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Archives: Week Of January 6-12, 2003
-VOLUME: 61 / ISSUE: 1,832 Monday - January 6, 2003-

Monkey MagicThe new British television series, Monkey Magic, that features four wild magicians (Pete McCahon, Ali Cook, Pete Firman, and Jonathan Goodwin) who love to have fun is reviewed in the Daily Record where they warn, "Sunday nights will never be the same as four irreverent young magicians unleash their breathtaking sleight-of-hand skills on the world. Watch in amazement as Tufty, The Colonel, Papa and Monkey Boy perform their conjuring tricks on the baffled general public, on dumbfounded celebrities and even on each other." To read the Jan. 4 article titled "Monkey Magic five, 8.00pm" supplied by YellowBrix and Infoseek click: HERE.(1/6)

Murray Hatfield who produces the show "Magic 'n' Miracles" that will feature Ed Alonzo, Arden James, Dave Womach, and Murray Hatfield & Teresa, this week in Saskatoon, Canada is profiled in a Saskatoon Sun article that describes Hatfield's new illusion, "Suspended Animation. Hatfield is on stage while Teresa is locked inside a plexi-glass cabinet suspended five feet above the stage. In a flash, they switch positions." To read the Jan. 5 article by Jenny Gabruch titled "Magical moments" click: HERE.(1/6)

Andre Kole is featured in a Laredo Morning Times article that reported that he is "Considered to be one of the great magical entertainers of our time, Andre Kole has performed in 78 countries of the world for millions of people. In addition, he has appeared on national television in over 40 countries." Kole is quoted, "As an illusionist, I do not waste m time trying to accomplish that which is possible, but rather I concentrate on that which is impossible." To read the Jan. 4 article titled "Magic show set for Civic Center" click: HERE.(1/6)

Magic CastleDanny Cole, Christopher Hart, Jay Scott Berry, Barrie Richardson, Bruce Gold, Jason Byrne, Daniel Garcia, and Jim Skaggs appear at the Magic Castle in Los Angeles on Jan. 6-12. Barrie Richardson lectures on Sunday Jan. 12.(1/6)

Adam Grace who has a part in the new gambling/magic movie "Shade" is profiled in the Daily Journal. Grace explained his role, "My character's name is Chip. I am a young magician at the Magic Castle in Hollywood… I walk up to Hal Holbrook who is the 'Professor,' and I go to show him a card trick. He basically starts yelling at me about how bad I am. …It's a small part in a movie, but hopefully it leads to bigger things." To read the Jan. 3 article by Scott Morris titled "THS graduate dealing cards with the stars Adam Grace plays a magician in 'Shade.'" Click: HERE.(1/6)

Jitender Singh Babbar who debuts his show at the Tagore Theatre in Delhi on Jan. 5 is featured in a Tribune article that described how he made the decision to become a professional magician. To read the Jan. 3 article titled "Magician to perform in Patiala" click: HERE.(1/6)

Jatinder Singh Babbar is profiled in an Express India article that quotes him "Babbar said that magic was a fine art and a blend of tricks, science, yog sadhna and hypnotism. Practice was the key word in magic performances, he added. …He said that he had about 5,000 magic items to keep his audiences engrossed for hours together. He had also started manufacture of items used in presenting magic shows, and these were available in a wide range, from Rs 1 to Rs 5 lakh." To read the Jan. 4 article by Yogindra Mohan titled "Magician promises to take you on a roller-coaster ride today" click: HERE.(1/6)

Gerald Morter who recently produced a magic show to raise money for charity is profiled in the Norwich Evening News. The article looks at how he became a magician and and continued to perform for 50 years. To read the Jan. 4 article titled "Magic moments" click: HERE.(1/6)

