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Archives: Week Of February 3-9, 2003
-VOLUME: 62 / ISSUE: 1,852 Monday - February 3, 2003-
Art Kahn who owned and ran the Zanadu Magic Shop, in Jersey City, New Jersey since 1975, died Thursday Jan. 30. Kahn manufactured and marketed many magic effects and a line of products for escape artists. He also released several of Jeff McBride's early magic routines. Funeral services will be held on Tuesday Feb. 4 at 11:30am at the Wien Funeral Home (402 Park Street) in Hackensack, NJ. For information and directions phone: 800-322-0533 or click: HERE.(2/3)

Hope Anderson, Ryan Demler and Caleb Wiles are featured in an Indianapolis Star article that looks at young magicians in the Indianapolis area. The article concludes that "Indianapolis is a bit of a hotbed for young magicians -- there are eight chapters of the Society of Young Magicians in the area, including the one at the Shelby branch library. And, in the late 1980s, the Indianapolis-based Lilly Foundation gave a $189,600 grant to the society for a 'Say 'Yes' to Magic' youth program." To read the Feb. 2 article by Abe Aamidor titled "Practical magic" click: HERE.(2/3)

David Regal, Gregory Wilson, Denny Haney, Puck, Todd Lamanske, Brian Dow, Larry Warshaw, and Stoil Stoilov appear at the Magic Castle in Los Angeles on Feb. 3-9. Todd Lamanske lectures on Sunday Feb. 9.(2/3)

Arian BlackArian Black's show, "Secrets," at Fitzgeralds in Las Vegas is featured in a Las Vegas Review-Journal article that looks at some of the smaller shows around town. Black who hands out tickets to passersby said, "I do whatever it takes to bring people in -- without hurting people." Also mentioned in the article is past SAM national president Dan Rodriguez who runs the Bourbon Street Big Easy theater. To read the Jan. 31 article by Mike Weatherford titled "On the Rise?" click: HERE.(2/3)

David Copperfield upcoming show at the Bell Auditorium is previewed in an Augusta Chronicle article that quotes Copperfield about creating magic, "I listen to what people want, to what their dreams are. My inspirations are filmmakers and storytellers, because they travel in that same sort of territory. I just try to do the same thing with magic - make the impossible possible." To read the Jan. 31 article by Steven Uhles titled "Dreams come true Copperfield gets inspiration by listening to people" click: HERE.(2/3)

Ted Wakai's who performs and teaches magic as "The Wizard of Oxnard" at hospitals is featured in a Los Angeles Times article that reported, "Patients in the rehabilitation unit at St. John's Regional Medical Center in Oxnard learn simple magic tricks from Wakai once a month. The quicker-than-the-eye discipline is said to be therapy for shaky hands and shaken spirits, and has been applied in more than 1,000 hospitals around the world over the last two decades. To read the Feb. 2 article by Steve Chawkins titled "Working His Magic on Patients" click: HERE.(2/3)

Jason Latimer who won the SARAMOTI award at the World Magic Seminar is featured in a Daily Nexus article that reported, "This July, Latimer will travel to the Netherlands to compete in the Federation of International Society of Magic's world championship, an event he described as the 'Olympics for magicians.'" To read the Jan. 31 article by Brendan Kearns titled "Student Magician Dazzles Vegas" click: HERE.(2/3)

Matthew David Stanley who won the teenage competition at the World Magic Seminar is profiled in a Dayton Daily News article that describes his career so far and how he became interested in Magic. Stanley is quoted, "It is a part of me… I always think of the line I heard someone say one time and it really fits me: If you were to cut me, I would bleed magic." To read the Jan. 30 article titled "Teenager Enjoys His Magic Moment" supplied by YellowBrix and Infoseek click: HERE.(2/3)

The SpencersKevin Spencer who made the Stanley Cup vanish and reappear at a block party the next day is reported in a Miami Herald, "Dressed all in black with a silver belt, Spencer unveiled a large box within a box. To show the boxes were empty, he climbed inside. Next he closed the boxes, got the crowd to cheer him on, then reopened them. …Out popped the Stanley Cup, safe in the sturdy hands of Hall of Fame defenseman Larry Robinson." To read the Jan. 31 article by Cammy Clark titled "Quite a party favor" click: HERE.(2/3)

