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Archives: Week Of February 17-23, 2003
-VOLUME: 62 / ISSUE: 1,862 Monday - February 17, 2003-
A special "Magic Of Spain" week at the Magic Castle runs on Feb. 17-23 and will feature some of Spain's finest magicians. Scheduled to appear are Miguel Gomez, Agustin Leal, Miguel Puga, Camilo, Rafael Benatar, Alfonso Rios, and Yunke. Camilo lectures on Sunday Feb. 23.(2/17)

Eric Wordsworth Abrahams (Feb. 20, 1904-Feb. 5, 2003) who died on Feb. 5 at the age of 98 is called "a wondrous magician" by his grandson in a Jamaica Observer obituary that reported that he "delighted in thrilling his friends and family with his magic skills that earned him a seat on the international Inner Circle of Magicians." Abrahams used to be a regular attendee to the annual summer conventions in the United States and often visited the Now York magic scene. A a business man the article reported that "Abrahams served on the boards of more than 25 companies." To read the Feb. 16 obituary by Olivia Campbell titled "A gentleman remembered" click: HERE.(2/17)

The Amazing KreskinThe Amazing Kreskin who appears at the "Historic Elsinore Theatre in Salem in a benefit for Salem Chamber Orchestra" is featured in a Statesman Journal article that reported "Kreskin (born George Joseph Kresge, Jr.), 68, has been entertaining audiences for some 50 years with his mentalist act, ferreting out the audience’s thoughts and intentions as he amuses and provokes." Kreskin is also quoted, "I love my work… It’s been a passion." To read the Feb. 16 article by Ron Cowan titled "Warning: If you’ve got secrets, stay home" click: HERE.(2/17)

The Incredible Universe Of Magic & Illusion, starring Scott Interrante and Danae DeFeis, celebrates its one-year anniversary at the Vanderbilt Planetarium in Centerport, Long Island, NY on Feb. 17. In celebration the shows will run daily on Feb. 17-21 at 3pm and attendees will receive a free poster. For tickets and information phone: 631-854-5550.(2/17)

Ricky Jay and his book, ''Dice: Deception, Fate, and Rotten Luck,'' are the subject of a Boston Globe article that reported, "Jay's book includes ravishing photos of his own broken dice taken by the Boston-based photographer Rosamond Purcell. Made of volatile cellulose nitrate, or celluloid, the dice are captured in various stages of self-destruction. Whether crumbling like sugar cubes or blooming with green chemical mold, they exhibit a crooked beauty all their own." To read the Feb. 16 article by Jennifer Schuessler titled "Fuzzy dice" click: HERE.(2/17)
--To buy the book click: HERE.

The Paul Daniels' Masterclasses scheduled for April in the major US cities have just announced a special limited time offer. Andrew Lock, organizer of the event told MagicTimes that "If you book online from now until the end of the month, you can bring a friend for free at your chosen venue, which effectively means you can buy one ticket and get one free." For more information click: HERE.(2/17)

Magic Yellow PagesThe 10th edition of the Magic Yellow Pages published by Wittus Witt is scheduled to be release in time for FISM in July. Since 1977 it has included a worldwide listing of "people who offer a sort of service to the magic fraternity." It is published in German and English and includes the first two entries free of charge. For more information click: HERE.(2/17)

Gopinath Muthukad's outdoor stunt is described in a Times of Oman article that reported, "For a horrifying moment, a blood-curdling scream ranted the evening air from above a corner of the Qurum Natural Park. Women nearly swooned, some of the sturdier men felt a tightening in the chest, in fact, many a heart skipped a beat, but then before anyone could even react, out came the magician with a victorious roar." To read the Feb. 14 article titled "Indian magician does a blood-curdling act" click: HERE.(2/17)


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-VOLUME: 62 / ISSUE: 1,863 Tuesday - February 18, 2003-
George JosephGeorge Joseph is featured in a Marie Evening News article that discusses his recent seminar that "teaches casino workers 'the tricks' to give employees a working knowledge of cheating and casino stealing." The presentation is described as, "Using an overhead camera to show the various moves casino workers should be looking for as well as tapes of actual games, Joseph's presentation is as smooth as the magician he once was." The article also reported that, "Joseph said he got his start on the streets of Detroit, polishing his skills as a magician. After taking his magic act to Las Vegas in the "old days" when Vegas and Atlantic City were all there was, he eventually hooked up with the security arms of two major casino firms." To read the Feb. 17 article by Jack Storey titled "Onetime magician finds niche in flim-flam prevention" click: HERE.(2/18)