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-VOLUME: 61 / ISSUE: 1,833 Tuesday - January 7, 2003-
Mark Salem's Mind GamesMarc Salem's "Mind Games" which opened this week at the Playhouse, Sydney Opera House in Australia has already begun getting some good press with an article in the Sydney Morning Herald giving it four stars and The Australian calling Salem a "Thinking person's showman." The theater describes the show as, "The amazing Marc Salem takes his audience on a captivating excursion into the possibilities of the human mind through a series of hilarious, astounding and completely mystifying Mind Games. Using psychological techniques, a sharp eye and a quick wit, Salem interacts with the audience to unlock their minds, and encourages them to figure out how he does it." The show will run through Jan. 19. For tickets and reservations click: HERE.(1/7)

A special show to raise money for the Bobbi Peters Commemorative Fund will be held on Jan. 8 at 1am at the World Magic Seminar convention held at the Rivera Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. Performers will include many of the celebrity magicians who live in Vegas or will be attending the convention. Ms. Peters was a member of The Arlingtons and died in a tragic car accident last month. For tickets and donation information click: HERE.(1/7)

The new TV series "Monkey Magic" in the UK is reviewed in London Evening Standard where the show is said to have "…captivated their audiences with wit, skill and intelligence." The format of the show was "…sped by with the speed and energy of an MTV video, accompanied by an eclectic soundtrack that ranged from Vivaldi to Oasis." To read the Jan. 6 article titled "Turning Four into Five" supplied by Infoseek and YellowBrix click: HERE.(1/7)

Jamy Ian Swiss' Magic: Close-up in Concert"Magic: Close-up in Concert" starring Jamy Ian Swiss begins it's run at the Rainbow Room in New York City on Jan. 8 after a one-month hiatus. A recent review in On & Off magazine described the show as, "Swiss' weapons of mystery are coins, cups, balls and wonderful comic timing. While regaling the audience with medieval magic facts (a feat in itself) coins spin out of the air, balls mysteriously breed under the silver cups that hide them and the cards practically deal themselves." The show will be presented every Wednesday night at 7pm and 9pm. To purchase tickets on line click: HERE.(1/7)

Dirk Arthur who is taping a television special for the Animal Channel titled "The Cat Whisperer" is mentioned in a Las Vegas Review-Journal article that reported the "shoot began Sunday, featuring Arthur and his cats -- black leopards and tigers of the white and orange striped and snow-white variety -- at home." To read the Jan. 6 article by Carol Cling titled "'Fear' becomes a factor at south end of Strip" click: HERE.(1/7)

Ian Keable does a radio show titled "Men Of Mystery" on Jan. 7 at 11:30am on Radio 4 in the UK. A London Observer article reported that he will talk about "the careers of men who became famous for apparently reading minds." Scheduled to be mentioned are Joseph Dunninger, Piddingtons, Chan Canasta, Uri Geller, and Marc Salem. To read the Jan. 5 article titled "Otv: Radio: Preview: Pick Of The Week" supplied by Infoseek and YellowBrix click: HERE.(1/7)

Jason Michaels who just finished a stint with Brett Daniels in Shanghai will be appearing at the Murfreesboro's Center for the Arts in Tennessee on Jan. 9-11. An article in The Tennessean reported that "…the 27-year-old Michaels, Las Vegas dancer Jen Alexander and Nashville magician-comedian Rick Green will present The Magic World of Jason Michaels at the Center for the Arts" To read the Jan. 3 article by Tim Ghianni titled "Get out tonight: The Magic of Michaels" click: HERE.(1/7)

Jatinder Singh Babbar does a blindfold drive on a scooter through the streets of Patiala, India to promote his new show. An Express India article reported that "While performing this feat for the first time in this state, the magician started from the local Tagore Theatre and rode through the quite busy and populated areas including Bhupindra Road, 22 Number Railway Phatak crossing and Fountain Chowk before returning to the starting point, where he was received by the managing director of the Tagore Theatre Harjinder Singh." To read the Jan. 5 article by Jagdeep Chopra titled "There is no stopping 'blind' Babbar's scooter" click: HERE.(1/7)

