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Archives: Week Of December 16-22, 2002
-VOLUME: 60 / ISSUE: 1,813 Monday - December 16, 2002

The Magic Pearl's"The Magic Pearl's" is the name of a new TV sitcom about three generations of magicians. The show will star Ed Alonzo, Johnny Thompson, Zachary Macdonald, and Carl Ballantine. Dennis Marks was just hired to do the last rewrite of the script, for the pilot episode and current plans are to tape the show in the early spring.(12/16)

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-VOLUME: 60 / ISSUE: 1,814 Tuesday - December 17, 2002

Penn & Teller"Penn & Teller: Bullshit!" is the title of a new television series which will debut on Jan. 24 on Showtime. A company press release about the show describes it as "an aggressive, irreverent expose of taboo topics using the duo's trademark humor, knowledge of carnival tricks and con-artistry, as well as hidden cameras and blatant confrontation. Each of the 13 half-hour episodes includes interviews and undercover segments intertwined with elements of Penn & Teller's non-traditional comedy routines." To read the Dec. 16 press release titled "SHOWTIME Presents the Controversial New Series PENN & TELLER: BULLSHIT! On Friday, January 24 at 11:00pm" click: HERE.(12/17)

The Arlingtons (Charles & Bobbi Peters) were involved in a fatal car accident on Dec. 4. Although Charles survived, his wife, Bobbi Peters (Nov. 6 1965- Dec. 4 2002) died. An informal gathering of friends will take place on Tuesday Dec. 17 at 4-6pm at Dalts Grill (3500 W. Olive) in Burbank and more formal gathering at the Magic Castle from 7-9pm.(12/17)

Patrick Watson is featured in a National Post article that ran in conjunction with the opening of David Ben's The Conjuror that was co-written and directed by Watson. The writer also describes a card routine Watson performed for him. To read the Dec. 16 article by Sharon Dunn titled "Couldn't you make the CBC disappear?" click: HERE.(12/17)

David Blaine will be making the first move in an exhibition Chess match between Garry Kasparov and Anatoly Karpov that is scheduled to begin on Dec. 19 at 4:30pm in New York City and to be broadcast live on the web in 3-D by X3D Technologies. Blaine is quoted in a company press release, "Chess taught me how to think ahead, which is key to the magic I do… I can't wait to see the match between these two great champions." To read the Dec. 16 press release titled "Magic Man David Blaine to Kick Off The '2002, X3D World Chess Match' Featuring World Champs Kasparov and Karpov" click: HERE.(12/17)

Philip Schwartz who recently retired from advertising has been dedicating a majority of his time to magic. A Miami Herald feature reported that "He's also hitting the lecture circuit -- not wearing his ad hat, but as a magic collector and historian… He's also toying with a return to the workforce -- as a trade-show magician, which would allow him to combine his gift for product presentation and marketing with his passion for magic." To read the Dec. 16 article by Mary E. Sutter titled "Adman Philip Schwartz turns to magic in retirement" click: HERE.(12/17)

Uri Geller has been learning how to play the spoons instead of bending them for an appearance on the Des O'Connor Tonight Christmas Special on Dec. 27 on ITV1 at 6.30pm in the United Kingdom. To read the Dec. 16 Torquay Herald Express article titled "...Don't Bend Them, Play Them, Des Tells Psychic In TV Show Challenge" click: HERE.(12/17)

David Ben's "The Conjuror" is reviewed in the National Post where Ben is described as "Still, even by my credulous standards, David Ben ranks very high among the elect or, alternatively, very low among the damned. Some of his feats unfold within the space of his own hand; others need the width of a whole stage. He is juggler, illusionist, apparent mind reader, and occasional escapologist. He is also a historian of his own craft." Unfortunately the reviewer wasn't happy with the whole package and closed off with "Half the show is, in the strict sense of the word, marvellous; the other half is dull. Choose." To read the Dec. 16 review by Robert Cushman titled "The magic can't possibly last" click: HERE.(12/17)

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-VOLUME: 60 / ISSUE: 1,815 Wednesday - December 18, 2002

Devlin will be starring in his own full-evening show "Magique" that is scheduled to open on Jan. 24 for an indefinite run at the 800-seat, Rain Forest Theatre, at Wyndhams resorts' Crystal Palace Casino in the Bahamas. Along with his new partner, Bronwyn, Devlin will be presenting highlights from his previous shows in Atlantic City and some never before seen illusions that he has been creating. Previous magicians who have appeared at the theater include: Richiardi, Jr, Dirk Arthur, and Joanie Spina. (12/18)

The Amazing Kreskin has been hired for a series of television ads for the Columbus AFLAC Insurance company. An Associated Press article reported that "Kreskin, a native of Montclair, N.J., has performed as a magician and hypnotist. Today, he bills himself as a mentalist who is able to predict world events… Kreskin started in the 1960s building a name with "The Kreskin Challenge," a promise to pay $50,000 to anyone who could prove the existence of a hypnotic trance." To read the Dec. 17 article titled "Georgia's largest insurer to use entertainer in commercials" click: HERE.(12/18)

Magic Crafters who produce snow for special events are in a Phoenix Business Journal article that quotes Ross Horwitz, "Originally performed by famed magician David Copperfield, we employ a stage illusion using a state-of-the-art theatrical technology to magically produce a realistic snowstorm anywhere." To read the Dec. 16 article titled "Firm's magic for clients is snow illusion" click: HERE.(12/18)