EAST COAST: David Solomon lecture tour cancelled. Solomon who was supposed to lecture at DeSouza's home, JMMRT, Ronjo's and Denny & Lee's this week was forced to cancel his tour due to the Blizzard that hit the area.(2/18)

John Calvert's appearance at the New England Magicians' Conference this Saturday is reported in a New Haven Register article. To read the Feb. 17 article titled "Something magical in North Haven" click: HERE.(2/18)

The Pendragons will be performing at Cactus Pete's Casino (1385 Highway 93) in Jackpot, NV on Feb. 19-23.(2/18)

Malin Nilsson received the "Silver Vand" award from the Swedish Magic Circle on Saturday after she won the annual competition to choose the best magician in Sweden.(2/18)

Lance Burton was named as "Favorite Magician" in the 2003 Visitor's Choice Awards that is voted on by Las Vegas visitors and readers of "What's On, The Las Vegas Guide." To read the Feb. 17 press release titled "Las Vegas Visitors Select Their Favorites in What's On Magazine's 2003 Visitor's Choice Awards" click: HERE.(2/18)

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-VOLUME: 62 / ISSUE: 1,864 Wednesday - February 19, 2003-
Illusions RestaurantIllusions Restaurant in Carmel, Indiana closed on Feb. 15 after a more than fifteen year run that featured many well-known magicians like Michael Close, Chris Kenner, Homer Liwag and Carl Andrews. The Indianapolis Star reported that the current owner, Souheir Salfity Singer, plans to reopen the restaurant in a new location, "She has her eye on two potential sites, one in Carmel and another in northern Marion County. She hopes one of them will provide an even more attractive, more easily accessible location for the restaurant." To read the Feb. 18 article by William J. Booher titled "No more Illusions (for now)" click: HERE.(2/19)

David Copperfield opens with his "An Intimate Evening Of Grand Illusions" show at the Hollywood Theatre at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas on Feb. 20 where he will present two or three shows per day through Mar. 5. Tickets are $77.90-$97 per person and are available by clicking: HERE.(2/19)

Eric Dasher is featured in a Burlington County Times article that describes him as, "A specialist in contemporary 'close-up' magic as well as traditional show magic." The article also lists where he can be seen and reports, "His shows, like his close-up performances, are all geared to be equally entertaining to both children and adults. It is precisely this broad appeal that Dasher finds so encouraging about magic." The Feb. 14 article by Peter Woodworth titled "Magic tops Sunday menu" ran in the Burlington County Times.(2/19)

ENGLAND: The 51st Magic Convention organized by the Blackpool Magicians Club takes place on Feb. 21-23 at the Winter Gardens in Blackpool. In addition to the close-up and stage competitions the one-day convention (which now lasts three days) will feature a very strong lineup of performers and lecturers that include: Gaetan Bloom, Aldo Colombini, David Acer, Darwin Ortiz, Daryl, Quentin Reynolds, Manuel Muerte, Michael Vincent, Kevin James, Junge, Junge, Nicholas Night & Kinga, Duncan Trillo, Terry Seabrooke, David Kaye, Victor Voytko, Oscar Munoz, Craig Dickson, Sophie Evans, Noel Brittain, Jay Mattioli,  Ken Dodd, and much more. The Blackpool convention is generally considered one of the most popular and largest conventions in the world. For more information and registration click: HERE.(2/19)

NEW YORK: Carl Mercurio, lectures on Feb. 21 at 9pm at the Magic & Fun Shop (85-08 Queens Blvd.) in Elmhurst, NY. Tickets are $35 per person and are available by phoning: 718-505-0316.(2/19)

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-VOLUME: 62 / ISSUE: 1,865 Thursday - February 20, 2003-
John CalvertCONNECTICUT: John & Tammy Calvert, Father Cyprian, Cody Fisher, Jeff Moche, and Elliot Zimet appear at the 22nd New England Magicians' Conference (NEMCON) on Feb. 22 at the Holiday Inn (201 Washington Ave.) in North Haven. Admission is $60 per person. For more information phone: 860-349-8149 or e-mail:

David Copperfield's show at the Symphony Hall is reviewed in the Union-News where they point out, "There've always been illusionists with plenty of tricks, but no one can make jaws drop quite as often as David Copperfield." To read the Feb. 19 article by Kevin O'Hare titled "Magician dazzles crowd" click: HERE.(2/20)

