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Archives: Week Of November 4-10, 2002
-VOLUME: 59 / ISSUE: 1,771 Monday - November 4, 2002

David BlaineDavid Blaine is featured in the November issue of Rosie Magazine where he is interviewed by Rosie O'Donnell who describes him as, "He is mystical, magical and in many ways otherworldly. I like him a lot." Blaine spoke about why he was doing the stunts and what his next show will be geared toward, "The first show [Street Magic] -- I gave everything that I had to it. And then the stunts started coming into play. But as that became the way that people started paying attention, I began getting lazy with the interactive magic. For the next show I'm going to make it once again about reacting and interacting with people." To read an excerpt from the November article by Rosie O'Donnell titled "Endurance Artist" click: HERE.(11/4)

The "Phalibois Monkey Magician" and the "Roullet et Decamps" automata sold for £13,000 and £11,000 respectively at the Oct. 30 Christies auction in London. Both sold for more than the published estimates.(11/4)

David Blaine appeared on MTV's "TRL" on Friday where he made a needle penetrate his hand. To view photographs from that appearance click: HERE.(11/4)

Mike Caveney, Tina Lenert, Michael Vincent, Fenik, Thom Peterson, Tim Shegitz, Ardan James, and Doug Hoover appear at the Magic Castle in Los Angeles on Nov. 4-10. Ardan James lectures on Sunday Nov. 10.(11/4)

Robert E. Neale appears at "The Theory and Art of Magic, Series II" in Muhlenberg College in Pennsylvania. On Nov. 6 at 7:30pm he presents "Will Wonders Ever Cease" at the Recital Hall and on Nov. 7 at 4:30pm he presents "Wonderwork." Tickets and information are available from the college box office by phoning: 484-664-3333 or clicking: HERE.(11/4)

NEW YORK: Jeff Sheridan lectures on Friday Nov. 8 at 8pm for IBM Ring #26 at the Soldiers, Sailors and Airmens Club in New York City. Admission is $12 per person (open to magicians only).(11/4)

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-VOLUME: 59 / ISSUE: 1,772 Tuesday - November 5, 2002

Mysterious Stranger: A Book Of MagicDavid Blaine will be making live appearances promoting his new book "Mysterious Stranger: A Book Of Magic" this week. He begins with an early morning spot on Wednesday Nov. 6 on the Today Show on NBC-TV and then a book signing at Barnes & Noble in Union Square in New York City. He will also be at Olsson's Books in Arlington, VA on Nov. 7, Book Revue in Huntington, NY on Nov. 8 and Books & Books in Coral Gables, FL on Nov. 9. A book signing is also scheduled in London On Nov. 20 at Waterstone's. To purchase a copy of his new book click: HERE.(11/5)

Todd Robbins and Jamy Ian Swiss are scheduled to appear on the Today Show on Tuesday Nov. 5 on NBC-TV. The show runs from 7am-10am ET but they are tentatively scheduled between 9am-10am. Assisting Robbins and Swiss will be Frank Brents, Peter Samelson and Michael Chaut.(11/5)

Details on the Blackstone auction scheduled for Nov. 14-24 on ebay are given in a press release that quotes Gay Blackstone, "It is truly an honor to offer collectors this unique opportunity to own a piece of history. The hand-crafted illusions and ephemera that have mesmerized the world for generations have been a source of great pride for the Blackstone family." To read the Nov. 4 press release titled "100 Years of Blackstone Magical Treasures Set for and Ebay Auction" click: HERE.(11/5)

P.J. Weber who drives home the message about the importance of reading and writing during his magic shows is featured in a Grand Rapids Press article. To read the Oct. 31 article by Gina Velkly titled "Reading is no trick, magician insists" click: HERE.(11/5)

Michael Griffin's escape from the Houdini crate last month is reported in the Sun-Sentinel which describes the event, "Within 45 seconds, a triumphant Griffin emerged from the water. And he wasn't done yet. …He disappeared under the water, and sure enough, when the crate was raised and placed back onto a barge, Griffin popped out of the crate clutching the handcuffs." To read the Oct. 27 article by Nancy L. Othón titled "Escape artist tops Houdini" click: HERE.(11/5)

