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Archives: Week Of February 24-March 2, 2003
-VOLUME: 62 / ISSUE: 1,867 Monday - February 24, 2003-
Chef AntonChef Anton's performance at the Billiards for Benefits pool tournament in Carlisle, PA is covered in The Sentinel where they report, "In addition to his trick-shooting abilities, Anton is also a magician known for his card tricks and hustling abilities….And before and after his performance, Chef Anton made his way through the crowd, performing magic tricks for spectators." The article also reports that "he earned his stage name because of his connection with cooking; he used to run a catering business, and he also may have a pilot on cable's Food Network in the future, which will feature a mixture of cooking and magic." To read the Feb. 23 article by Tiffany Pakkala titled "Chef Anton cooks up a few trick shots" click: HERE.(2/24)

Great Tomsoni & Company, Dana Daniels, Jon Armstrong, Lou Serrano, Terry Lunceford, and J.C. Dunn appear at the Magic Castle in Los Angeles on Feb. 24-Mar. 2.(2/24)

Derren BrownDerren Brown whose new series on Channel 4 in the UK premieres on Friday at 10:30pm is featured in an Observer article that describes what he does as, "He controls minds, or appears to. He gets people to do things they would not otherwise have thought of doing. He elicits responses. He reads thoughts." The article also describes how he got his break on TV and that the show was originally offered to Andy Nyman who turned it down and, "Eventually Brown was recommended by Jerry Sadowitz. 'Derren was a far better choice for the job than me because he's a genuinely odd bloke,' Nyman says now. 'With me it was always a convincing act. But with Derren this is a part of who he is. He's really quite unsettling.'" To read the Feb. 23 article by Jay Rayner titled "I know what you're thinking" click: HERE.(2/24)

BJ Hickman's new show "IT" (Interactive Teacher) is described in a Dover Community News article that "BJ Hickman’s professional development presentations for educators originates as keynote and breakout sessions for health care professionals called 'PediaTRICKS.' He teaches the use of tricks and diversions to make children feel more comfortable and relaxed in the doctor’s office." To read the Feb. 21 article titled "What is IT?" click: HERE.(2/24)

Timothy C. Duncan (Jun. 9, 1955-Feb. 20, 2003) who died on Thursday at the age of  47 is described in the Citrus County Chronicle as "…a retired staff sergeant serving in the U.S. Army. He was also a practicing magician, and belonged to the International Brotherhood of Magicians." To read the Feb. 23 obituary click: HERE.(2/24)

A magic auction sponsored by local IBM and SAM groups to take place on Mar. 9. A Dover Community News article reported that "Beginner magicians, hobbyists, professional magicians, and collectors are invited to bid on hundreds of dollars worth of magic tricks and related props, books, posters, and memorabilia at this 13th annual auction." To read the Feb. 21 article titled "Magic auction is scheduled" click: HERE.(2/24)


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-VOLUME: 62 / ISSUE: 1,868 Tuesday - February 25, 2003-
Billy HarrisBilly Harris is featured in the February issue of Delta Sky Magazine where his career as a corporate magician is explored. Harris points out that "People hire me and they think they're hiring a magician, but hopefully they'll think of me as a member of the team, …a salesman who happens to do magic." Harris also compares tradeshows to the old Vaudeville circuit, "'old-school' comics such as Buddy Hackett, Alan King and Henny Youngman. These guys would do 10 shows in Atlantic City and places like that, …[If] you’re in a convention center in Las Vegas, and there's 100,000 people there, [and] every company's doing big presentations, and people like me come in and do 10 shows a day …it’s kind of like a modern vaudeville circuit." To read the Feb. 2003 article by Nancy Oakley titled "How's Tricks? Billy Harris' corporate deceptions" click: HERE.(2/25)

Steve Cuiffo appears, in an acting roll, in the Wooster Group's production of "Brace Up!" which is based on Checkov's "Three Sisters." The show opened on Feb. 19 and will run through Mar. 23 at the St. Ann's Warehouse (38 Water Street) in Brooklyn, NY. For tickets and information click: HERE.(2/25)

The S.C.A.M. (South Carolina Association of Magicians) Convention 2003 was featured on "Beat" which aired on Feb. 12 and 16 on SCETV. Magicians featured on in the segment include Steve Beam, John Tudor, Bob Little, Harry Allen, Tom Jones, Rachel Wild, and Robert Moreland. To view the four minute clip click: HERE.(2/25)

Darren K. Stocker's handcuff collection is featured in a Press of Atlantic City article that reported about the display at the Cumberland County College. To read the Feb. 23 article by Eileen Bennett titled "Handcuff collection is key in Cumberland college exhibit" click: HERE.(2/25)

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-VOLUME: 62 / ISSUE: 1,869 Wednesday - February 26, 2003-
Danny OrleansDanny Orleans and John Railing have completed an ambitious "Magic University" series for Scholastic, Inc. The websites are open to club members only and the series includes thirteen books with each book concentrating on one theme or subject. Each book also includes a number of props and optical illusions that are referenced in the books. The website features Orleans as the "On-line Professor" who gives advise on becoming a better magician and how to present and perform magic. Other features include performance clips, interactive magic, quizzes, lessons, glossaries, polls, printable promotion packages and you even get homework. For more information click: HERE.(2/26)

