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Archives: Week Of March 24-30, 2003
-VOLUME: 63 / ISSUE: 1,887 Monday - March 24, 2003-
David Copperfield's appearance in Chicago is previewed in a Chicago Sun Times article that describes some of his routines, "'Man Versus Steel' is actually a takeoff on walking through the Great Wall of China, which I did some years ago,' Copperfield says. 'This time, I'm going to literally float right through a sheet of solid steel.' There's also a new illusion involving a 3D sonogram of a female audience member, which, suffice it to say, must be seen to be believed, and one illusion that's extremely close to Copperfield's heart." To read the Mar. 21 article by Miriam Di Nunzio titled "Copperfield's latest show awash in dreams" click: HERE.(3/24)

Max MavenMax Maven's show "Thinking in Person" appears on Mar. 24-25 at the Singapore Comedy Festival. The shows take place at the Jubilee Hall, Raffles Hotel (328 North Bridge Road) in Singapore. For more information click: HERE.(3/24)

Jeffery Deaver's new book, "The Vanished Man," is reviewed in the Chicago Sun-Times where the book is called "…a spellbinding story of a wicked wizard of illusion trying to outwit the brilliant NYPD criminologist Lincoln Rhyme." The article also describes the two main magic characters. To read the Mar. 23 article by David Montgomery titled "Rhyme takes on a wicked wizard" click: HERE.(3/24)
--To buy the book click: HERE.

Joaquin Ayala & Tanya, David Stryker, Jason Latimer, Wolfgang Riebe, Jeffrey Steele, and Jeff Martin appear at the Magic Castle in Los Angeles on Mar. 24-30. Wolfgang Riebe lectures on Sunday Mar. 30.(3/24)

The "Science Explosion" (Dave Bydlowski, Fred Ribits and Charlie Kline) are described in a Peoria Journal Star article as, "The three have been taking their show on the road for the past nine years, and this is their third stop in Peoria. Their goal is to reinforce what students learn in their science classes through music and magic." To read the Mar. 22 article by Kris Wernowsky titled "Science disguised as sing-along Traveling teachers say music, rhythm and magic help kids retain information" click: HERE.(3/24)

Ryan Demler is said to have "captivated an audience of children and adults Wednesday at the Boys & Girls Club of Seymour" in a Seymour Daily Tribune article. To read the Mar. 21 article by Melinda Knox titled "Magic comes to life for children" click: HERE.(3/24)

Gary Goodman who appears at the Apr. 4 "Benefit to Eradicate Polio Reality Night" is described in a Dover Community News article as, "Gary is one of the foremost hypnotists in North America. Witness volunteers being transformed into Elvis, speaking 'moon' language, and imagining their favorite movie stars are in the audience, plus many more unique and creative situations." To read the Mar. 21 article titled "Comedian, magician at Music Hall" click: HERE.(3/24)

Noah Kelly's stunt where he parodied David Blaine concluded when he emerged after 48 hours of lying in an encasement made of cheese. A BBC News article reported that "Kelly, who went into the construction at 1200 GMT on Thursday emerged at slightly after 1200 GMT on Saturday." To read the Mar. 22 article titled "Magician's cheesy stunt" click: HERE.(3/24)

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-VOLUME: 63 / ISSUE: 1,888 Tuesday - March 25, 2003-
The Vanished Man: A Lincoln Rhyme NovelJeffery Deaver whose new book "The Vanished Man: A Lincoln Rhyme Novel" is reviewed in several newspapers as he appears at various book signings in New Mexico. An Albuquerque Journal review reported that "Deaver takes readers on a thrilling roller coaster ride through the world of magic and illusion. Deaver said the book focuses on a 'psycho illusionist,' dubbed 'The Conjurer' by police. He uses magic tricks and illusion to capture his victims, elude authorities and avoid being identified." The article also reported that Deaver was inspired to write the book after seeing  quick change act [probably David & Dania] at the Big Apple Circus. To read the Mar. 22 Albuquerque Journal article titled "Author's Mystery Is Story of Magic Gone Wrong" supplied by Infoseek and YellowBrix click: HERE.(3/25)
--To read the Mar. 21 The Santa Fe New Mexican article titled "Jeffrey Deaver Crafts Chilling Thrillers" supplied by Infoseek and YellowBrix click: HERE.(3/25)
--To read the Mar. 23 The Santa Fe New Mexican review titled "Illusion Runs Rampant In Jeffrey Deaver's Latest" supplied by Infoseek and YellowBrix click: HERE.(3/25)
--To buy the book click: HERE.

