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Archives: Week Of March 31 - April 6, 2003
-VOLUME: 63 / ISSUE: 1,892 Monday - March 31, 2003-
Jus' Like ThatJohn Fisher's new play "Jus' Like That" about the life and magic of Tommy Cooper, that opens on Apr. 8 at the Garrick Theatre in London, is featured in an Independent on Sunday article written by Fisher about how he came about to write the show about his old friend. Fisher describes Cooper, "As a magician he was quite simply the most successful British performer of all time. No one left a Tommy Cooper performance not liking magic. And for all the bumbling exterior, there were pockets of stunning surprise and devious dexterity tucked away in the comic upheaval." Fisher also explained, "I had often wondered whether Tommy, had he lived longer, would eventually have played a West End theatre, talking to the audience about his life and reprising the highlights from his comic repertoire. Now I was going to do it for him." To read the Mar. 30 article by John Fisher titled "Jus' Like That" supplied by Infoseek and YellowBrix click: HERE.(3/31)

Steve Wyrick's recent appearance at the Vegas Verdes Elementary school where he spoke about career choices and the work it takes to become a successful magician is covered in a Las Vegas Review-Journal article. Wyrick said, "When I was growing up I wanted to be a policeman… But I didn't pass the test to be a policeman. So I'm a magician. And not passing that test is probably one of the best things that ever happened to me." Wyrick closed by saying, "I feel like a never work a day in my life… because I love what I do." To read the Mar. 29 article by Matthew Crowley titled "LV school kids learn trick to having successful career" click: HERE.(3/31)

Johnny Ace Palmer, Dana Daniels, Paul Green, Richard Forget, Jeff Parmer, Brian Ochab, Skilldini, and Blake Maxam appear at the Magic Castle in Los Angeles on Mar. 31-Apr. 6. Don Drake lectures on Sunday Apr. 6.(3/31)

Kevin Wolfe's benefit performance of "Kevin Wolfe's Unexpected Magic" at the Sultan High School is reported in an Everett Herald article that recounts his career and describes is show as, "It's a program suitable for all ages, so pack up the family for an evening of magical fun." To read the Mar. 28 article by Jonetta Rose Coffin titled "A world of illusion" click: HERE.(3/31)

Press agent Eddie Jaffe who died at the age of 89 described one of his interesting early clients in a Los Angeles Times article, "There was Think-a-Drink Hoffman, a magician who conjured drinks mentally summoned by the audience. 'He carried on his person 190-proof alcohol and flavorings.'" To read the Mar. 30 obituary by Dennis McLellan titled "Legendary New York press agent Eddie Jaffe dies at 89" click: HERE.(3/31)

Don Russell gig at Tony Roma's in Alaska is reported in an Anchorage Daily News article that quotes Russell, "The best part about performing at Tony Roma's is encountering folks who may have never seen a magician up close before… Some of the things I do, like a cup and ball trick or a mind-reading effect, are so baffling that people are totally surprised." To read the Mar. 28 article by Cinthia Ritchie titled "Dinner is only part of this magical deal" click: HERE.(3/31)

David OliverDavid Oliver, Jon Stetson, Mike Bent, Steve Kradolfer, and Erik Rochelle appear at the "Mystery Lounge" at it's new home at the Comedy Studio in Harvard Square (1236 Mass Ave) Cambridge, Massachusetts on Tuesday Apr. 1 at 8pm. Bob Riordan hosts the pre-show close-up at 7pm. Admission is $10 per person. For reservations phone: 617-661-6507.(3/31)

Sammy Cortino is featured in a Charlotte Observer article where he described how he began, "I learned the basic principles of magic and soon began performing for school talent shows and at my church… When I turned 11, I performed my first paid show -- Barnes & Noble (in Hickory). It was a 15-minute show involving sleight of hand, illusions and audience participation." The article also reported that Cortino recently competed in the Junior Stage competitions at two magic conventions and finished in 3rd and 2nd places. To read the Mar. 28 article by Mary Canrobert titled "Special Olympics fund-raiser hits the bull's-eye with a pointed idea" click: HERE.(3/31)