David Copperfield has sold out the theater for a fundraiser for the Alberta Bair Theater on Apr. 26. A Billings Gazette article reported that "Soon 4,350 more tickets will be for sale for a trio of additional shows. To accommodate hundreds of requests for tickets." A director of the event is quoted, "We're delighted with the overwhelming response to the show… The Sunday shows will allow more people, particularly families and kids, to see the master magician in his element." To read the Feb. 25 article by Christene Meyers titled "More tickets available for illusionist" click: HERE.(2/26)

Tom MullicaTom Mullica presents his "A Tribute to Red Skelton" show on Feb. 27 at 7:30pm at the Rutherfordton Spindale Auditorium in Rutherfordton, NC. For tickets and information phone: 828-245-9758.(2/26)

Timothy Wenk's "Magic of Recycling" shows are reported in a Hesperia Star article that looks at the show performed by Pete McLeod who says, "The kids I have seen for the past week have been great… Everyone has been really receptive." To read the Feb. 25 article by Mira Katz titled "Kids learn there's magic in recycling" click: HERE.(2/26)

A Star Tribune article that discusses thinking machines and how humans relate to them brings up Wolfgang von Kempelen's The Turk automata and points out, "Even, however, after the secret was revealed -- the chest did contain a human operator, hidden in the back of the box -- people flocked to see the automaton play. More than a piece of mechanics, the Turk was a philosophical toy: neither a man nor a machine but an idea. It was a riddle, and it relied on the public's desire to be baffled." To read the Feb. 25 article by Gaby Wood titled "Centuries before Deep Blue, chess players feared machine" click: HERE.(2/26)

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-VOLUME: 62 / ISSUE: 1,870 Thursday - February 27, 2003-
Jonathan GoodwinJonathan Goodwin and his roll on the British TV series Monkey Magic is discussed by his popular sister Jane Harvey in a Wales on Sunday article. Goodwin said, "Magic has been my life since I was about seven. …I remember a man my parents knew used to take his thumb off and I completely believed that it hurt him. Once I worked out it was a trick, I started to try things out myself." Harvey remembers her brother, "He was obsessed with magic. He would read books and plan tricks all the time. He used to practise on everyone - even the poor dog got it!" To read the Feb. 23 article titled "Trickster Act!" supplied by Infoseek and YellowBrix click: HERE.(2/27)

The Pendragons will be performing at Plymouth Memorial Hall (83 Court Street) in Plymouth, MA on Mar. 1 at 7:30pm. Tickets cost $29-$34 and are available by phoning: 866-468-7619.(2/27)

"Magic Matinee" is the latest show produced by the Monday Night Magic Group. It will premiere on Saturday Mar. 1 at 1pm and will run Saturdays and Sundays at 1pm at the Jekyll and Hyde Restaurant and Bar (917th Avenue South) in New York City. The 45-minute family show will star Todd Robbins and will feature magic and circus and side-show antics that are suitable for children and their parents. Tickets are $19.95 per person. For more information and reservations phone: 212-541-9505 Ext. 203.(2/27)

Carl Mercurio performs at the Fantasma Toys section in FAO Schwarz in New York City on Saturday Mar. 1 at 2pm and 4pm. Mercurio was also the copy editor for their instruction manuals.(2/27)

Eric Buss performs at the Vienna Magic Ball in Vienna, Austria on Mar. 1-2 and will then tape a segment for the Patrick Sebastien TV show Mar. 4-5 in Paris, France.(2/27)

The weekly magic meetings held at Maui Tacos Restaurant (32nd Street and Fifth Ave. - lower level) in New York City will be celebrating their one year anniversary on Saturday Mar. 1 at 1-5pm. The party will feature a buffet and magic videos will play continuously. It is being sponsored by Doug Edwards.(2/27)

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-VOLUME: 62 / ISSUE: 1,871 Friday - February 28, 2003-
The Heart and Soul of Magic II"The Heart and Soul of Magic II" featuring Chris Capeheart, Hiawatha, Ice McDonald, Puck, and Ran'D Shine takes place on Saturday Mar. 1 at 2pm and 6pm at The Freedom Theatre (1346 North Broad Street) in Philadelphia, PA. Being billed as "a showcase of African-American Magicians" the show will feature some of the performers from next year's TV documentary on black American magicians. Tickets are $15-20 per person and are available by phoning: 215-769-2793.(2/28)

ITALY: The 5th Memorial Alberto Sitta convention in Bolonia will take place on Mar 1-2. Mark Leveridge will be the guest lecturer and the event will include a gala show and dealers. For more information e-mail:

Michael Chaut, Alex Feldman, Jeff Moche, Jamy Ian Swiss, Richard Cohn, Andy Roberts headline at Monday Night Magic on Mar. 3 at 8pm in NYC. For tickets phone Ticketmaster at: 212-307-4100. For more information click: HERE.(2/28)

Sean Carpenter who won the close-up competition at the Blackpool convention is featured in a Birmingham Evening Mail article that quotes him, "I was absolutely thrilled to win at the world's biggest magic convention, although it was a weird situation performing in front of so many people." To read the Feb. 26 article titled "Sean's magic touch" supplied by Infoseek and YellowBrix click: HERE.(2/28)

MARYLAND: Kenrick "Ice" McDonald lectures on Monday Mar. 3 at 7:30pm at Denny & Lee Magic Studio (325 South Marlyn Avenue) in Baltimore. Tickets are $15 per person and are available by phoning: 410-686-3914.(2/28)

Peter Wood is featured in a Business Gazette article that spoke to several of his clients who raved about the magic he has created to promote their businesses. To read the Feb. 28 article by Amy Limbert titled "College student offers the magic of marketing" click: HERE.(2/28)

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