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Archives: Week Of November 18-24, 2002
-VOLUME: 59 / ISSUE: 1,785 Monday - November 18, 2002

Jeff McBride, Abbi Spinner and Eugene Burger appear in the final sessions at "The Theory and Art of Magic, Series II" in Muhlenberg College in Pennsylvania. On Nov. 20 at 8:00pm they will present their full-evening show "McBride Magic -- The Secret Art" at the Empie Theatre. On Nov. 21 at 7:30pm McBride will speak about "The Art of Magic:  Awakening the Magician Within" at the Recital Hall. McBride will also present a lecture for magicians only on Nov. 19, at 7pm at 2206 Chew Street. Tickets and information are available from the college box office by phoning: 484-664-3333 or clicking: HERE.(11/18)

American Wizard LLC, which operates the American Wizard Magic Shop in Arizona has recently acquired the New Mexico based magic manufacturer Visions Unlimited 2000. The product line will will be added to their inventory soon.(11/18)

Terry Seabrooke (who will be making his 107th appearance there), Hillel, David Yee, Jeff Martin, Andy Nyman, Dick Barry, Michele, and David Skale appear at the Magic Castle in Los Angeles on Nov. 18-24. Andy Nyman lectures on Sunday Nov. 24.(11/18)

David Blaine is interviewed in The Observer where he says, "Anyone can do magic. Of course! That's what's ironic about what I do. I think the reason people try to say, oh, the ice isn't real, or whatever, is because for them to accept that it's real means that they have to accept that other humans can do it, meaning themselves. Instead, they'd rather sit on their couch, watch TV and criticise everything else instead of trying to live their life." To read the Nov. 17 interview by Clark Collis titled "Need to know" click: HERE.(11/18)

Danny Alan, Peter Kougasian, Rocco, Jamy Ian Swiss, Bill McQueen, Andy Roberts and Michael Chaut headline at Monday Night Magic on Nov. 18 at 8pm in NYC. For tickets phone Ticketmaster at: 212-307-4100. For more information click: HERE.(11/18)

David Blaine's Mysterious Stranger is listed as number 15 on the New York Times Best Seller list in the Hardcover Nonfiction section. The listing is based on sales for the week ending Nov. 9. To see the Nov. 24 best seller list click: HERE.(11/18-A membership site).
--To buy the book click: HERE.

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-VOLUME: 59 / ISSUE: 1,786 Tuesday - November 19, 2002

A fascinating story about a tribe in India populated by magicians is reported in a Hindustan Times article that points out, "This entire slum where Javed resides in Sakkardara near the heritage lake sees most of its young boys, some much younger than Javed, practise magic as their sole avocation. …They have no option as the art of magic to these families, which have made their homes here, is like a family heirloom. It is passed on generation after generation, at a time when children do not even understand the meaning of 'choice in life'. And by the time they probably realize it, they have none left." The article centers around the difficulties in earning a living doing magic and the hardship the families face. The report concludes, "There is no official recognition, no welfare schemes, not even an acknowledgement that such a tribe - practicing such a difficult an uncommon art - lives here. What the people of Sakkardara need is some real wholesome magic that can change their unenviable lives." To read the Nov. 18 article by Sarita Kaushik titled "A slum where children survive on magic" click: HERE.(11/19)

Steve Cohen's Chamber Magic at The Waldorf Towers is back after a sell-out run in London. Cohen told MagicTimes that the show "is completely sold-out for the next six weeks" and current plans are to tour it in Europe in the spring of 2003. For more information click: HERE.(11/19)

James Hamilton and Walt Anthony are featured in an article in The Examiner about their upcoming series of shows at The San Francisco Magic Parlor. Anthony is quoted, "Magic at its best can heal and empower and transform a person's evening, and in some cases their life… We become very realistic and jaded after childhood. We lose that sense of wonder and astonishment. My mission is to help people recapture those feelings." To read the Nov. 18 article by Joyce Nishioka titled "Abracadabra" click: HERE.(11/19)

James Parker who won the manipulation award at the recent British Ring convention in Eastbourne is featured in the News Shopper. To read the Nov. 18 article titled "Magically, they all go!" click: HERE.(11/19)

NEW YORK CITY: A Jumbo Magic Auction is planned for Thursday Nov. 21 at 7:30pm at the Soldiers' & Sailors' Club (283 Lexington Avenue). Admission is free to members of SAM #1 and $3 for guests. You may also bring your own items to be auctioned at the event.(11/19)

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-VOLUME: 59 / ISSUE: 1,787 Wednesday - November 20, 2002