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-VOLUME: 61 / ISSUE: 1,834 Wednesday - January 8, 2003-
Maritess Zurbano"Girliemagic, the Life of a Professional Female Magician" is a biographical illusion show by Maritess Zurbano which will take place on Jan. 8-10 at 7pm at The Kraine Theater (85 East 4th St) in New York City. Zurbano explained, "People should come to see a story that has never been told before on stage, ever… I'm one of 15 professional female magicians in the United States, and am uniquely qualified to introduce the audience to the secret world of magic and Las Vegas." The show originally debut in September 2002 and is currently scheduled for another run in May. Tickets are $14-$16 per person and are available by phoning: 212-946-6502.(1/8)

Penn & Teller will be playing themselves on "The Bernie Mac Show" which will air next month on FOX-TV. A Variety article reported that they "will play themselves in an episode titled "Magic Jordan." That episode revolves around Bernie's nephew Jordan (Jeremy Suarez), who develops an interest in magic, much to his uncle's chagrin." To read the Jan. 7 article by Michael Schneider titled "Snipes Has Big 'Mac' Attack" click: HERE.(1/8)

Landon Swank who was inspired to become a magician when Harry Blackstone Jr. used him during a show at the age of seven is featured with his own show in a Frontiersman article. Swank is quoted, "Everything I do is self-taught… I had never even met another magician until two or three months ago, when I got to meet a gentleman from Anchorage. I stay in contact with him now, but other than that, I've picked everything up as I've gone." To read the Jan. 6 article by Casey Ressler titled "An ace at 18" click: HERE.(1/8)

Victor & Diamond who just opened with their show "The Soul of Magic" at the Bourbon Street Casino in Las Vegas are featured in a Showbiz Weekly article that describes them as, "The beautifully costumed couple moves gracefully together in gently choreographed unison as Victor turns an egg into a parakeet, into a feather, into two parakeets and finally into a hat. Victor's warm rapport with the audience creates a comfortable environment that allows the magician to take them by surprise as he defies reality with clever close-up magic. To read the Jan. 4-10 article by Hilary L. Green titled "Magic With Style" click: HERE.(1/8)

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-VOLUME: 61 / ISSUE: 1,835 Thursday - January 9, 2003-

Criss AngelCriss Angel whose show "Mindfreak" completed a 13 1/2 month run on Jan. 6 with around 600 performances is back in the news. The National Enquirer's Jan. 14 issue refers to his Submerged stunt, "as one of the most incredible stunts of all time." On Jan. 7 he was on the cover of the New York Sun and the big news is that he is just about to sign with the William Morris Agency, where VP's Susan Weaving and Ken Dicamillo will be representing him in all forms of entertainment: Concerts, Television, Commercial, Books, Merchandise, Licensing, etc. He has also signed a deal to become Miller Lite's spokesperson.(1/9)

Criss Angel's next stunt is featured in a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel article that reported he "will emulate Harry Houdini's midair straitjacket escape Wednesday [Jan. 15] as part of a free, public block party hosted by Miller Brewing Co… Angel's appearance is part of a publicity binge tied to the unveiling of a new label for Miller Lite." To read the Jan. 8 article by James Auer titled "Magician visits Milwaukee to re-create Houdini escape" click: HERE.(1/9)

The ConjurorDavid Ben's "The Conjuror" which appeared at the Isabel Bader Theatre in Totonto, Canada is reviewed in a Toronto Town Crier article that described several of the routines presented. The article closed with: "I loved this performance, and if I have the chance to see it again I will. Ben included the audience in many of the acts, which became exciting. Some of the tricks are still in my mind, as I am trying to figure the acts out! It’s truly an incredible scene to see." To read the Jan. 7 article by Denna Berg titled "Taking a look at the The Conjuror" click: HERE.(1/9)

