely new, created by Dominic especially for his Magic Box. A comprehensive, easy-to-follow instruction book shows you how to perform them all for maximum eye-popping effect." To read the Apr. 15 article titled "WIN! your own magic box of tricks" supplied by Infoseek and YellowBrix click: HERE.(4/16)

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-VOLUME: 64 / ISSUE: 1,905 Thursday - April 17, 2003-
Shahid MalikShahid Malik will present a daring escape above George Square in Glasgow on Wednesday Apr. 23. A Glasgow Evening Times article describes the stunt, "Shahid Malik's stunt means he will have less than four minutes to break out of a strait-jacket and be lowered to the ground before the flaming rope disintegrates." The stunt will possibly be added to Guinness Book of Records. The article also reported that, "If he succeeds he will set a world record by beating the unofficial height record for escaping from a strait-jacket suspended from a fixed structure - currently 150ft. Previous unofficial records were set by Scott Sullivan, who did it at 75ft, Larry Vaults at 130ft, and Dorothy Dietrich at 150ft - the height Shahid must beat." To read the Apr. 16 article by Louise Prendergast titled "Escape man to risk death in 150ft rope trick" click: HERE.(4/17)

Karl Johnson has just sold his first book, "Grabbing Air," to Henry Holt publishers. According to a New York Post article, "The book follows the quest by one magician, Dai Vernon, to find Alan Kennedy, a notorious card player who was able to stump his rivals by dealing cards from the middle of the deck. He apparently was the first gambler in the country to master the trick." The book is scheduled to be released in around a year and a half. To read the Apr. 16 article by Keith J. Kelly titled "Gore Daughter Scores $200K Miramax Book/TV Deal" click: HERE.(4/17)

Ted Outerbridge & Marion present their "Magical Moments in Time" on Apr. 26 at the Heritage Theatre in Brampton, Ontario, Canada. A press release for the event explained that "The show focuses on what many believe to be Outerbridge's most incredible illusion to date: The Time Machine - which takes the audience on a magical ride through time." To read the Apr. 16 press release titled "The Heritage Theatre Presents The Mindbending Illusions Of Ted Outerbridge And Marion" click: HERE.(4/17)

After supplying a baby white tiger for the upcoming "Lance Burton's Guerrilla Magic: Taking It To The Streets" TV special, Doug Billingsly received his own special. A Parsons Sun article quotes Billingsly, "I was referred by a guy who has a magic auction. They put me in contact with (By George Productions) knowing I work with cats. They needed a baby white tiger to do an illusion, where they take a white tiger Beanie Baby and turn it into a real tiger… It wasn't until February when everything was finalized." To read the Apr. 16 article by Colleen Surridge titled "Refuge to appear on Animal Planet" click: HERE.(4/17)

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-VOLUME: 64 / ISSUE: 1,906 Friday - April 18, 2003-
Houdini MuseumGeno Munari has officially announced that the collection at the Houdini Historic Center in Appleton, Wisconsin will be merged with his Houdini Museum at the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas. A new larger premises will be used to house the combined collection that a company press release describes as "…the largest Houdini collection in the world." No date has been announced for the opening of the new facility but Munari noted that "it will take some time for the considerable number of newly arriving items to be cataloged and prepared for display.(4/18)

J.C. Sum who uses magic to convey corporate messages is featured in a New Paper article that quotes him, "I apply magic to business marketing. I perform illusions to introduce a new product, to highlight a service or to convey values. As a result, the audience is astonished and the message is effectively communicated. It holds their attention span." To read the Apr. 18 article by Ann-marie Tan titled "Abracadabra... it's marketing magic" click: HERE.(4/18)

NEW JERSEY: Pat Page lectures on Monday Apr. 21 at 8pm for JMMRT at the V.F.W. Hall (20 Pennsylvania Ave., two blocks from the NJ Transit -- Linden train station) in Linden. Cost is $15 for members and $20 for non-members. For more information click: HERE.(4/18)

The Amazing Jonathan and his off stage practical jokes are featured in a View News article about April Fools' Day. The article recounts practical jokes perpetrated by Rich Block and A. Whitney Brown. To read the Apr. 16 article by Ginger Mikkelsen titled "Comedy Magic: Prankster pushes limits" click: HERE.(4/18)

Carl Mercurio performs for Fantasma Toys at FAO Schwarz (58th Street and 5th Avenue) in New York City on Saturday Apr. 19 at 2pm and 4pm.(4/18)

Monday Night MagicDanny Alan, Throwdini, Simon Lovell, and Jamy Ian Swiss headline at Monday Night Magic on Apr. 21 at 8pm in NYC. For tickets phone Ticketmaster at: 212-307-4100. For more information click: HERE.(4/18)

NEW YORK: Pavel lectures for SAM Assembly #77 on Monday Apr. 21 at 7:30pm at the Community United Methodist Church (100 Park Boulevard) in Massapequa. Admission is $10 per person. For more information phone: 516-329-9289.(4/18)


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