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Archives: Week Of December 9-15, 2002
-VOLUME: 60 / ISSUE: 1,806 Monday - December 9, 2002

David CopperfieldDavid Copperfield collapsed on Sunday Dec. 8 during his second show at the Jubilee Auditorium in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. It seems that after doing three shows on Saturday he stayed up till 4:30am rehearsing and was exhausted on Sunday when he collapsed. He was immediately taken to the University of Alberta Hospital by ambulance where he underwent tests. Both the 4:30pm and 8pm shows on Sunday were cancelled. Phil Lobel, Copperfield's tour press agent, said that "Barring any further complications, Copperfield anticipates returning to his touring schedule tomorrow to sold-out shows in Saskatoon, SK." Lobel also commented, Copperfield maintains a physically demanding schedule of more than 500 shows, which clearly took its toll today."(12/9)

Muhammad Ali's impromptu performance at Gallagher’s Steak House in New York City is reported in the New York Post where he is asked why he exposes the magic after performing it. Ali explained, "You were deceived… And I am not here to deceive you. …The angels know… They record all your good and bad actions." To read the Dec. 8 article by Mike Vaccaro titled "Truly The Greatest Of All Time" click: HERE.(12/9)

David Copperfield's performance in Canada is reviewed in The Edmonton Journal where the reported was part of the disappearing illusion in the show, "It turns out I did disappear, along with several other audience members who joined me onstage. Instead of reappearing in Haifa, however, I reappeared at the back of the Jubilee Auditorium in an inferior seat." To read the Dec. 8 artilce by Todd Babiak titled "After touch of trepidation, disappearing was easy" click: HERE.(12/9)

A visit to Artie Kidwell's magic shop is reported in The Cincinnati Enquirer where a group of Chinese immigrants were taken. To read the Dec. 8 article by Howard Wilkinson titled "Cultures come together on holiday driving tour" click: HERE.(12/9)

Earl Nelson, Handsome Jack, Larry Wilson & Co., Rick Gerber, Taylor Hughes, David Zirbel, Joycee Beck appear at the Magic Castle in Los Angeles on Dec. 9-15.(12/9)

NEW YORK: Darwin Ortiz will present a lecture and book signing on Dec. 13 at 8pm at Michael Canick Booksellers, L.L.C. (200 East 82nd Street, #3B) in NYC. Admission at the door is $35 per person. For more information phone: 212-585-2990.(12/9)

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-VOLUME: 60 / ISSUE: 1,807 Tuesday - December 10, 2002

David Copperfield's mishap in the middle of his show at the Jubilee Auditorium in Edmonton, Canada on Sunday is reported all over the press. A CTV story reported that "He underwent tests in hospital and was released later in the day." Chris Kenner, the show's executive producer, explained in the Edmonton Journal that, "It's a pretty demanding tour physically… And he was up until 4:30 last night rehearsing a new trick… He's just exhausted." Copperfield was back in business on Monday with two shows at the Saskatoon Centennial Auditorium in Saskatoon. To read the Dec. 9 Edmonton Journal article by Bruce Edwards titled "Exhausted magician hospitalized" click: HERE.(12/10)
--To read the Dec. 9 Associated Press article titled "David Copperfield taken to hospital" click: HERE.(12/10)
--To read the Dec. 9 CTV News article titled "David Copperfield collapses in Edmonton" click: HERE.(12/10)
--To read the Dec. 9 CBC News story titled "David Copperfield collapses during Edmonton show" click: HERE.(12/10)

Todd Robbins' Sideshow School in Coney Island is reported in a New York Post article that quotes Robbins, "There are people who decide, 'I want to learn how to eat fire'… The last great sideshow generation is rapidly leaving us… We just kind of need to pass this on, to keep it going." To read the Dec. 9 article titled "Sideshow School! Step Right Up!" click: HERE.(12/10)

Tom Frank who ran the Carew Tower Magic Shop in Cincinnati, Ohio has moved to Seattle where he opened a new magic shop called Seattle Magic and it is located at 106 1st Avenue South. The store opened on November 29th at the historic Pioneer Square, around the corner from where Mickey Hades' magic shop used to be.(12/10)

Tim Balster who will present "Season's Greetings" at the Sidney's Cameo Theatre on Dec. 21 is featured in a Sidney Daily News article that reported "The Balsters have been thrilling audiences with their illusions for more than 10 years. They have performed on stages in performing arts centers, schools, colleges, cruise ships, fairs, trade shows and festivals and they have appeared on television. Their performances have taken them from Florida to Alaska and from California to Maine." To read the Dec. 9 article titled "'Season's Greetings' show offered at Cameo Dec. 21" click: HERE.(12/10)

David Copperfield's appearance at the Hult Center in Oregon last week is reviewed in the Oregon Daily Emerald where they describe his finale, "In retrospect, Copperfield's finale seems ludicrous. But he made it convincing, as only a veteran performer could. For one wonderful moment, we believed that he really was on that beach in Thailand." The rest of the review was less flattering. To read the Dec. 9 review by Peter Hallinan titled "Copperfield brings weak performance, tricks to Eugene" click: HERE.(12/10)