Brock Gill's performance at the Lockerman Middle School is described in a Star Democrat article, "He motivated the students with music, magic tricks, a little comedy, and speeches about making the right decisions in life." To read the Jan. 31 article by Vicki Fisher titled "Magician motivates students" click: HERE.(2/3)

The British TV Magic Series "Monkey Magic" is reviewed in The Scotsman where it is panned while describing some of the routines. To read the Feb. 3 review by Tom Adair titled "You are feeling very, very sleepy..." click: HERE.(2/3)

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-VOLUME: 62 / ISSUE: 1,853 Tuesday - February 4, 2003-
Marc Salem's Mind GamesMarc Salem's Mind Games begins previews at the Malthouse Theatre (113 Sturt St.) in South Melbourne, Australia on Feb. 4. The show officially opens on Feb. 6 and will run through Feb. 23 (with a brief hiatus in the middle of the run). This is the same show that sold out last month at Sydney Opera House to great reviews. Tickets are $33-$38 per person and are available by phoning: 9685 5111.(2/4)

Marc Salem's show at the Malthouse Theatre is previewed in a Beat Magazine feature that describes him as "the most interesting person I've met." Salem explained that "I don't want it called supernatural; I'm not talking with dead people. I'm working off of a series of different scientific principles, of psychological principles, ways in which to guide people's attention; things that psychologists use, that advertisers use. And there's intuitive things that I do." The article concludes with a recommendation, "if you only see one theatre show in your life, make it Marc Salem's Mind Games." To read the Jan. 29 article by Melanie Sheridan titled "Marc Salem's Mind Games" click: HERE.(2/4)

Marcello Truzzi (September 6, 1935-February 2, 2003) died on Sunday at the age of 67. Truzzi was a mentalist and magician who was an active member of the IBM and the PEA. He is best known as one of the founders of CSICOP (Committee for Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal) and the editor to their magazine The Zetetic that was later named, "The Skeptical Inquirer." He has written several books about psychic research and was a director of the Center for Scientific Anomalies Research. He has also contributed some magic creations to various magazines.(2/4)

Joel B. Miller who was very active in the magic collector's scene and often appeared at magic conventions behind the Mario Carrandi, Jr. booth died on Feb. 3. Miller had one of the foremost collections of pre 1900 Magic sets and Gilbert Mysto Sets. Services will be held on Wednesday Feb. 5 at 1:30pm at the Frank Campbell Funeral Home (Corner of Madison Ave. and 81st Street) in New York City.(2/4)

David CopperfieldDavid Copperfield will be touring his "An Intimate Evening Of Grand Illusions" show with stops at the Bell Auditorium in Augusta, GA (Feb. 4), Roanoke Civic Center in Roanoke, VA (5), Landmark Theater in Richmond, VA (6), Washington Township Center for the Performing Arts in Sewell, NJ (7), Mechanic Theatre in Baltimore, MD (8-9), Chrysler Hall in Norfolk, VA (10), Oakdale Theatre in Wallingford, CT (12-13), Springfield Civic Center in Springfield, MA (16), Rochester Auditorium Ctr. in Rochester, NY (17), and then head to Las Vegas for a two week run at the MGM Grand.(2/4)

Hugh Turley who is on the cover of the current issue on the M-U-M is described as "a full-time professional magician who performs all over the United States and Canada and as far away as Nigeria." A St. Petersburg Times article quotes Turley, "I've been doing magic since I was 12 years old… But I don't just do tricks -- I make it magical." To read the Feb. 3 article by Barbara L. Fredricksen titled "I don't just do tricks -- I make it magical" click: HERE.(2/4)

Orel Sergei Korablev is being brought to Las Vegas by Jonathan Pendragon to see if he can put together a new magic extravaganza. A Pravda article reported that, "Pendragon promises Korablev sponsorship, equipment, auditoriums and full houses. According to him, Las Vegas has everything but fresh ideas, which he expected from the Russian magician." To read the Feb. 3 article titled "Russian Copperfield Goes to Las Vegas" click: HERE.(2/4)
NOTE: "Magic Times has been informed by a representative for Jonathan Pendragon that the information in this article is false and Mr. Pendragon has no awareness of, or connection with, any magician by the name of Orel Sergei Korablev."(2/6)

