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Archives: Week Of January 13-19, 2003
-VOLUME: 61 / ISSUE: 1,837 Monday - January 13, 2003-
Arturo BrachettiArturo Brachetti whose show opens at the Fisher Theatre in Detroit on Tuesday and will run through Feb. 2 is the subject of a Detroit Free Press article that mentions how he became interested in magic while in a seminary school till the age of 17, "In the boarding school, there was a priest who was also a magician and who was happy to teach young Arturo. He was enchanted. 'I started to do these magic tricks, on the one hand to compensate for the fact that I was very bad at football, and on the other hand, I needed attention and I wanted to be seen. I was of course still liking the world of theater and performing. So all together it was a wonderful world, this room full with magic tricks and props that priest had." Brachetti slowly evolved his magic show done with three characters into a quick change act. To read the Jan. 12 article by Martin F. Kohn titled "Performer is man of many faces" click: HERE.(1/13)

Richard Steven Cohn who is producing the second annual "A Night Of Magic" at The Good Coffeehouse in Brooklyn on Jan. 24 is mentioned in HelloBrooklyn where they reported "Last year’s SRO sellout performance of A NIGHT OF MAGIC promises to be repeated this year." This year's performers include Torkova, Ryan Oakes, John Stetson, Marco Monteverdi, and Cohn with his wife Alexandra. To read the Jan. 1 article titled "A Night Of Magic" click: HERE.(1/13)

Paul Zenon who says in a Guardian article that he "does three or four corporate events most weeks and picks up, on average, about £3,000 per time." Speaking of some of the problems in the business Zenon said, "You tend to come on at the end of the 15-minute comfort break… and as this has been preceded by a five-hour free bar there's an awful lot of people in need of comfort. So I've often had to start my act with everyone milling around, chatting to their mates and paying me absolutely no attention." To Read the Jan. 11 article titled "When humour is a serious business" click: HERE.(1/13)

Magic CastleChef Anton, Bruce Cervon, The Majestix, Brad Henderson, John George, Chipper Lowell, and Frank Thurston appear at the Magic Castle in Los Angeles on Jan. 13-19. Henry Evans lectures on Sunday Jan. 19.(1/13)

Criss Angel's new stunt is described in a Green Bay Press-Gazette, "[he] will be strapped and shackled into a straitjacket and hoisted 100 feet into the air next to the Miller Brewing Co. brewery. As he attempts to escape, historic film of Houdini, including images of his straitjacket stunt in 1920, will be projected on the exterior of the building." It will take place on Wednesday at 6:30pm. To read the Jan. 12 article by Kendra Meinert titled "Party with a Packer, a magician and a beer" click: HERE.(1/13)

Orlando Cuevas who teaches magic at the Dickinson High School is featured in a Jersey City Reporter article that quotes him about why high school students like magic, "There is poetry to magic… For these kids, there is also a sense of empowerment that builds self esteem. Don't you think the ability to do something others can't will make you feel better about yourself?" To read the Jan. 12 article by Donald M. Kelly titled "The sleight-of-hand man" click: HERE.(1/13)

David Cottrell who recently won an award from the Louisville Magic Club is featured in a Sentinel-News article that quotes him, "The fun in it is in making people laugh… more interested in having them laugh than sitting there wondering 'How did he do that?" To read the Jan. 10 article by Walt Reichert titled "Cottrell wins regional, international awards for magic" click: HERE.(1/13)

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-VOLUME: 61 / ISSUE: 1,838 Tuesday - January 14, 2003-
Showbiz Magazine coverThe Amazing Johnathan whose new show just opened at the Flamingo in Las Vegas is featured on the cover of this week's Showbiz Magazine. The article reported that "What makes the Amazing Johnathan's fast-paced, high-energy show so outrageous is the maniacal special-effects magic, sleight-of-hand tricks and phenomenal illusions." The feature closes with, "The crazy magician is one act not to be missed—if you're not faint of heart, that is." To read the Jan. 11-17 article by Carla Zvosec titled "Afraid of the Dark" click: HERE.(1/14)

The Amazing Kreskin's TV commercial for the AFLAC insurance company titled "Hypno Duck" was rated as the "Week's Most Remembered Spot" during the week of Dec. 23-Jan. 5 according to the Intermedia Advertising Group.(1/14)

SOUTH CAROLINA: Fukai & Kimika, Joe Mogar, Steve Beam, Glenn Strange, Dan Sperry, Trixie Bond, Joe Lefler, Tom Craven, John Bairefoot, Tony Tores, Dave Tanner, Tim Sonefelt, Scott Francis, Robert Moreland, George Jones, Christian Thee, and Patrick Moran headline at the 8th Annual South Carolina Association of Magicians (SCAM) convention. The event which is being sponsored this year by IBM Ring #105 takes place on Jan. 17-18 at the Holiday Inn Coliseum in Columbia. For more information click: HERE.(1/14)