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-VOLUME: 60 / ISSUE: 1,808 Wednesday - December 11, 2002

David Ben is compared to Harry Potter in a Toronto Star article that coincides with the opening of his new show The Conjuror. The article points out, "The floppy hair, wide eyes, steel-rimmed glasses and flowing scarves both wizards share would indicate a certain physical kinship, but it's when you get down to discussing the philosophy of magic, that you realize how close the two are. "I want to restore the wonder and the mystery and the artistry of my chosen field," says the 41-year-old Ben, "which is what I think Harry is doing by going back and rediscovering the sources of magic in his world." To read the Dec. 9 article by Richard Ouzounian titled "Ben conjures up Harry" click: HERE.(12/11)

Arturo Brachetti who continues to tour through the US with his quick-change show is featured in the Pioneer Press where they give a brief biography and talk about the history of quick change acts, "Brachetti, who was born in Turin, practices a sort of stage magic that was perfected by fellow Italian Leopold Fregoli. Fregoli, who performed until 1922 and died in 1936, was popular as a mime, impersonator and quick-change artist who could do 60 costume changes in one evening." To read the Dec. 9 article by Dominic P. Papatola titled "Italian is master of arcane art form" click: HERE.(12/11)

David Blaine's contest to win $100,000 makes a New York Post gossip column that quoted one of the people searching, "The gold orb is under a rock on top of his mother's grave site. But I can't seem to find out where she is buried." The article also reports on David Copperfield's visit to the hospital on Sunday. To read the Dec. 10 Page Six article by Richard Johnson, Paula Froelich and Chris Wilson titled "Dead end for Guns N' Roses" click: HERE.(12/11)

David Copperfield's "comeback show" on Monday is reviewed in The StarPhoenix where they reported, "Copperfield didn't mention the setback at any point during his first of two performances here Monday night. It was show business as usual. And what a show it was." The review concluded, "Tired or not, this guy really is amazing." To read the Dec. 10 article by Cam Fuller titled "Copperfield casts spell over audience" click: HERE.(12/11)

A Leader-Post article reported that "Despite collapsing from exhaustion at his Edmonton show on the weekend, internationally renowned magician David Copperfield's five sellout shows in Regina are expected to go ahead." To read the Dec. 10 article titled "Regina shows a go despite Copperfield's exhaustion" click: HERE.(12/11)

Todd Robbins and Fred Kahl are featured in a Newsday story about the Sideshow School sponsored by Sideshows by the Seashore in Coney Island. Robbins warned, "Now a 12-year-old can think he has all the information he needs... . I'll get an e-mail from some kid who says he saw me eating glass on TV and now he's ready to do it. He asks what else he needs to know. My message to him is: 'Stop!' With all the risks, we want to instruct people in the proper way to do things. That's why we started the sideshow school." To read the Dec. 11 article by David Behrens titled "Sideshow School" click: HERE.(12/11)

NEW YORK: Tony Clark presents his "Power Lecture" on Sunday Dec. 15 at 7:00pm at the Magical Arts Center (578 Warburton Ave) in Hastings-On-Hudson. Admission is $20 per person. For more information phone: 914-478-2680 or e-mail:

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-VOLUME: 60 / ISSUE: 1,809 Thursday - December 12, 2002

David Copperfield is still under the weather according to a Leader-Post article that reported, "Following his doctor's advice, Copperfield has cancelled his 3 p.m. show at the Saskatchewan Centre of the Arts to get more rest. The 6 p.m. and 9 p.m. sell-out shows are scheduled to go ahead." To read the Dec. 11 article titled "Copperfield cancels" click: HERE.(12/12)

David Ben's "The Conjuror" is reviewed in the Toronto Star where he is called, "The man is magic; that's all you need to know." The show's official opening was on Tuesday at the Isabel Bader Theatre in Toronto where the reviewer commented "…it's probably the sleekest, smartest, most appealing family entertainment you'll find this holiday season." The rave review tried to explain one of the things that makes the show special, "His secret is to treat the children as adults and the adults as children; it works beautifully and it lets us all feel like we're an integral part of the experience." To read the Dec. 11 review by Richard Ouzounian titled "All ages, that's the trick Sleek, smart entertainment Hankerchief takes on a personality" click: HERE.(12/12)

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-VOLUME: 60 / ISSUE: 1,810 Friday - December 13, 2002

