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Archives: Week Of December 30, 2002 - January 5, 2003
-VOLUME: 60 / ISSUE: 1,827 Monday - December 30, 2002-

Mysterious StrangerDavid Blaine's book "Mysterious Stranger" is reviewed in the London Mail on Sunday where the writer looks at a lot more that just the book. Speculating on what makes Blaine special he wrote, "Blaine pioneered an entirely new way of presenting magic on television: with no razzledazzle, no fancy dress, no apparatus and a minimum of patter, he would simply sidle up to people on the streets and, filmed by a handheld camera, start performing the most brilliant tricks… His greatest innovation, though, was to concentrate on the reactions of those he tricked… Until Blaine came along, magicians had hardly bothered to take their audiences into account, beyond depicting them as dupes and dunderheads. But Blaine realised that it is the amazement of the participant which makes magic so special." The book is said to be "…highly enjoyable, beautifully designed, and with lots of engrossing marginalia." To read the Dec. 29 review titled "Street wiser" supplied by Infoseek and Yellowbrix click: HERE.(12/30)
--To buy a copy click: HERE.

Steve Cohen's Chamber Magic at The Waldorf Towers which has been selling out since returning from London has just been extended indefinitely at the venue in New York City. For more information and tickets click: HERE.(12/30)

The ten best Vegas shows of 2002 are listed in a Las Vegas Review-Journal article where the columnist listed Penn & Teller at number six, Mac King and number nine, and the defunct Caesars Magical Empire at number ten. To read the Dec. 29 article by Mike Weatherford titled "Flamingo has the real thing with Gladys Knight as headliner" click: HERE.(12/30)

The Pendragons, Aldo Colombini, Scott Tokar, Monte Smith, Jason Latimer, and Monique appear at the Magic Castle in Los Angeles on Dec. 30-Jan. 5. Jim  Spencer & Shirley Lorraine lecture on Sunday Jan. 5.(12/30)

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-VOLUME: 60 / ISSUE: 1,828 Tuesday - December 31, 2002-

Richard Potter who was one of the first, if not the first, American born magician is profiled on the Concord Monitor where they visit Potter Place village in Andover New Hampshire, which was named after him. Potter is described as, "a 19th century magician and ventriloquist. Potter was one of the most popular performers of his age, entrancing crowds across the country with his mastery of the 'black arts.'" The article continues, "In 1814, he and his wife, Sally, built a mansion in the area. The couple hosted lavish parties at which Potter would entertain his guests with his voice-throwing skills. His repertoire also included such feats as dancing on a pile of eggs without cracking a single shell. The magician died in 1835." To read the Dec. 30 article titled "Our town - Potter Place, Andover" click: HERE.(12/31)

World Magic SeminarThe 26th annual "World Magic Seminar" has announced some additions to their lineup with a special Aaron Fisher and Lee Asher "Bad Boys from the Underground" lecture/show, a performance by Denny Haney, a rare Harry Lorayne lecture and a special show with Bruce Gold, Tom Burgoon and Losander. The convention will be held at the Riviera Hotel & Casino on Jan. 12-15, 2003. For more information click: HERE.(12/31)

An interesting quote by Steven Spielberg, in The Age, about why he decided to direct Catch Me if You Can, "I was simply looking for something that had a lot of energy and forward motion, almost like watching a magician perform close-up magic, sleight of hand." To read the Dec. 31 article by Lewis Beale titled "Spielberg lightens up for a caper film" click: HERE.(12/31)

Lance Burton is scheduled to appear on "America's Party: Live From Las Vegas" on FOX-TV on New Year's Eve, Dirk Arthur is taping an Animal Planet TV Special tentatively titled "The Cat Whisperer" and Siegfried & Roy will be interviewed on a special for Fuji-TV that will air in February in Japan. To read the Dec. 30 Las Vegas Review-Journal article by Carol Cling titled "Venetian home to New Year's special" click: HERE.(12/31)

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-VOLUME: 61 / ISSUE: 1,829 Wednesday - January 1, 2003-

The Amazing KreskinThe Amazing Kreskin is interviewed on CNN where makes some predictions for 2003 and beyond. Some of Kreskin's predictions were that Rudolph Giuliani will be president in 2008, Martha Stewart will become a folk hero, Joe Torre will retire, and Michael Jackson will "emerge in some months in an attempt to do stage magic. Mind you, I mean the art of the professional stage magician." To read a transcript of the Dec. 31  interview titled "Kreskin predicts 2003 headlines" click: HERE.(1/1)

Manohara Rao who is a police officer and magician in Vijayawada, India is profiled in a Newindpress article that quotes him, "I learned magic on my own as I could not get a teacher and still I am learning." His magic is described as "The cop is a specialist in magic with sticks due to which the word 'stick' has stuck to his name. He is often known as 'Stick Manohar'. Even the legendary P.C. Sorcar was so impressed by the stick show that he organised a special show by Manohar in Howrah recently." A three card monte routine was also recently marketed for magicians by Sam Dalal. To read the Dec. 31 article titled "Cop who waves a magic wand" click: HERE.(1/1)