Marc Salem's show at the Sydney Opera House in Australia which is about to sell out it's run was featured in a Sydney Morning Herald article that gave a brief biography of his career and a description of him divining the thoughts of the columnist over the phone. To read the Jan. 3 article by Catherine Keenan titled "Salem's lot" click: HERE.(1/14)

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-VOLUME: 61 / ISSUE: 1,839 Wednesday - January 15, 2003-
Criss Angel's stunt, today in Milwaukee, to promote "Miller Lite's new look and attitude" is being called a "Salute to Houdini" in a company press release that quotes Angel, "It's truly exciting to be performing one of Houdini's most famous stunts in Milwaukee, the city where he last performed the strait jacket stunt 80 years ago and with a company that was born in Milwaukee." To read the Jan. 14 press release titled "World Famous Illusionist Criss Angel to Attempt Death-Defying Stunt High Atop Miller Brewing Company" click: HERE.(1/15)

Tom MullicaTom Mullica will be presenting his Red Skelton Tribute show on Jan. 17-19 at the Mission Theatre in Fallbrook, CA. For tickets phone: 760-731-2278.(1/15)

"Geoffrey Durham's Little Miracles" runs on Jan. 16-17 at 7:45pm at The Queen Mother Theatre in Hertfordshire, England. Tickets are  £10-12 per person and are available by phoning: 01462 455166.(1/15)

OHIO: The 2003 Akron Magic Banquet takes place on Saturday Jan. 18 at 5pm at the Tangier Restaurant & Cabaret. Performers scheduled are: Trent Rapp, Tony Scheibelhoffer, Bob Marquis, Chuck Smith, Paul Burdick, John Steven Bloom and possibly Michael Oddo. For more information and registration phone: 866-572-5666 or click: HERE.(1/15)

Jerry Burgess who is a doctor in Kentucky and also a magician is featured in a  Baptist Press article that reports, "Burgess has combined evangelistic preaching with illusions such as levitation, hidden coins and even "nails" through his arm as a means to spread the gospel." To read the Jan. 14 article by Jason Reagan titled "Hometown doctor doubles as an illusionist & evangelist" click: HERE.(1/15)

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-VOLUME: 61 / ISSUE: 1,840 Thursday - January 16, 2003-
Penn & Teller are featured in a Scripps Howard article that looks at their career and how each of them grew up interested in magic. We find out that "Teller got interested in magic when he was 5, and confined to bed with a heart ailment: 'I sent away for a Howdy Doody magic set.''' Teller also discussed what makes their partnership work, "We absolutely trust each other. He's the executor of my will. I'm the executor of his will. We never, ever, ever discuss anything to do with money between us. Everything is straight down the middle and that's that.'' There is also mention of their upcoming series on Showtime TV. To read the Jan. 15 article titled "Penn & Teller -- Easy to appreciate, hard to define" supplied by Infoseek and YellowBrix click: HERE.(1/16)

Le Grand David and his own Spectacular Magic CompanyCesareo Pelaez who founded the ''Le Grand David and his own Spectacular Magic Company'' in Beverly, MA is mentioned in a Boston Globe article that reported "Today, Pelaez will receive the Masters Fellowship Award from the Academy of Magical Arts in a ceremony on the final day of the World Magic Seminar at the Riviera Hotel in Las Vegas." Also receiving an award is "Rick Heath, one of the original company members, who will receive a Special Fellowship Award for his stage design and artwork." To read the Jan. 15 article by Carol Beggy & Al Young titled "Spacey screens his latest film; magician receives his latest award" click: HERE.(1/16)

Gary Bach and Kolene Reynolds present a "Slim & Trim Hypnosis Weight Loss Seminar" on Saturday Jan. 18 at 3:30pm at the Burbon Street Showroom in Las Vegas. It is reported that "The two plan to make the seminar into a fun event filled with a mini magic show and stage hypnosis demonstration." Admission is $49.99 and reservations can be made by phoning: 702-693-1309.(1/16)

Harry LorayneA report from the World Magic Seminar in Las Vegas appeared in a Las Vegas Review-Journal article that recounted a funny moment with Siegfried and Darren Romeo a the Amazing Johnathan Roast. Also mentioned was Harry Lorayne who was there to receive an award from the Academy of Magical Arts. To read the Jan. 15 article by Norm titled "Local celebrity could be among participants in new reality show" click: HERE.(1/16)

Criss Angel who escaped "…in record time from a straitjacket while hanging from a crane upside-down more than 100 feet in the air over Miller Brewing Company" today was said to have broken "…an 80-year old record held by Wisconsin native Harry Houdini." To read the Jan. 15 press release titled "Master Escape Artist Criss Angel Frees Himself from Straitjacket In Record Time: Breaks Houdini's 80-Year Mark" click: HERE.(1/16)

Criss Angel's stunt is the subject of an Associated Press article that reported "Some marketing experts think the stunt could be a tragic disaster. 'If, God forbid, something goes wrong and the magician takes a swan dive through the roof of headquarters and right into the brand manager's office, the project is probably doomed, too.'" To read the Jan. 15 article by Paul Tharp titled "Dangerous Magic Act Could Leave Miller Beer Feeling Flat" click: HERE.(1/16)