Alistair Cook is profiled in a Daily Post article that recounts his career and talks to him about his daily routine. Answering a question about magic affecting his health, Cook said, "It can do, because you're shouting in a smoky environment. And the late nights and locations can upset your body-clock. I can be finishing a show at midnight, then have to be in Kosovo the next day to entertain the troops. It can be draining." To read the Feb. 18 article titled "Health check: Alistair Cook" supplied by Infossek and YellowBrix click: HERE.(2/20)

Noah Kelly is planning on doing a parody of David Blaine by recreating his ice endurance stunt -- but with a difference. Kelly will encase himself in a room built out of blocks of Cheddar cheese. Oddly, the story of the stunt was picked up by dozens of newspapers worldwide. Kelly will also be communicating through the cheese during the stunt using his laptop. The stunt will be held at the Sovereign Shopping Centre in Weston-Super-Mare, England on Mar. 20.(2/20)
--To read the Feb. 19 BBC article titled "Magician to endure cheese stunt" click: HERE.(2/20)
--To Read the Feb. 19 article by Simon Rothstein, in The Sun, titled "Magician: Cheesy does it" click: HERE.(2/20)
--To read the Feb. 20 article from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation titled "British magician to entomb himself in cheese" click: HERE.(2/20)
--To read the Feb. 19 Ananova article titled "Magician to make fun of David Blaine in cheesey stunt" click: HERE.(2/20)
--To read the Feb. 19 Scotsman article by Nina Marshall titled "Magician Seeks Solid Dairy Confinement" click: HERE.(2/20)

Randy Bernstein's recent appearance at the Spring Hill Mall is covered in a Courier News article that quotes him, "I've been doing magic for about 14 years… About 11 years ago, when I finally figured out I could make a living as a magician, it was, well ... astonishing." The article also points out that "…thinking that knowing a trick or two makes someone a magician is as absurd as saying that a man who can recite a Shakespearean soliloquy is an actor." To read the Feb. 19 article by George Rawlinson titled "Entertainer works his magic at mall" click: HERE.(2/20)


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-VOLUME: 62 / ISSUE: 1,866 Friday - February 21, 2003-
The Pendragons"Holy Toledo! …The Magic Convention!" is the reincarnation of the long running Toledo Magic Conclave that was organized by IBM Ring 68. Mystic Productions, LLC was created to keep magic conventions running in Toledo and will feature it's first convention on Mar. 21-22 at the Ramada Inn & Suites in Toledo, OH. Featured performers will include: Joanie Spina, Meir Yedid, Stuart McDonald, Sean Bogunia, Tom Craven, Troy Hooser, Michael P. Lair, Jania Taylor, Pattrick Przysiecki, and Andy Dyko. As a special feature The Pendragons will be presenting their full-evening show on Mar. 22 at The Toledo Museum of Art Pertistyle Theatre. For more information and registration info click: HERE.(2/21)

Ben Robinson is featured on the cover of The Observer newspaper from Kearny, New Jersey where the ghost and paranormal show he performed in was reviewed. The article reported that "Throughout the show Robinson performed many brilliant card tricks to keep the show amusing." The article by John Adamski titled "Ghost Experts Haunt Library" was published in the Feb. 12 issue.(2/21)

Criss Angel is scheduled to appear on "Big Story Weekend Edition With Rita Cosby" on the FOX News channel on Saturday Feb. 22 at 9pm ET. The show will be repeated a number of times throughout the weekend.(2/21) --SEGMENT RESCHEDULED DUE TO BREAKING NEWS.

Puck, Throwdini, Bobby Baxter, Todd Robbins, and Asi Wind headline at Monday Night Magic on Feb. 24 at 8pm in NYC. For tickets phone Ticketmaster at: 212-307-4100. For more information click: HERE.(2/21)

Scott Wells was awarded the "2002 Magician of the Year" by the Houston Association of Magicians, on Feb. 9, in recognition of his service to the art of magic in the Houston area.(2/21)

The Amazing Johnathan's new show at the Flamingo Hotel & Casino is reviewed in the Las Vegas Review-Journal which reported "As he and his henchmen settle into their year's run, it sounds like we can look forward to bigger, sillier antics in a playhouse that's already shaping into a contemporary spin on the Three Stooges. The meanest show in town only looks to get better." To read the Feb. 14 review by Mike Weatherford titled "Amazing Johnathan expands on comedy-magic" click: HERE.(2/21)

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