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-VOLUME: 62 / ISSUE: 1,854 Wednesday - February 5, 2003-
Michael AmmarMichael Ammar continues with his Centennial Celebration Lecture Tour sponsored by the Society of American Magicians where he will spend February in Florida appearing in Sarasota (Feb. 6), Lakeland (10), Boca Raton (12), Tampa/Clearwater (17), West Palm Beach (18), Miami (19), Ft. Myers (20), and Melbourne (23). Contact the local magic clubs for more information.(2/5)

Nicholas Carifo is featured in a Pittsburgh Post-Gazette article that reported; "Carifo describes himself as an entertainment entrepreneur. In addition to his lifelong passion of performing magic, Carifo has branched out into acting and some behind-the-scenes work." The article also describes Carifo's career so far and quotes him, "I think if someone calls themselves a magician they should be able to do anything." The article titled "Magic Man" written by Eric Eisert ran on Jan. 29.(2/5)

Michael Grandinetti performs at the "2003 Woman of Valor Gala" at the Regent Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Beverly Hills, CA on Feb. 6. The event is a fundraiser for the American Diabetes Association and Children's Hospital Los Angeles and has sold-out the 900-seat theater at $250 per person.(2/5)

Cameron Radice who performs as Cosmic Cam and uses magic to spread religious beliefs is featured in a Christian Times article that reported, "As a member of the Society of Young Magicians and the Fellowship of Christian Magicians, Cameron has also attracted the admiration of his peers and elders." To read the Feb. 3 article by Rita DeRego titled "Young illusionist uses hands to share the gospel" click: HERE.(2/5)

More repercussions from Penn & Teller's stunt at the World Magic Seminar is reported in a Las Vegas Review-Journal that quotes Lance Burton, "This event was a private function and was billed as a 'no-holds barred evening.' Everyone attending was warned that there may be offensive material… Was Penn and Teller's presentation shocking? Yes! As a person of faith did I find it offensive? Yes!" To read the Feb. 4 article by Mike Weatherford titled "Dion coordinates several fronts for March 25 launch" click: HERE.(2/5)

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-VOLUME: 62 / ISSUE: 1,855 Thursday - February 6, 2003-
"Magic World" opens in Kozhikode, India where it is described as "a magic theme park…billed as the first of the kind in the world." A Kerala Next article reported that "Unlike other amusement parks, children and elders would not dabble in water and adventure, but instead get their fill of illusions, coin tricks, puzzles, gambling for fun, rare stage shows with latest of the art of magic under a single roof." Pradeep Houdino designed the 7,000 square foot venue that will "have four theatres, puzzle court, gamblers' street, illusion chamber, souvenir shop, museums, food court, magic school and research centre." To read the Feb. 5 article titled "Kerala: First magic theme park of India to open in Kozhikode on Feb 8" click: HERE.(2/6)

Arturo BrachettiArturo Brachetti who will be appearing at the Merriam Theater in Philadelphia on Feb. 11-16 is featured in a Philadelphia City Paper feature that describes him as a cross between Peter Sellers, Roberto Benigni and David Bowie. Brachetti is also said to be "seeking to be a mega-export; one who'll transform his sellout popularity at the Paris Olympia and London's West End into American cult stardom." To read the Feb. 5 article by A.D. Amorosi titled "Change Is Good" click: HERE.(2/6)

Tom Mullica presents his "A Tribute to Red Skelton" show on Feb. 7 at the Embassy Theatre in Fort Wayne, IN. For tickets and information phone: 260-485-9859.(2/6)

Rolando H. Santos is profiled in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution where they describe one of his routines and quote him about magic, "It's a universal language that touches people equally… and you don't have to understand the language.'' The article also reported that "Santos has made quite a name for himself, which may be the most magical happening of all. Just a few weeks ago, Santos was named "Magician of the Year" by local chapters of the Society of American Magicians and the international brotherhood." To read the Feb. 5 article by Gracie Bonds Staples titled "Media executive makes the most of 'awe moment'" click: HERE.(2/6)