SOUTH CAROLINA: The 8th Annual South Carolina Association of Magicians (SCAM) convention has been scheduled for Jan. 17-18 in Columbia. Already booked are: Fukai, Joe Mogar, Steve Beam, Dan Sperry, Trixie Bond, Joe Lefler, Tom Craven, Tony Tores, Dave Tanner, Scott Francis, and Robert Moreland. The hotel's special room rate of $75 expires on Dec. 18. For more information click: HERE.(12/18)

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-VOLUME: 60 / ISSUE: 1,816 Thursday - December 19, 2002

David Blaine explained in a Yomiuri Shimbun article, "Through my magic I'm trying to find that heightened sense of awareness, where you live truthfully in a given moment." Blaine who is described as "…These stunts, along with mind-reading and sleights of hand, have made Blaine the most famous magician of his generation." Another observation made by the author is, "Blaine obsesses over women as much as he does magic. He will quote from great thinkers from memory, but the sight of a beautiful woman walking by can stop him cold right in the middle of a line from Albert Einstein or Hermann Hesse." The article also discusses his next stunt, but mentions that it will take place at the Brooklyn Bridge instead of the previously reported Thames River in London. To read the Dec. 19 article by David Paul Kuhn titled "Buried-alive Blaine makes Houdini's legacy his own" click: HERE.(12/19)

David Copperfield's appearance in Las Vegas over the holidays is the subject of a Showbiz Weekly feature that talks to Copperfield about technology and his new show, "An Intimate Evening of Grand Illusion." The article pointed out, "Technology is one of the few subjects Copperfield seems at ease discussing. …But offstage, try to turn the conversation to what he may have in development, or the particulars of a specific illusion, and a barrier as solid as the steel wall Copperfield walks through in 'Intimate Evening' springs up." To read the Dec. 15-21 article by Todd Peterson titled "Write When You Get There" click: HERE.(12/19)

Jonathan Levit, Dimmare, Rich Bloch, Barry Price, Len Reid, Woody Pittman, Dale Hindman, and Bill Perron appear at the Magic Castle in Los Angeles on Dec. 16-22.(12/16)

Aaron FisherAaron Fisher lecturing for the Society of American Magicians Parent Assembly on the occasion of their annual Willie Schneider Memorial Lecture on December 6, 2002 in New York City. (Photo: Magic Times). (12/19)

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-VOLUME: 60 / ISSUE: 1,817 Friday - December 20, 2002
René Lavand in Un Oso RojoRené Lavand makes an acting debut in the recently released Argentinean motion picture "Un Oso Rojo" (A Red Bear) which opened on Oct. 3, 2002. Lavand plays the Turk, a "crooked" man and bar owner who has control over police, gangsters, and gamblers. The movie has been getting very good reviews and Lavand is being singled out as a "good actor," "surprising," "important role in the film," and  "…very good performance, not exaggerating gestures, always measured and conserving for his roll as the latent enigma of a mysterious past where he lost his right hand." The movie was also screened at the 2002 Cannes Film Festival. For more information about the movie (in Spanish) click: HERE.(12/20)

HAWAII: Jeff McBride lectures and performs for a combined IBM and SAM group on Thursday Dec. 26 at 7pm at the Pearl City Elementary School. Admission is $20 per person and reservations can be made by contacting e-mailing:

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-VOLUME: 60 / ISSUE: 1,818 Saturday - December 21, 2002
David Blaine featured in a fast paced question and answer interview in The Guardian where he says that his greatest fear is himself, trait he dislikes in himself is dishonesty, trait he dislikes in others is insecurity, he owns a helicopter, his greatest love is his mother, the most overrated virtue is power, he believes in life after death, and when asked, "What is the most important lesson life has taught you?" Blaine responded, "Our greatest weakness is fear." To read the Dec. 21 article by Rosanna Greenstreet titled "Q&A: Magician David Blaine" click: HERE.(12/21)

The Amazing Johnathan's show at the Golden Nugget in Las Vegas closed on Sunday Dec. 15 after a long and very successful run that lasted around two years. On Jan. 18 he will open at the larger Flamingo Hilton showroom where he has signed for a one-year contract. Shows are scheduled nightly (except Thursdays) at 9:30pm. Tickets will range $45-$50 per person and will go on sale soon. As in the previous run, every week will feature a different guest appearance by a magician.(12/21)

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-VOLUME: 60 / ISSUE: 1,819 Sunday - December 22, 2002
Michael Wilson (son of famed Mark Wilson) who produces the New Shanghai Circus is quoted about the show in the Montreal Gazette. Wilson commented about how the tradition of circus acts began in China, "The skills were honed at village festivals. People would do tricks to encourage customers to buy their goods. Carpenters would have their children balance on top of their chairs and potters would spin their pots on the tips of their fingers." The article reported that Wilson has been touring the circus for 15 years and the way he came across them was, "Wilson grew up in a showbiz family and learned to appreciate Chinese circus arts while touring China with his magician father." To read the Dec. 21 article by Kathryn Greenaway titled "From three rings to no rings" click: HERE.(12/22)

The sequel to "Science Of Magic" which aired on the Discovery Channel in 1998 has been scheduled to air on Thursday February 13 at 10pm on the same channel. The new show is titled "More Science of Magic" and will feature Lance Burton who will also hostthe show. Also scheduled to perform is Criss Angel.(12/22)

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