Alex is featured in a Newindpress article that looks at his career in film and as a magician. He is described as "…a master magician who was honoured by the Harizen University of USA with a doctorate in 2002 for his outstanding achievements in the field. However, he considers himself to be still a `student' of his master M P Sethumadhavan of Tripunithura." The article also reports on his activities to help the underprivileged in India. To read the Mar. 30 article titled "Villain with a soft heart and it's no magic!" click: HERE.(3/31)


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-VOLUME: 64 / ISSUE: 1,893 Tuesday - April 1, 2003-
Tom MullicaTom Mullica's "Red Skelton: A Performance Tribute by Tom Mullica" finds a home for the rest of the year after touring throughout the United States for the past couple of years to sell-out audiences and rave reviews. The 90-minute show opens on Apr. 1 at the Branson Mall Music Theatre (2206 W. Hwy. 76) in Branson, MO. The show is scheduled to run through Dec. 31. The current ticket price is $16.40 per person. For tickets and information phone: 417-335-5300 or click: HERE.(4/1)

Geno Munari hosted a special tour to his Houdini Museum in Las Vegas to celebrate Houdini's 129th birthday on Mar. 24. After the tour invited guests gathered at the Canaletto Restaurant to be entertained by Terry Nosek, Geoffrey Hanson and Munari who announced that "he would be bringing the definitive Houdini collection from the original Museum in Appleton, WI., to Las Vegas in the near future."(4/1)

An update on Paul Daniels' condition is reported in a BBC article that reported, "The millionaire, 64, was taken ill with a viral infection while preparing to take the stage in Shanklin on the Isle of Wight last week." The article quotes his agent Mervin O'Horan, "He's over the infection now but he still needs a couple of days to get back to his old self." To read the Apr. 1 article titled "Paul Daniels out of hospital" click: HERE.(4/1)

David Copperfield's April performances take him to six different states where you can catch him at the DECC Arena in Duluth, MN (Apr. 1), Coronado Theatre in Rockford, IL (2), Illinois State University in Normal, IL (4), Riverside Theatre in Milwaukee, WI (5), Adler Theatre in Davenport, IA (6), MGM Grand in Las Vegas, NV (10-23), and the Alberta Bair Theater in Billings, MT (26-27).(4/1)

David Copperfield is featured in a Showbiz Weekly article that reports, "Copperfield, despite being the seventh-highest-paid entertainer in the world, does more than 500 shows a year. Staying busy and continually challenging himself with new, seemingly impossible feats keeps him on his toes—and audiences in his show's seats. In the last decade alone, he's grossed more than $1 billion and performed for 20 million people around the world." To read the Apr. 6-12 article titled "Now You See It, Now You Don't" click: HERE.(4/1)

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-VOLUME: 64 / ISSUE: 1,894 Wednesday - April 2, 2003-
Mac King, Amazing Johnathan, Penn & Teller describe some of the best practical jokes they have pulled in a Las Vegas Sun article about April Fools Day. Johnathan explained that "It's like chess; it keeps you sharp… You have to constantly be second guessing human nature. I'm really good at predicting how people think and where they're going to go. I just think in terms of chess: If I make this move, he'll make this move." Jillette pointed out that, "It's a day for amateurs… April Fools is a time for people who have been following the rules of truth in society. They have that one day where the proscenium is put around the 'truth.'" To read the Apr. 1 article by Kristen Peterson titled "Playing the Fool: Vegas comics have turned pranks into an art form" click: HERE.(4/2)