Lance Burton's "Guerilla Magic: Taking It to the Streets" which is taping this week in Las Vegas is "…scheduled to wrap up primary shooting at The Venetian and downtown, according to executive producer George Ciccarone of By George Productions." The article also reports that Ed Alonzo has been added to the cast and that the finale will be taped in a few weeks. To read the Mar. 24 article by Carol Cling titled "Preparations wrapping up for Celine Dion's television special" click: HERE.(3/25)

Tom Mullica is scheduled to appear on KCMO Radio-710am on Mar. 26 at 9-11am. The live show airs from Kansas City, MO.(3/25)

Giovanni Livera is mentioned in a Charlotte Business Journal article that focuses on people who use adverse conditions to inspire them. The article recounted, "In that setting, his card tricks were bringing nothing but an impending pink slip from his most steady gig. What to do? With the attitude that he had nothing to lose, he tried something wacky. He appeared wearing a harness contraption with a mini-basketball hoop above his head and a couple of Nerf basketballs. …Needless to say, it was a hit, and he spotted the signs leading him to the better road." To read the Mar. 21 article by Russell J. White titled "Gains often come from persevering through the pain" click: HERE.(3/25)

Scott Ertl who runs the Fun Magic Camp every summer is featured in a Winston-Salem Journal article that reports, "Each summer, he teaches children at his  some of the tricks of his trade. Campers will learn how to make coins appear from thin air; how to make swatches of silk disappear with the wave of a magic wand; and how to float in mid-air. Most important, Ertl said, campers will discover how magic works and how to use their creativity to present a magic trick." To read the Mar. 24 article by Lisa O'Donnell titled "Everybody Loves Magic" click: HERE.(3/25)

16th Annual Comedy and Magic Spectacular is reviewed in the Hagerstown Morning Herald where they mention Arden James, R.G. Smith, Tom Burgoon, Gulamerian, and a local magician Jaron Nalewak. The article reported that, "Most of the audience members at the matinee were families with young children and grandparents with grandchildren. The acts were highly professional and content was suitable for all ages." To read the Mar. 24 article by Bonnie Hellum Brechbill titled "Comedy, magic show conjures humor, awe for a worthy cause" click: HERE.(3/25)

NEW YORK: Ventriloquist/Magician Cardone lectures on Wednesday Mar. 26 at 8pm at the Rogue Productions Magic & Funshop (85-08 Queens Blvd.) in Elmhurst. Admission is $35 per person. For information and reservations phone: 718-505-0316.(3/25)

Marc Dominic is featured in a Birmingham Sunday Mercury article that quotes him about magic, "The important thing is to be original in the way you present each trick… It's easy to just copy what other people are doing but audiences will soon get bored." To read the Mar. 23 article titled "My career is magic..." supplied by YellowBrix and Infoseek click: HERE.(3/25)


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-VOLUME: 63 / ISSUE: 1,889 Wednesday - March 26, 2003-

Louis Tannen, Inc.Steven Brown is now the sole owner of Louis Tannen, Inc., which has been serving magicians since 1931. Tony Spina who started at "Tannen's" as an employee more than 50 years ago and eventually owned the company announced his retirement and the sale of the company to Mr. Brown. Spina will continue in a consulting role with the annual convention and camp. Brown brings with him more than 20 years of retail, wholesale, Internet and magic experience and promises, "Many if not all of Lou Tannen's original concepts of running the world's most modern and definitely the largest magic shop in the United States will continue to be maintained and grow to newer heights."(3/26)