André KoleAndré Kole begins touring his full-evening illusion show with a message in the United States this month with stops in Arizona, Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Missouri. You can see him at the First Baptist Church in Mesa, AZ (Jan. 3-4 – Phone: 480-981-9684), First Assembly in Sedona, AZ (Jan. 5 - 928-282-7463), First United Methodist Church in Mesa, AZ (Jan. 7 - 602-448-7690), Grace Bible Church in Loredo, TX (Jan. 10 - 956-764-3202), Baylor University in Waco, TX (Jan. 15 - 254-710-4276), Hill Country Bible Church in Georgetown, TX (Jan. 17-18 - 512-331-8003), Cypress Bible Church in Cypress, TX (Jan. 19 - 281-469-6063), Larry Hall in Richardson, TX (Jan. 20 - 972-619-7071), Meadowood Baptist Church in Oklahoma City, OK (Jan. 22 - 405-737-7684), Comm. Bible Church in Russelville, AR (Jan. 24 - 479-968-7072) and the SW Missouri State in Springfield, MO (Jan. 25).(1/1)

Ross MacKay who was recently awarded Scottish Young Magician of the Year is profiled in The Courier News. To read the Dec. 31 article titled "Teenager Enjoying Magical Moments" click: HERE.(1/1)

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-VOLUME: 61 / ISSUE: 1,830 Thursday - January 2, 2003-

Steve CohenSteve Cohen's Chamber Magic is the subject of and article in this week's Village Voice, which explained how he uses the gig as a showcase, "His success scheme is equally clever. Although his $52-a-seat Friday-night shows almost always sell out, Chamber Magic is not the main source of Cohen's awe-inspiring income. Instead, he uses the Waldorf gigs to expose himself to connections for potential, higher-paying events. Clients who met him through Chamber Magic include Phil Donahue, Soupy Sales, and Al Hirschfeld." To read the Jan. 1 article by Shana Liebman titled "Grand illusions: magician Steve Cohen in his tricked-out Waldorf suite" click: HERE.(1/2)

Michael Grandinetti is scheduled to predict the newspaper headlines on Monday January 6 at 8am when he appears on WBZZ-FM (93.7)'s morning radio show with JohnDaveBubbaShelley. A Pittsburgh Post Gazette article quotes Grandinetti about what has to go into doing magic on radio, "You have to be very specific. You don't have a visual picture to go with it. You have to pick your words very carefully and do things people can easily visualize in their minds." To read the Jan. 1 article by Adrian McCoy titled "Illusionist says he'll predict the headlines for Monday" click: HERE.(1/2)

Bob Hyans who was a very talented New York City close-up magician that had several of his routines published in Apocalypse died on Monday Dec. 30. Funeral services will be held on Thursday Jan. 2 at 9:30am the Boulevard-Riverside Chapel (1895 Flatbush Ave.) in Brooklyn, NY.(1/2)

The Animal Channel's "The Pet Psychic," begins its second season on Monday Jan. 6 when Sonya the psychic visits Las Vegas and reads the minds of Steve August's Sulcata Tortoise and Maria "The SnakeBabe's" Argentine Boa. The appearance will give Steve and Maria a chance to discuss the care and responsibility of pet ownership.(1/2)

Carl Mercurio, Gary Dreifus, Carlos Sasso, Smoke 'n Clubs, and Rogue appear in "Evenings Of Wonder" on Saturday Jan. 4 at 9pm at the Rogue Magic Shop (85-08 Queens Blvd.) in Elmhurst, NY. For more information and reservations phone: 718-505- 0316.(1/2)

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-VOLUME: 61 / ISSUE: 1,831 Friday - January 3, 2003-
Joe HernandezJoe Hernandez will be featured on the Spanish speaking "Despierta America" which airs on the Univision television network worldwide. The show will be a biography that will focus on Hernandez being the founder and president of the "International Latin Music Hall Of Fame" and will feature him performing many of the routines he published in Harry Lorayne's Apocalypse as well as discussing his background in magic as a performer, promoter, producer and consultant. The show is expected to air in the next few weeks.(1/3)

Lance Burton presented his 3,000th performance of his "Master Magician" show at the Monte Carlo Resort & Casino in Las Vegas on Sunday Dec. 29, 2002 at 7pm.(1/3)

The Flicking Fingers"The Flicking Fingers" featuring Manuel Muerte, Gaston, Helge Thun, Ben Profane, Nicolai Friedrich, Thomas Fraps, Rainer Pfeiffer, and Pit Hartling will be traveling as a group for two very special events in Australia. The Fingers Festivals weekends take place on Apr. 12-13 in Melbourne and Apr. 19-20 in Sydney. The weekends will include their FISM Team-Lecture, solo lectures, close up and stage shows, and MagicSports. They will also be releasing a special DVD featuring many of their routines. For more information click: HERE.(1/3)

Gaetano Garofalo who is described as "…a retired airplane mechanic who creates props and helps develop illusions for his magician son -- also named Gaetano -- is mum about the tricks of his offspring's trade" is featured in the Boca Raton News. Garofalo explained, "I've built most of his props -- the Houdini trick, the vanishing birdcage and the levitation table." Garofalo (the son) is described as a "Brooklyn-born illusionist [who] has been working the Princess line for about five years, and previously for Carnival Cruises." To read the Jan. 2 article by Dale M. King titled "It takes more than just a wand to make magic" click: HERE.(1/3)

R.J. Lewis, The Great Throwdini, and Jeff Moche headline at Monday Night Magic on Jan. 6 at 8pm in NYC. For tickets phone Ticketmaster at: 212-307-4100. For more information click: HERE.(1/3)

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