Magic On ManhattanNEW YORK: The annual Magic On Manhattan one-day convention takes place on Saturday Nov. 23 at 10am at the Hotel Pennsylvania (104 Seventh Ave) in New York City. David Cresey will be the guest of honor at the event and Derek Dingle will present a 90-minute performance/lecture followed by two private workshops. Featured performers will include: Bob King, Joshua Jay, Hiawatha, Gulamerian, Simon Lovell, David Oliver, Harry Allen, Jania Taylor, Dulldini, John Bundy & Morgan, Kimberly Naughton, Matthew Goldapper, Eric Goldfarb, and Dr. James Lazzarini. The action packed event will include a close-up show, stage show, dealers, auction and seven lectures. For more information phone: 516-483-9610, 800-533-2030 or click: HERE.(11/20)

Gary Darwin and his magic collection are featured in the Las Vegas Sun where report "The stuff includes more than 2,000 props, 7,000 books on magic, thousands of photographs of famous magicians (many of them autographed), 1,000 posters, more than 100 magic kits, oil paintings, newspaper articles, magic magazines and other items that create a claustrophobic feeling." Lance Burton added, "Gary has an amazing collection… He has done this his whole life. I do a lot of my research there when I work on a new trick." To read the Nov. 19 article by Jerry Fink titled "Museum of Magic: Darwin's home-museum is a magical empire" click: HERE.(11/20)

"On the weekend when children flocked to movie theaters to attend the opening of the latest Harry Potter film, magic collectors were quietly discussing Richard Potter, America's first native-born magician," was the lead into an article in the New York Sun about the Yankee Collector's convention. The article described many of the magicians who attended and their connection to magic's history. The Article by Gary Shapiro titled "Sleight Of Hand and the Master of Sleuthing" appeared in the Nov. 19 issue of the New York Sun.(11/20)

David Copperfield in a San Bernardino Sun article that promotes his upcoming appearances in California and describes the inspiration for his new "Lottery" illusion. To read the Nov. 19 article by Phillip Zonkel titled "Copperfield audiences shown how to beat the odds" click: HERE.(11/20)

Matthew Morgan uses magic to show the hearing impaired they can do whatever they set their minds to. A Spartanburg Herald-Journal article quotes Morgan, "I like to be a role model for deaf kids. I like to encourage them, that they can really do anything. They can do everything except hear." To read the Nov. 19 article by Joel D. Sawyer titled "Deaf magician hopes act can inspire others" click: HERE.(11/20)

Paul Nardini is described in the Glasgow Daily Record as "one of Scotland's finest magicians, with an award-winning stage show and a healthy sideline in up-market corporate entertainment." To read the Nov. 14 article titled "My Job's Magic" supplied by Infoseek and YellowBrix click: HERE.(11/20)

ARIZONA: Jeff McBride will present a lecture, workshop and a public show on Nov. 22-24 at the Phoenix Community College Bulpit Auditorium in Phoenix. The lecture will take place on Nov. 22 with the public show on Sunday at 3:30pm. For more information phone: 480-545-0025.(11/20)

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-VOLUME: 59 / ISSUE: 1,788 Thursday - November 21, 2002
Siegfried & Roy Celebrity Bear AuctionSiegfried & Roy have just launched a "Celebrity Bear Auction" where 164 autographed stuffed bears will be sold online to the highest bidder. Proceeds from the auction will benefit Opportunity Village in Las Vegas. The teddy bears have been dressed to look like the celebrities who autographed them and are currently on display at selected Neiman Marcus stores around the US and on the S&R website. Siegfried commented, "Our goal, with your assistance, is to make it the most successful fundraiser in Opportunity Village's history. These one-of-a-kind treasures will make a very special holiday gift for anyone." The list of celebrities includes musicians, actors, athletes, politicians, dancers, TV personalities and magicians. The auction ends on Friday Nov. 29 at midnight (pacific time). For more information and bidding click: HERE.(11/21)

Chris "Doc" Dixon's "The Bully-Free Amazing Wonder Show" which played at the Cornell Elementary school is covered in the Coraopolis Star. To read the Nov. 20 article by David Mayernik Jr. titled "Bully-Free Amazing Wonder Show Hits Cornell" click: HERE.(11/21)

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-VOLUME: 59 / ISSUE: 1,789 Friday - November 22, 2002