"Orange Lemon Egg Canary: A trick in four parts" is the name of a play by Rinne Groff that will open on Mar. 29 and is scheduled to run through May 18 at the Actors Theatre of Louisville in Louisville, Kentucky. Steve Cuiffo was the technical script consultant for the magic in the play when it ran in New York City. For ticket information click: HERE.(3/26)

MARYLAND: Kenton Knepper and Docc Hilford lecture on Thursday Mar. 27 at 6:30pm at Denny & Lee Magic Studio (325 South Marlyn Avenue) in Baltimore. Tickets are $30 per person and are available by phoning: 410-686-3914.(3/26)

Jim Barron performed a straightjacket escape on Mar. 22 at the halftime show of the Ft. Wayne Freedom season opener at the Memorial Coliseum in Ft. Wayne, Indiana. Attendance for the game peaked at 9,162, which was a NIFL league record.(3/26)

SINGAPORE: Max Maven, Jeff McBride, Eugene Burger, Abbi Spinner, and Lawrence & Priscilla Khong headline at the International Festival of Magic 2003 on Mar. 27-30 in Singapore. For more information click: HERE.(3/26)


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-VOLUME: 63 / ISSUE: 1,890 Thursday - March 27, 2003-
Paul DanielsPaul Daniels was checked into a hospital when he began to feel ill on Tuesday Mar. 26 prior to his show at the Isle of Wight. Daniels has undergone an extensive series of tests. A BBC article quoted his spokesman, "I don't think he was in any pain, he just said that he felt as if he had no energy at all. He has been on tour night after night and it does take its toll." A This Is London reported that the problem is likely to be that, "the entertainer may be suffering from exhaustion" while an Ananova article reported that, "They have not yet established the cause of his illness but they are thought to have ruled out a heart attack." To read the Mar. 26 BBC article titled "Magician Daniels in hospital" click: HERE.(3/27)
--To read the Mar. 26 This Is London article titled "Daniels falls ill on tour" click: HERE.(3/27)
--To read the Mar. 26 Ananova article titled "Daniels taken ill while touring" click: HERE.(3/27)

Ben Robinson's article titled "Keaton the Conjurer" appears in the Autumn 2002 issue of Keaton Chronicle that was published this month. The article analyzes Buster Keaton's use of magic in his movies and includes some insights into Keaton as an illusionist. Robinson told MagicTimes that the, "1000 word article took 3 years to write and nearly 30 to research, no kidding. How could I spend so much time? Easy. Separating myth from fact is a long, hard job."(3/27)

Steve Cuiffo who appears in the Wooster Group production of Brace Up! with Willem Dafoe and Kate Valk at the St. Ann's Warehouse in Brooklyn, NY has been extended through Apr. 13 with shows on Wednesdays through Saturdays. For tickets and information click: HERE.(3/27)

Meir YedidNEW YORK: Meir Yedid presents his new "Published & Unpublished" lecture on Friday Mar. 28 at 8pm for IBM Ring #26 at the Soldiers, Sailors & Airmen's Club (283 Lexington Ave.) in New York City. Admission is free to members and $15 for non-members. For more information e-mail: or click: HERE.(3/27)

Matt Morgan's show, which is part of the American Sign Language Club's DEAF Awareness Week, is featured in a Ball State Daily News article that quotes Jeff Guilkey who signed that, "he thought a perfect example to show that deaf people can do anything but hear was a magician." To read the Mar. 26 article by Teresa Auch titled "Silent magic" click: HERE.(3/27)

Paul Hallas is quoted about the business of magic in The Huddersfield Daily Examiner, "Everybody in the entertainment business has suffered since September 11 as there has been a knock-on effect on businesses with the money they have to spend." To read the Mar. 26 article titled "Conjuring up business" click: HERE.(3/27)