Arthur Silknitter Jr. who performs as "Amazing Arthur" is featured in a Bellevue Leader article that reported "Silknitter specializes in what he described 'family entertainment,' a mixture of stand-up comedy, magic, juggling, yo-yo tricks and balloon sculptures. He also learned hypnotism during college, a skill that has proved valuable the last couple years as more groups request that as part of his act." To read the Jan. 14 article by Jason Keese titled "Life's a stage for Amazing Arthur Silknitter Jr., man of magic" click: HERE.(1/16)

Raymond Amendolare and Capt. P.B. Stetser start the Valley Magician Club to teach magic to "anyone from age 10 through adult who is interested in learning the art of magic, illusions and slight-of-hand tricks." The Herkimer Evening Telegram reported that "Along with a hands-on approach to the concept of magic, short business meetings at the start of each session and continued instruction for all, Amendolare said the goal of the club is to keep meetings going strong." To read the Jan. 15 article by Chick Perry titled "Valley Magician Club forms" click: HERE.(1/16)

The School of Wizardry continues to get press in the British press. An Express & Star article reported that "Twenty people, mostly adults, had travelled from Bridgnorth, Perton, Codsall, Stourbridge and Sedgley to enrol for the class. It proved so popular that all places were filled in days and a further three classes have been arranged." To read the Jan. 15 article by Katherine Finney titled "That's magic! Trick school wows pupils" click: HERE.(1/16)

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-VOLUME: 61 / ISSUE: 1,841 Friday - January 17, 2003-
Texas HighwaysThe magicians of Texas are featured in the February issue of Texas Highways. Scott Wells' levitation of president Bush, and Walter "Zaney" Blaney are highlighted in the story that reported "Throughout the state, prestidigitators astonish audiences by pulling rabbits out of top hats, sawing live humans in half, and magically reassembling chopped-up neckties. They swap secrets in magic clubs, sell magic paraphernalia, and instruct youngsters in the art of legerdemain." Also mentioned is the Annual TAOM convention and a page is dedicated to all of the magic resources available to the magicians of Texas. To read the Jan. 16 articles by Gene Fowler titled "Now You See It: Texas Masters of Illusion" click: HERE.(1/17)

Le Grand David and his own Spectacular Magic Company begin their 2003 season on Sunday Jan. 19 with shows every Sunday at 3pm through April 20 at the Cabot St. Cinema Theatre in Beverly, Massachusetts. On Feb. 20 the show, which is the longest running resident stage magic production in history, will celebrate its 26th anniversary. Tickets are $12-$18 per person and are available by phoning: 978-927-3677.(1/17)

Nick Lewin is back in Las Vegas at Catch a Rising Star and the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported that he is back at "…the club where his droll British comedy first drew a local following at Bally's in the early '90s." To read the Jan. 16 article by Mike Weatherford titled "Magician Lewin back in port" click: HERE.(1/17)

Monday Night MagicMichael Chaut, Master Lee, John Graham, Todd Robbins, Asi Wind, Jamy Ian Swiss, and Frank Brents headline at Monday Night Magic on Jan. 20 at 8pm in NYC. For tickets phone Ticketmaster at: 212-307-4100. For more information click: HERE.(1/17)

Gordon Barry who performed as "The Amazing, Amusing Gordini" as was just named president of the AARP Assabet Valley Chapter No. 3854 is profiled in the Hudson Sun. When mention of the possible presidency, Barry said, "That's nice… but I'm blind and it doesn't seem appropriate." The article reported that "Since the time he became legally blind, Barry had to give up 99 percent of all the card tricks that he had loved to do as Gordini… However, in spite of the fact that he could not perform many of his tricks, the condition has not affected his signature trick the vanishing necklace or the trick he does most often, making money multiply to one million dollars." Performing at the inauguration was Parker Swan. To read the Jan. 16 article by Mary Wenzel titled "New president brings magic to AARP group" click: HERE.(1/17)

Paul Devenport who is a golf pro and magician is featured in a New Zealand Herald article that reported that "At 21, he saw a magician in action, worked out one of his tricks, and so started a sideline in sorcery. He always carries a deck of cards in his golf bag, along with other props such as a cigarette lighter and rubber bands. They don't often come out during professional tournaments - not unless Devenport knows his playing partners really well." To read the Jan. 17 article by Chris Rattue titled "Golf: Devenport has a bag of unusual tricks" click: HERE.(1/17)

Paul Krendl who appears at The Chincoteague Center is profiled in a Chincoteague Beacon article that reported "Krendl will feature never-seen-before illusions and his new sidekick, a dog named Hercules." To read the Jan. 16 article titled "Magician Krendl to appear at Center tomorrow, Saturday" click: HERE.(1/17)

Brock Edwards who performed at the Castaic Elementary School is mentioned in an article in The Signal.To read the Jan. 16 article by Patti Rasmussen titled "A Kind of Magic" click: HERE.(1/17)

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