Jim SterankoJim Steranko and Michael Chabon who wrote the magic themed novel "The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay" are teaming up for a guest appearance on Saturday Dec. 14 at noon at Lee's Comics (1020F N. Rengstorff Ave) in Mountain View, California. A Mercury News article reported that "Chabon won the 2001 Pulitzer for 'The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay,' which incorporated a strong comic-book motif. Steranko, whose celebrity mystique is partially based on his deeds as a magician and escape artist, is regarded as a legendary illustrator for his comics work in the 1960s and early '70s." Although not mentioned in the article, Steranko is expected to debut his new limited edition book, "Steranko: Arte Noir," which is a comprehensive collection of his work. Steranko will also appear at the Los Angeles Comic Book Convention on the 15th. The article also mentions that "Chabon, who recently completed the screenplay for the next 'Spider-Man' movie, says Steranko's career influenced the development of the Joe Kavalier character as he was working on his novel." The day will feature a question and answer session, autograph signing and the first 500 fans to attend will receive a free magic themed print by Steranko. To read the Dec. 11 article by Mike Antonucci titled "Two dynamos join powers to meet the public" click: HERE.(12/13)

David Copperfield continues to get press during his Canadian tour. An article in The Province recapped the past week's events and wrote about his accomplishments and his current show. To read the Dec. 12 article by Stuart Derdeyn titled "Mr. Magic hits the wall" click: HERE.(12/13)

Pat Hazel will present a one-man show "The Wonder Bread Years" on Dec. 13 at The Monroe Arts Center in Wisconsin. A Monroe Times article observed that "The main characteristic of Hazell's work that continually receives notice is that his humor is clean and without the dark and insulting tone that imbues so much of today's humor." To read the Dec. 12 article titled "MAC to present nostalgia show" click: HERE.(12/13)

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-VOLUME: 60 / ISSUE: 1,811 Saturday - December 14, 2002

Richard Kaufman announced on Dec. 12 that he has decided to shut down the popular Genii Forum. Kaufman told his readers, "The more successful it has become, the more difficult it has been to monitor. So, with thanks to all of you who have participated in this experiment in a spontaneous electronic community, we sign off." The forum was launched in July 2001 and currently has around 2,000 members and countless readers. As we were going to press Kaufman informed us that Jon Racherbaumer has agreed to take over the forum, "With Jon Racherbaumer taking over the duties as the main overseer of the content, the Genii Forum will reopen immediately." It is currently back on the web. To visit the forum click: HERE.(12/14)

Jonathan Bayme is featured in a Moultrie News article about his recent sold-out shows. The article traces his interest in magic and how he pursued his career. Bayme is quoted, "Any success I've had is really due to a ton of hard work and support." Bayme's next show is on Jan. 4 at the Charleston Music Hall in South Carolina -- for tickets to the show phone: 800-514-ETIX. The Dec. 11 article by Sully Witte is titled "Teen Magician Performing To Sold Out Audiences."(12/14)

Bruce Amato who recently performed at the Kenwood Elementary school is featured in The Leaf-Chronicle where his show is described as, "His educational program, which he changes every year to fit specific issues on the academic stage, uses magic to reinforce the six pillars of character, including remaining balanced in life and doing your best by having a good attitude and putting forth effort." To read the Dec. 13 article by Cameron Collins titled "Magician's act helps make student insecurities disappear" click: HERE.(12/14)

Stew McKinley is quoted in The Californian "Making people happy is the greatest thing in the world… I don't trick people with my magic, I entertain them. They always come back for more." McKinley also talks about his magic and career. To read the Dec. 13 article by Candice Reed titled "Lake Elsinore man practices ancient art of magic" click: HERE.(12/14)

Ray Blum who teaches mathematical magic to school kids and teachers is featured in a Fitchburg Star article that quotes him, "What I've tried to do is make the tricks more accessible to students and their teachers… I’ve found that teachers were looking for ways to supplement their math curriculum and make it more exciting and fun." To read the Dec. 13 article by Johanna Henderson titled "'Professor Numbers' makes math fun" click: HERE.(12/14)

Rev. Roger Dunlop who uses magic to reinforce messages in Church is featured in This is York. To read the Dec. 13 article by Matthew Woodcock titled "Minister uses magic in services" click: HERE.(12/14)

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-VOLUME: 60 / ISSUE: 1,812 Sunday - December 15, 2002
Adam SteinfeldAdam Steinfeld's MagicLive! which just finished a one year run at the Alhambra Casino, Aladdin Theatre in Aruba has been extended indefinitely. Steinfeld told MagicTimes that the show is now "The longest running, most successful & popular Magic, Grand Illusion & Comedy show ever in the history of Aruba." The show, which has already been presented more that 300 times, features the appearance of a huge submarine on stage. For more information and tickets phone: 297-835-000.(12/15)

Tim and Robin Balster who presented the "Season’s Greetings Magic Show" at the Burr Elementary school are featured in a Middletown Press article. To read the Dec. 14 article by Matthew Higbee titled "Magic for a good lesson" click: HERE.(12/15)

Michael Grandinetti performs at the 2002 Annual Shriners Children’s Hospital Christmas Extravaganza in Los Angeles on Sunday Dec. 15 at 10am.(12/15)

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