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Archives: Week Of March 3-9, 2003
-VOLUME: 63 / ISSUE: 1,872 Monday - March 3, 2003-
Neil Patrick Harris who will be appearing in Cabaret on Broadway through Mar. 16 is interviewed in Newsday where he explained, "I've been a magician for years and years and years. I don't really perform actively as much as I love studying it and watching other magicians." To read the Mar. 2 titled "Fast Chat Neil Patrick Harris" click: HERE.(3/3)

Rafael BenatarRafael Benatar, Dimmare, Jarrett and Raja, Yuji Yamamoto, Loren C. Michaels, Kirk Grodske, Al James, and Bob Stone appear at the Magic Castle in Los Angeles on Mar. 3-9. Aldo Colombini lectures on Sunday Mar. 9.(3/3)

Adam de la Pena who is described as "a professional magician/comedian" in a New York Post article is set to star with Gary Busey in the new Comedy Central reality show. To read the Mar. 1 article by Michael Starr titled "It's OK To Be A Buseybody" click: HERE.(3/3)

Kendrick who performed at the Hexhamshire Leek Club on Saturday is described in a Hexham Courant article as, "…Kendrick launched into his stage show and proved he was not only a very good magician mystifying the audience but he was also very funny and had many people's jaws aching by the end of the night with laughter." To read the Feb. 28 article by Lynda White titled "The Magical Mystery Of Kendrick" click: HERE.(3/3)

"Derren Brown: Mind Control" is previewed in an Evening Times article that quotes Brown, "I employ a variety of techniques and approaches to what I do… but it's mainly a mixture of hypnosis, magic and the power of suggestion." To read the Feb. 28 article titled "You won't believe your eyes" supplied by Infoseek and YellowBrix click: HERE.(3/3)

Tom Britton is featured in a Houston Chronicle article that reported, "Drumming up support for area businesses isn't difficult for Britton, author of a business book, The Magic of Change, and who still practices one of his earliest careers as a magician." Britton also pointed out that, "When I speak to large groups, I still use magic. It gets their attention." To read the Feb. 25 article by Betty L. Martin titled "Chamber president says Heights' future bright" click: HERE.(3/3)

Ice Alaska is featured in a Baltimore Sun article that reported, "In 2000, Ice Alaska supplied magician/performance artist [David] Blaine when he decided to entomb himself in a huge upright ice coffin for three days in Times Square. The ice bill was $1,000. Sending refrigerator trucks to New York City cost $7,800." To read the Mar. 2 article by Robert K. Elder titled "Warm passion for a cold art" click: HERE.(3/3)

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-VOLUME: 63 / ISSUE: 1,873 Tuesday - March 4, 2003-
Penn & TellerPenn & Teller's new series is featured in a Hartford Courant essay about skeptics, where a case is made for how magicians can be the best debunkers, "Ever since Harry Houdini turned against spiritualists who (according to legend) channeled his late, German-speaking mother's messages in English, the art of debunking has been best practiced by magicians themselves." Further analysis points to, "Magicians are in the curious position of taking people's money by lying to them, and as such, they have an awesome responsibility. Like preachers, they have people's near-instant trust. The good ones, then, have a special ire toward the bad ones, the fakers who use their powers not to entertain but to dupe. The good ones see it as their mission to protect the honor of their craft." To read the Mar. 2 article by Mark Oppenheimer titled "Pulling The Wool Off Your Eyes" click: HERE.(3/4)

Jania Taylor's performance of her show, "There's Magic in Books," at the Humboldt Elementary School is covered in a Daily Courier article that described the show as "a performance mixing magic tricks and messages emphasizing the importance of reading." The article also describes several of her routines and quotes Taylor from the show, "The way I learned to do magic was by reading books… You can learn a lot of things and have fun, too, by being a good reader." To read the Mar. 3 article by Louise Koniarsi titled "Magician’s enchantment hooks class on reading" click: HERE.(3/4)

TENNESSEE: The 29th annual Winter Carnival of Magic sponsored by IBM Ring 58 takes place on Mar. 6-8 at The Mills Auditorium in Gatlinburg. Scheduled performers include: Bob Sheets, Whit Haydn, Dana Daniels, Tim Ellis & Sue Ann Webster, Murray, Dan Garrett, John Shryock, Hank Moorehouse, Tom Burgoon, Dan Sperry, Steve Dacri, Mandy Reed and Book Kennison. For more information click: HERE.(3/4)

Jeff Evans will be teaching magic at the Woodland Creek Community Park Whitehouse on Mar. 12. To read the Mar. 3, Olympian, news item titled "So You Want to Be a Wizard" click: HERE.(3/4)

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-VOLUME: 63 / ISSUE: 1,874 Wednesday - March 5, 2003-
Todd RobbinsTodd Robbins who stars in his "Sideshow Saturday Night" show every week is featured in the New York Daily News where the show is described as, "They watch in amazement, disbelief and a bit of revulsion as Robbins munches 75-watt bulbs as part of his 90-minute performance at the SoHo Playhouse." The article also traces his roots and finds out how he became interested in this fringe area of magic, circus and carnival entertainment. Robbins closes off with, "If people can get taken in and amazed, then maybe they'll question other things they assumed couldn't be done. An audience that truly understands that makes it worth it." To read the Mar. 3 article by Joe Neumaier titled "This guy's a real glass act" click: HERE.(3/5)