NEW YORK: Aaron Fisher lectures on Friday Mar. 28 at 7:30pm for Elmwood Magic at the Screening Room in Amherst, NY. Admission is $15 per person. For information and reservations phone: 716-886-5653.(3/27)

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-VOLUME: 63 / ISSUE: 1,891 Friday - March 28, 2003-
Adrien Brody who won the Best Actor Academy Award for his role in "The Pianist" makes him one of very few magicians to have ever won an Oscar. He is also the youngest man to ever win the award. A Queens Chronicle article mentioned his early career as a magician, "In response to his mother’s wishes, Brody performed as a magician when he was a young boy." We are told that he also attended Tannen's Magic Camp many years ago. To read the Mar. 27 article by Bryan Joiner titled "Woodhaven Native Adrien Brody Honored With Best Actor Oscar" click: HERE.(3/28)

Joe HernándezJoe Hernández will be featured on the Puerto Rican Panorama TV show on Saturday Mar. 29 at 1pm. The ABC show airs in the Philadelphia market and on many satellite feeds. Hernández will be performing close-up magic and talking about the history of magic in Philadelphia and about other Hispanic magicians. The show is scheduled to reair on Mar. 30 at 6am and Mar. 31 at 2:35am. Hernández, who is also the founder of the International Latin Music Hall of Fame, is coincidentally featured in a Bergen Record article that looks at his decision to postpone the annual induction ceremony due to the war in the Middle East. To read the Mar. 26 article by Miguel Perez titled "Latinos not just acting" click: HERE.(3/28)

Michael Night will be presenting his full-evening show, "Michael Night's Hypno-Comedy Concert" on Saturday Mar. 29 at 9pm at the grand opening of Headliners (4500 N. Detroit) in Toledo, Ohio. Admission is $12 at the door. For tickets click: HERE.(3/28)

An update on Paul Daniel's health appeared in several newspapers. A BBC article quoted a hospital spokesman, "Paul Daniels had a comfortable night and he is feeling a bit better than he did yesterday." An Ananova article reported that "Paul Daniels will remain in hospital for at least another night after being diagnosed as suffering from an infection." Andrew Lock who is working with Daniels on his upcoming tour to the US told MagicTimes that Paul is looking forward to coming to the US and current plans are to still present his master classes throughout the US. To read the Mar. 27 BBC article titled "Daniels 'improving' after collapse" click: HERE.(3/28)
--To read the Mar. 17 Ananova article titled "Daniels to remain in hospital" click: HERE.(3/28)

Puck, John Cassidy, Denny Haney, Jamy Ian Swiss, and Andy Roberts headline at Monday Night Magic on Mar. 31 at 8pm in NYC. For tickets phone Ticketmaster at: 212-307-4100. For more information click: HERE.(3/28)

NEW YORK CITY: David Ben will be presenting a Workshop, Lecture and Book Signing on Sunday Mar. 30 at Michael Canick Booksellers (200 East 82nd Street, #3B). The workshop will be presented at 12-4pm and the lecture at 7pm. Cost for the lecture is $30 per person at the door. A special package is available for Workshop attendees. For more information and reservations phone: 212-585-2990.(3/28)

Scott Sullivan is featured on the cover of the Russell County Times Journal with a story about his career as a magician, filmmaker, stand-up comic and currently as a morning radio show host on 92.7 The Wave (WHVE). His magic career is described as, "Today Sullivan performs his magic act at festivals throughout the state. He has combined both magic tricks and stand-up in his act. Telling jokes and juggling fire are two of his specialties at magic shows." To read the Mar. 27 article by Kara Kuczun titled "Scott Sullivan brings fun to his entertaining pursuits" click: HERE.(3/28)

Carl Mercurio performs for Fantasma Toys at FAO Schwarz (58th Street and 5th Avenue) in New York City on Saturday Mar. 29 at 2pm and 4pm. The Fantasma section in the toy store also features some antique magic and automata.(3/28)

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