Sergey Korablev who claims that he is better than David Copperfield and since 1995 has been replicating his illusions is featured in a Pravda article that reported, "The Russian magician says that any performance is 70% dependent upon the ideas, only the rest 30% are the talent of an artist, the props, etc. As for his rivalry with David Copperfield, Sergey says that he performs the same tricks but for less money." Interestingly, Korablev, tells the paper that Jonathan Pendragon is subsidizing his trip to Las Vegas and will stage his show. A representative for Jonathan Pendragon informed MagicTimes that "the information in this article is false and Mr. Pendragon has no awareness of, or connection with, any magician by the name of Orel Sergei Korablev." To read the Feb. 4 article by Yelena Kiseleva titled "Russian Magician to Beat David Copperfield" click: HERE.(2/6)

Penn and Teller's new TV series is the subject of an Associated Press article that quotes Teller, "There's always been that point of view to our work… This show is just a chance to make it very explicit." The show is described as "craziness deployed in the name of reason as Penn introduces 'whack-job passion to the side we believe in.'" To read the Feb. 5 article by Frazier Moore titled "Penn and Teller Start New Series" click: HERE.(2/6)

AUSTRALIA: Paul Daniels will be presenting his Magical Master Class on Saturday Feb. 8 at the Zenith Theatre Conference Room in Chatswood, Sydney. For more information phone: (02) 9411 6233.(2/6)

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-VOLUME: 62 / ISSUE: 1,856 Friday - February 7, 2003-
Bill Gang's educational magic show is described in a Grand Rapids Press article that quotes him, "Magic gets their attention… My message is: Protect the planet. It fits in with a lot of school curriculums." Gang also explained, "I try to get a lot of kids involved when doing the show… They are able to remember it much better this way." To read the Feb. 6 article by Gary W. Morrison titled "Magician shows how energy supplies could disappear" click: HERE.(2/7)

Paul DanielsPaul Daniels presents his full-evening show "An Audience With Paul Daniels" on Sunday Feb. 9 at 7:30pm at the Zenith Theatre in Sydney, Australia. Tickets are $49.95 per person. For more information phone Taylor's Magic Shop at: (02) 9411 6233.(2/7)

Shimada closes at The Tigerpalast (Tiger Palace) in Frankfurt, Germany on Feb. 9. Shimada has been appearing in the review since Aug. 21, 2002. A new show begins previews on the 13th.(2/7)

Nick Carifo is featured in a Beaver Valley Star article that traces his career from the age of ten and reported that "He has been honored as Pittsburgh's Magician of the Year by the Society of American Magicians; won a first place trophy at the Winter Carnival of Magic in Tennessee; and was a two-time finalist in the stage magic competition at Magi-Fest." To read the Feb. 5 article by Joanne Braun titled "Love of magic opens many doors for Center native" click: HERE.(2/7)

Alain Nu appears at the new "Magic & Comedy Night" at Brady's II in Germantown, MD on Feb. 8. For tickets and information phone: 301-972-6700.(2/7)

Magic Andy, Carl Mercurio, Carlos Sasso, & Smoke 'N Clubs perform on Feb. 8 at 9pm at the Magic & Fun Shop (85-08 Queens Blvd.) in Elmhurst, NY. For more information phone: 718-505-0316.(2/7)

Monday Night MagicDanny Alan, Chris McDaniel, Rocco, Jamy Ian Swiss, Michael Chaut, Frank Brents, and Andy Roberts headline at Monday Night Magic on Feb. 10 at 8pm in NYC. For tickets phone Ticketmaster at: 212-307-4100. For more information click: HERE.(2/7)

Danny Orleans appears at the ProMat Show at McCormick Place in Chicago on Feb. 10-12 where he will be representing Kingway Inca, a manufacturer of material handling supplies and equipment for warehouses.(2/7)

Paul and Sue Leacy who perform as Max the Magician and Millie regularly entertain children in hospitals. A This is Worthing article quoted Paul, "It really gives the children a boost. You see them lying in their hospital beds feeling sorry for themselves and the difference it makes is astounding." To read the Feb. 6 article by Fay Millar titled "Magic treatment for sick children" click: HERE.(2/7)

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