Lance BurtonLance Burton will be cutting down on the number of shows he presents beginning on May 6. A Las Vegas Review-Journal reported that, "Burton says he will keep his schedule 'flexible so I can conserve my body,' reinstating those 10 p.m. shows during 'certain times of the year when the town's really hopping.'" Also mentioned in the article is "Lance Burton's Magic & Comedy All-Stars" featuring Jeff McBride, Fielding West and Dana Daniels on May 30-Jun. 1. To read the Apr. 1 article by Mike Weatherford titled "Dion's 'A New Day ...' tickets may not be as hot as thought" click: HERE.(4/2)

Steve Cohen's one-man show Chamber Magic celebrates it's 2-year anniversary in New York City as it continues to sell-out on Fridays at the Waldorf-Astoria. Cohen continues to work on the show adding new material like the recent "Think-a-Drink" routine that is said to be baffling. Cohen also has plans on presenting his show for a limited two-week run at the San Francisco Ritz-Carlton in June.(4/2)

David Copperfield is interviewed in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel where he explained, "I prefer not to think of what I do as trickery. In fact, I try not to trick the audience. I try to involve them and have them be part of the journey, so they're rooting for it to happen rather than challenging it not to happen." To read the Apr. 1 interview titled "Illusionist aims to tell stories" click: HERE.(4/2)

Nicholas CarifoNicholas Carifo, Andrew Goldenhersh, and David Groves appear in "Magic in the 'Burbs" at the Home Brew Coffee Company Coffeehouse (661 W. Arrow Hwy) in San Dimas, California on Thursday Apr. 3 at 7:30pm. Tickets are only $5 per person and are available by phoning: 909-394-1964.(4/2)

A story about practical jokes for April Fools Day are the subject of a Marietta Daily Journal star article that visits Eddie's Trick & Novelty Shop and Kennesaw Magic. To read the Apr. 1 article by Michelle Graff titled "Gag gifts generate gung-ho business today" click: HERE.(4/2)

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-VOLUME: 64 / ISSUE: 1,895 Thursday - April 3, 2003-
Bob Jepson passed away on Saturday Mar. 29. Jepson was a popular magician and ventriloquist who managed to combine both arts into his entertaining shows. Most recently he has been the organizer of Abbott's Vent-O-Rama at their conventions. Services will be held on Thursday Apr. 3 at 7pm at Church on the Mount (Rt. 46 East) in Netcong, New Jersey. For directions phone: 973-347-0667.(4/3)

Walter B. Gibson and the ShadowThomas J. Shimeld has just written a book titled "Walter B. Gibson and the Shadow" that chronicles the life of Gibson. The press for the 200-page book published by McFarland & Company reported that the book "…covers his youth in Philadelphia, his development as a writer and magician, his wives, including the third, (Litzka, who was a harpist and magician in her own right), his time living in Maine and upstate New York, and his later years and death." The ad continues, "Gibson has invented many widely used magic tricks and traveled with and befriended Harry Houdini, Howard Thurston, Harry Blackstone, Sr., and Joseph Dunninger. Books are available from your local book store or by clicking: HERE.(4/3)

R.G. Smith's 16th Annual Evening(s) of Comedy & Magic continues this week with shows at the Eichelberger Center in Hanover, PA (Apr. 4), Lancaster-Mennonite High School in Lancaster, PA (Apr. 5) and Weinberg Center in Frederick, MD (Apr. 12). This year's performers include: Mike Caveney, Tina Lenert, Gulamerian, Ardan James, Tom Burgoon, R.G. Smith, and Jaron Nalewak. Contact the local schools or theaters for tickets and information.(4/3)

James Randi will be giving Natalia Lulova a second chance to collect on the million dollars when she will once again attempt to prove that she can see through blindfolds. A Forward article reported that "She will be the first person ever to re-challenge Randi. She says that her extra-sensory abilities are better than ever. This sixth-grader is ready to do battle this summer." To read the Apr. 4 article by Max Gross titled "Million-Dollar Psychic Challenge Awaits Brooklyn Girl" click: HERE.(4/3)