Vince Evans who is called "one of the busiest and best jazz pianists in town" is featured in a Washington Post article that reported "wait 'til he takes a break, then go up to him and ask him if he's brought his deck of cards. Then beg him to astonish you." Evans, who is also a close-up magician is quoted, "Magic brings everybody to one denomination… No matter how old or what religion or what race or any of that. People see things appear out of nowhere and it's a friggin' miracle! Great magic they'll remember to their graves. That's an amazing impact to have on people." To read the Jan. 3 article by Eric Brace titled "A Wizard At the Keyboard" click: HERE.(1/9)

The 4th annual TSD (The Second Deal) convention is scheduled for Mar. 21-23 where the theme will be "a tribute to Ed Marlo." Many of Marlo's friends are scheduled to attend and reminisce. Expected to attend are: Kevin Kelly, Don England, Dave Solomon, Steve Draun, Simon Aronson, John Bannon, Allan Ackerman, Jon Racherbaumer, and Bill Malone. For more information click: HERE.(1/9)

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-VOLUME: 61 / ISSUE: 1,836 Friday - January 10, 2003-
World Magic SeminarNEVADA: One of the highlights of the World Magic Seminar has been the "International Stage Competition" where the audience votes for the winners. Competing this year are: Derek Selinger (Canada), Lee Eun-Gyeol (Korea), Jason Lattimer (US), Keiko Muto (Japan), Versini (Italy), Lorenzo Clark (US), John Shryrock & Co. (US) and Stephan Vanel (France). Winners receive large cash prizes and awards from Siegfried & Roy. Among the many extra events scheduled for this year's event is a special award ceremony where the Magic Castle and the Academy of Magical Arts will present their fellowship and magicians of the year awards. The convention takes place on Jan. 12-15 in Las Vegas. For more information click: HERE.(1/10)

David Blaine will be appearing in a Coca-Cola TV commercial later this year according to an Adweek article. To read the Jan. 9 article by Kathleen Sampey titled "Stars Shine in Coke Campaign" click: HERE.(1/10)

Michael GrandinettiMichael Grandinetti successfully predicted the headlines of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette on Jan. 6 on the "JohnDaveBubbaShelley" Morning Radio Show  (B94 - WBZZ-FM). He sent them the prediction three weeks in advance – when it was opened live on the show the prediction stated that "The Steelers score 22 points in the 4th quarter to defeat Cleveland, 36-33, and advance to face Tennessee in the next round of the playoffs." Grandinetti said after the event, "Growing up in Pittsburgh, it was a thrill to come back and make this exciting prediction involving the NFL Playoffs. This was just the first step in an even larger project that we are now working on."(1/10)

Travis Sims who performs every Tuesday at an Indiana restaurant is featured in a Seymour Daily Tribune article that reported "Sims, of Bedford, turns Tumbleweed customers into magic-loving friends when he interacts with them and allows them to assist in his performance of magic tricks at their tables." To read the Jan. 9 article by Cheyenne Hackman titled "A magical treat while you eat" click: HERE.(1/10)

Jim Snack who presented a seminar at the Fulton Montgomery Community College is featured in a Capital News article that reported "Snack is a trained magician who's traded in his hat and rabbit for an empty stage. He crafts his words to provide inspiration to a very impressionable young crowd. Snack said, 'When I pulled those chairs out from underneath those four students, and that's really about building support systems in your life. You saw how the students reacted to that.'" To read the Jan. 9 article by Jessica Schneider titled "Students consider Choices" click: HERE.(1/10)

John Milner and Tracie Hughes' House of Magic in Stourbridge, England is featured in a Birmingham Evening Mail article that reported about their recently opened magic school. To read the Jan. 9 article titled "A wizard idea!" supplied by Infoseek and YellowBrix click: HERE.(1/10)

NEW YORK: Scott Hollingsworth will lecture for SAM #35 in Poughkeepsie, NY on Jan. 14 at 7:30pm. Hollingsworth will also give a workshop on Jan. 13 at 6pm. For more information phone: 845-473-8059.(1/10)

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