Fred­dy Fredricks who appeared at the Huntley Area Public Librar is featured in The Northwest Herald that describes him as, "Fredricks developed an interest in magic when he was 16 and working in a department store in Chi­cago. One of the men who dressed windows at the store was a magician. Fred­ricks began learning as much as he could from the man and even assisted him with shows. He started doing magic professionally when he was 28." To read the Mar. 4 article by Geneva White titled "Magic moment" click: HERE.(3/5)

Danny ArcherDanny Archer stars in a short film, "Magic of City Government," that tries to explain how city government works. Produced for the City of Denver, Channel 8 the film features Archer performing customized magic that blends in to the message he is delivering. Excerpts from the film can be found throughout the official City of Denver website by clicking: HERE.(3/5)

David Copperfield begins a grueling schedule of mostly one night stands on Mar. 8 with shows in Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, and North Dakota. You can catch him at the State Theater in Cleveland, OH (Mar. 8-9), Benjamin and Marian Schuster PAC in Dayton, OH (11), Embassy Theatre in Fort Wayne, IN (12), James H. Whiting Auditorium in Flint, MI (13), Fox Theatre in Detroit, MI (14-16), Madison Civic Center in Madison, WI (18), Midwest Wireless Civic Center in Mankato, MN (19), Des Moines Civic Center in Des Moines, IA (20), Rosemont Theatre in Rosemont, IL (21-23), Morris Performing Arts Center in South Bend, IN (24), Fox Cities Performing Arts Center in Appleton, WI (26-27), Paramount Theatre in Cedar Rapids, IA (28), Historic Orpheum Theatre in Minneapolis, MN (29-30), and Chester Fritz Auditorium in Grand Forks, ND (31).(3/5)

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-VOLUME: 63 / ISSUE: 1,875 Thursday - March 6, 2003-
Tom MullicaTom Mullica tours through March with his "Red Skelton Tribute" show before beginning a nine-month engagement in Branson on April 1. His March appearances are at the Hornell High School Auditorium in Hornell, NY (Mar. 8 - 607-324- 3822), Masonic Temple in Freeport in IL (Mar. 13 - 608-325- 5700), Secrest Auditorium in Zanesville, OH (Mar. 15 - 740-454- 6851), Court Square Theatre in Harrisonburg, VA (Mar. 27-28 -540-564- 1692), and Barbara Landes Performing Arts Center in Blue Springs, MO (Mar. 30 - 816-228- 0137).(3/6)

John Kaplan who will perform at High Prairie Curling Club on Apr. 13 is featured in a South Peace News article reported that the, "Play Program fundraiser director Misty Cottingham says they are going to get 10 people involved to get pledges for the guillotining. The one who raises the most money will get their head guillotined at the show. The 10 people will be announced shortly." To read the Mar. 5 article by Chris Clegg titled "Want to see your friend guillotined" click: HERE.(3/6)

Kevin Spencer's program to help hospital patients with their therapy by teaching magic is featured in a Channel News Asia article that pointed out that "Hand-eye coordination, muscle movement and dexterity in therapy are all there in the magic tricks." To read the Mar. 5 article by Dominique Loh titled "Magic tricks help stroke patients speed up rehabilitation process" click: HERE.(3/6)

Perhaps the wildest magic convention in the US is The International Battle of Magicians. This year's 12th anniversary event is scheduled for May 1-3 in Canton, Ohio and will feature Yves Doumerque, David & Dania, Greg Frewin, Kerry Pollock, Beretta, Chris Capehart, Philip Morris, Jeff Bibik, John George, and Andy Dallas. For more information click: HERE.(3/6)

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-VOLUME: 63 / ISSUE: 1,876 Friday - March 7, 2003-
Ricky JayRicky Jay began a series of radio spots titled "Jay's Journal" on Thursday Mar. 6. It is described as "A weekly musing on Ricky's fascinations" and will air every Thursday at 3:55pm on radio station KCRW (89.9 FM) in California. The first installment was titled "Ornothological Acumen." Publicity for the show asks, "What does a magician do on radio? As Harry Shearer says, don’t stand too close to the speakers when he starts throwing cards..." To read the Feb. 24 press release click: HERE.
--For more information and to listen to the show click: HERE.(3/7)

Ladislao Treviño who performed as "Zoroastro" died on Mar. 4 at the age of 85. A San Antonio Express-News obituary described his career as, "…formally dressed in white tie and tails, Treviño took his magic show to Mexico, Central and South America for more than 40 years." The article also reported that "At one time, Treviño had a crew of 21 people, including his wife, help with his shows." To read the Mar. 6 article by Carmina Danini titeld "Treviño moved from leather to legerdemain" click: HERE.(3/7)

Torkova, Peter Kougasian, Master Lee, Simon Lovell, Dennis Kyriakos, Asi Wind, and Michael Chaut headline at Monday Night Magic on Mar. 10 at 8pm in NYC. For tickets phone Ticketmaster at: 212-307-4100. For more information click: HERE.(3/7)

The 17th Annual Society Of Young Magicians Magic Show takes place on Saturday Mar. 8 at 2:30pm and 7pm at the Fairmont Community Center (608 Ash) in Independence, MO. Admission is $7 per person at the door. For tickets and information phone: 816-461-4595.(3/7)

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