MARYLAND: Paul Gertner lectures on Friday Apr. 4 at 7:30pm at Denny & Lee Magic Studio (325 South Marlyn Avenue) in Baltimore. Tickets are $25 per person and are available by phoning: 410-686-3914.(4/3)

NEW YORK: Aaron Fisher lectures on Thursday Apr. 3 at 7pm at Ronjo Magic in Port Jefferson, NY. For more information phone: 631-928-5353. Fisher will also be lecturing on Apr. 4 at 8pm at Michael Canick Booksellers (200 East 82nd Street, #3B) in New York City. For more information phone: 212-585-2990.(4/3)

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-VOLUME: 64 / ISSUE: 1,896 Friday - April 4, 2003-
The Leslie Danoff documentary, "Saturday At Reuben's," featuring the New York magicians that have been meeting every Saturday for most of the last century will be screened at "The New York International Independent Film & Video Festival" on Sunday Apr. 6 at 2pm at the Village East Cinemas (181 2nd Ave, Screen 7). The 56 minute documentary is described as, "An entertaining film about a group of magicians who have been getting together in the backroom of a midtown Manhattan deli every Saturday afternoon for decades. As the old timers pass along their secret sleights to the younger generations, they share humor, stories, and friendship." Admission is $10 per person. For reservations click: HERE.(4/4)

Sucker BetJames Swain is featured in a Las Vegas Mercury article in conjunction with the release of his third book in the Tony Valentine series titled "Sucker Bet." The books are said to, "provide not only taut narratives, engaging language and solid characters, but fascinating insights into the world of scams and schemers." Swain explained, "I found an area of crime that has never been written about… I knew magicians who could cheat. I met guys who caught hustlers. I talked to some people who were in Atlantic City when gambling was introduced there--it was a candy store back then. Hustlers streamed in from everywhere and took the casinos for millions." To read the Apr. 3 review by John Ziebell titled "Novelist James Swain writes about what he knows: casino cheats" click: HERE.(4/4)
--To buy the book click: HERE.

Richard & Joanne Gustafson & Company star in "The Amazing World Of Magic" on Apr. 4-6 and Apr. 11-13 at the Village Players Theatre (401 Jefferson Ave.) in Hatboro, Pennsylvania. Gustafson who is best known among magicians or his "Magic by Candlelight" show will be featuring his full-evening show around two dozen illusions and five tons of equipment. Tickets are $8-10 per person and are available by phoning: 215-657-3311. For more information click: HERE.(4/4)

Ricky Jay will perform on May 10 in a fundraiser for the Center Stage in Baltimore, Maryland. A Baltimore Sun article reported that "The event begins at 6 p.m. at Center Stage, 700 N. Calvert St., with cocktails and hors d'oeuvres and also includes a buffet supper, scotch tasting, dancing and a silent auction of theatrical items. Tickets cost $250." To read the Apr. 3 article by J. Wynn Rousuck titled "Center Stage announces its season lineup" click: HERE.(4/4)

Jeff McBrideThe annual "Salute To Magic" presented by the Society of American Magicians, Parent Assembly takes place on Saturday Apr. 5 at 8pm at the Tribeca Performing Arts Center in New York City. Featured performers are Jeff McBride, Pino Gareri, Torkova, Bill Andrews, Cellini and the music of the Melodians. Warren Kaps will be receiving the "Magician Of The Year" honors. The show is sold-out.(4/4)

Joe Givan and Carol Massie-Givan's Theatre of Dreams Arts and Event Center in Castle Rock, Colorado begins its Saturday matinee series on Apr. 6 at 11am and 2pm. This months' show by juggler and movement artist Sven Jorgensen, titled "Play" is described as an "uplifting story that shows how life -- with the right attitude is always a joy." The family shows will be presented on the first Saturday of each month through November. Tickets are $10 per person and are available by phoning: 303-660-6799.(4/4)