The Blackstone Vanishing BirdcageOnly two days left to own an authentic piece from the Blackstone estate. On Sunday Nov. 24 from around noon to 7pm the lots will close on Sotheby's/ebay online auction. 353 items are being offered for sale. They range from personal items and awards to the costumes, illusions and posters used in both the Blackstone Jr. and Blackstone Sr. shows. The auction that is titled "100 Years of Blackstone Magical Treasures" has been getting press on TV and in newspapers around the country. An Associated Press article reported that, "Proceeds from the sales are to go to the Blackstone estate and to the International Brotherhood of Magicians and the young magicians division of the Society of American Magicians." To read the Nov. 21 article titled "Famed magician's goods up for auction" click: HERE.(11/22)
--To visit the auction and place bids click: HERE.(11/22)

Harry Houdini and the recent stamp issued with his likeness is featured in The Skeptical Inquirer which reports, "Today's skeptical investigators follow in his footsteps. CSICOP even features an annual Halloween séance at which-- although Houdini invariably fails to appear-his great life is honored." To read the Nov./Dec. article by Joe Nickell titled "Houdini reappears" supplied by Infoseek and YellowBrix click: HERE.(11/22)

Paul Gertner is mentioned in The News where the article mentioned that he "will perform street magic in front of the theater throughout light up night. Gertner performed at the theater during Halloween and because of popular demand, is coming back for New Year’s Eve." To read the Nov. 20 article by Kristie Linden titled "Light-up festivities focus on fun" click: HERE.(11/22)

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-VOLUME: 59 / ISSUE: 1,790 Saturday - November 23, 2002

David CopperfieldDavid Copperfield is scheduled to be a part of "The Blockbuster Hollywood Spectacular" (formerly Hollywood Christmas Parade), which will be taping on Dec. 1 on Hollywood Boulevard and will become a one-hour TV special to air on Sunday Dec. 8 at 7pm ET on NBC-TV. Copperfield will present an "Elf Factory," an illusion with a missing star, and will be assisted by Grammy winner LeAnn Rimes. Also a magical sequence from Disney's new "Aladdin-A Musical Spectacular" will be broadcast. To read the Nov. 22 press release titled "Destiny's Child, LeAnn Rimes, David Copperfield and Disney Bring Music and Magic to The Blockbuster Hollywood Spectacular, A Holiday Tradition" click: HERE.(11/23)

Milbourne Christopher's encounter with a pet psychic is recounted in a Skeptical Inquirer article, "Milbourne Christopher (1970) had an opportunity to assess Lady's talents on a visit in 1956. As a test, Christopher gave Lady's trainer, Mrs. Claudia Fonda, a false name, "John Banks." (The real Banks had exhibited the "talking" horse, Morocco, mentioned earlier.) When Christopher subsequently inquired of Lady, "What is my name?," the mare obligingly nudged the levers to spell out B-A-N- K-S." There are other references to Christopher, Houdini and Ricky Jay in the article. To read the Nov./Dec. article by Joe Nickell titled "Psychic pets and pet psychics" supplied by Infoseek and YellowBrix click: HERE.(11/23)

Damian the Magician's "The Final Houdini Séance," is reported in the Times Leader where they recount Damian's opening comments, "Our performance is extremely serious… Everything is played for real. Some people may come just for a lark, but you get out of it what you put into it… Take the ride with us… Forget what's everyday, and you will see something totally different from what you've ever done before." To read the Nov. 22 review by Mary Therese Biebel titled "Crossing realms" click: HERE.(11/23)

David Copperfield's appearances in Bakersfield on Sunday are covered in The Californian which quotes Copperfield, "I never wanted to trick anybody… I just want to involve them, have them rooting along." To read the Nov. 21 article by Chris Page titled "Presto, chango, it's Copperfield" click: HERE.(11/23)

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-VOLUME: 59 / ISSUE: 1,791 Sunday - November 24, 2002
The revival of a newer and edgier Vaudeville style is the subject of a lengthy New York Times feature that looks at the many performers and shows springing up in the New York City area. Todd Robbins's show, "Sideshow Saturday Night," is mentioned in the article that describes one of his guest performers and quotes Robbins, "When you do something real that people think is impossible, they can't deny what they're seeing… They start to wonder how these things are possible and that means they're thinking." Andrew Davis, is quoted about what the future of the revival holds, "'There's a lot of exploration and nobody's quite sure where it's going'… He thinks the ultimate synthesis will involve an unpredictable cocktail of vaudeville, burlesque, circus, sideshow and, as is happening, particularly in Los Angeles, elements of the dance club scene." Although Matthew Morgan was commenting about a particular act his observation could sum up what many of the shows elicit, "The audience doesn't know whether to cry, laugh or throw up." To read the Nov. 24 article by Douglas Martin titled "Old-Time Vaudeville Looks Young Again" click: HERE.(11/24)

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