Tom Verner who is performing in refugee camps in Ethiopia is featured in an UNHCR article that describes him as "The 56-year-old Verner, on leave from his job as a psychology professor at Burlington College in Vermont, USA, has taken his goodwill magic tours to Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Europe. 'I am a great believer in citizen diplomacy,' he says. 'I have a sense that magic may awaken people's hopes and dreams.' For refugees, he adds, 'maybe magic can inspire people to get out of impossible situations.'" To read the Apr. 3 article by Mahary Maasho titled "Magician Tom Verner bringing joy and perhaps hope to refugees at Bongo camp in Ethiopia" click: HERE.(4/4)

Kevin and Cindy Spencer present their "Theatre of Illusion" show at the Paramount Theatre in St. Cloud, MN on Apr. 6, Cambridge Arts Center in Cambridge, MN on Apr. 8-9, Memorial Auditorium in Worthington, MN on Apr. 11 and the Schaller Auditorium in Storm Lake, IA on Apr. 13.(4/4)

Tom Durnin, Chris Capehart, Rocco, Simon Lovell, and Don Camp headline at Monday Night Magic on Apr. 7 at 8pm in NYC. For tickets phone Ticketmaster at: 212-307-4100. For more information click: HERE.(4/4)

Fantasma Magic will have a booth at the Children's Day Artrageous at the Metropolitan Pavilion (125 West 18th Street) in New York City on Saturday at 12-4pm. Appearing at the display will be Simon Lovell, Al Lloyd, and Sarah Hendee. For more information phone: 212-598-0050 x233.(4/4)

"Orange Lemon Egg Canary: A Trick in Four Acts" is reviewed in The Courier-Journal where the magic is discussed and magicians given credit, "The designers and actors received coaching and advice from retired Louisville orthodontist and magician Bob Escher, sleight-of-hand consultant Paul Gertner of Pittsburgh and illusionist William Schmeelk. And Groff attributes help developing the tricks in the play to New York actor and magician Steve Cuiffo." The review concludes, "'Orange Lemon' could improve quickly and significantly as the actors become more confident and their dialogue begins clicking." To read the Apr. 3 review by Judith Egerton titled "Magic seemingly chains play's actors" click: HERE.(4/4)

Wayne Hoffman will be performing a straitjacket escape on Saturday Apr. 5 at the Reading Phillies First Energy Stadium after the game (around 6:30pm).(4/4)

Carl Mercurio, Carlos Sasso, Smoke 'N Clubs, Khan Showkat, and Danny T. appear at the Magic & Fun Shop (85-08 Queens Blvd.) in Elmhurst, NY on Saturday Apr. 5 at 9pm. For tickets and information phone: 718-505-0316.(4/4)

Robert H. Eads (Nov. 19, 1925-Apr. 1, 2003) died on Tuesday at the age of 77. A Las Vegas Review-Journal obituary reported that "A magician, he was an eight-year resident of Las Vegas and a member of the International Association of Magicians." To read the Apr. 3 obituary click: HERE.(4/4)

The Youngstown Magic Club's "11th Spring Close-Up Magic Show" is described in a Tribune Chronicle article "…seating is limited to 50 people per room, and there will be three rooms. Four magicians will perform sleight-of-hand tricks and other illusions in each room." The show is scheduled for Apr. 6. To read the Apr. 3 article titled "Magic Club show comes to Metroplex" click: HERE.(4/4)

OHIO: The Toledo Society of Magicians' (IBM Ring 68) 3rd Annual Evening of Formal Close-Up Magic takes place on Apr. 6 and 7 at the Clarion Hotel at Westgate. Performers include: Fr. Mark Davis, Andrew Dyko, James Dyko, Manny Hall, Martin Jarret, Alexander Osborn and Pattrick Przysiecki. Tickets are $15 per person and will be available at the door or from any for the performers.(4/4)

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