Mac King appears at the Paramount Arts Center (1300 Winchester Ave.) in Ashland, Ohio on Friday Nov. 8 at 8pm as part of their Comedy Series. Tickets range from $10-$26.50 per person and are available by phoning: 606-324-3175.(11/5)

OKLAHOMA: Diamond Jim Tyler, Troy Hooser, Danny Archer, David Hira, Brad Henderson, Mark Tams, Charles III,  Malaki, and J. David Teemanand headline at the Oklahoma City Cavalcade of Magic on Nov. 8-10 in Oklahoma City. Registration is $75 per person. For more information click: HERE.(11/5)

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-VOLUME: 59 / ISSUE: 1,773 Wednesday - November 6, 2002

Cletus Henke is featured in a Storm Lake story that looks at his 50-year career as a magician. Henke pointed out that "I do magic to give people fun. Once they know how it's done, it isn't fun anymore. It stops being magical and starts being just a trick. So I'll never reveal a secret... And honestly, the secret usually isn't as much a trick as it is hard work, knowing people, and the fact that the hand is quicker than they eye. That's all I'm going to say." Speaking about the first magic cards he purchased he said, "it seemed like those cards could do anything I wanted them to." The article also reported that, "He was recently honored by the International Brotherhood of Magicians as he celebrates his 50th year of magic performance. With an average of 200 shows a year for his career, he's done perhaps nearly 10,000 gigs. And still, every time he can draw that gasp out of a child, it's as new as the first day." To read the Nov. 5 article by Dana Larsen titled "The Magic Man" click: HERE.(11/6)

Dr. Terry Wong (Terry Chen Yi Wong) died on Oct. 28 at the age of 64. The Honolulu Advertiser reported he was, "An amateur magician from childhood, he had a life-long fascination with magic, studied its history and was a gifted inventor… He manufactured and sold magic tricks to dealers throughout the country, and collected old magic apparatus that he scattered about the house, and constantly tinkered with" To read the Nov. 5 obituary by Beverly Creamer titled "Queen's Dr. Terry Wong also invented magic tricks" click: HERE.(11/6)

Steven Bye organizing a fundraiser for the Starlight Foundation in Australia gets press in the Maitland Mercury where he is described as, "Mr Bye, who specialises in close-up magic and sleights of hand, has organised a bonanza of internationally renowned Australian stars to perform at the concert." To read the Nov. 6 article titled "A little bit of magic will raise money for the Starlight Foundation" click: HERE.(11/6)

Steven Best performs in "Movie Magic Matinee" on Saturday Nov. 9 at 2pm at the Orpheum Theatre in Vancouver, Canada. It is part of their 75th anniversary celebration. Admission is $5 per person. For more information click: HERE.(11/6)

Steven Kellogg who will be a contestant on "30 Seconds to Fame" is scheduled to appear on Fox News, from Chicago, on Thursday Nov. 7 at 7am-9am.(11/6)

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-VOLUME: 59 / ISSUE: 1,774 Thursday November 7, 2002

John Gaughan and the Houdini Water Tourture CellThe original Houdini Water Torture Cell, that was damaged in the fire that destroyed The Houdini Museum of Magic in Niagara Falls several years ago, has been restored by John Gaughan and is currently on display at Geno Munari's Houdini Museum at the Venetian Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas where it is expected to remain indefinitely. Munari told MagicTimes that he is very proud of the recent addition to the museum, "The original Houdini Water Torture Cell is now residing at the museum where it is on display for all to see. It is the first time that it will be commercially exhibited after being restored. It was briefly on display at the Jewish Museum in New York City during the summer." Admission to the museum runs from $1-$5. For more information phone: 702-796-0301.(11/7)

David Blaine is featured in a Newsday story that observed, "Visiting David Blaine's Manhattan apartment is like having a front-row seat at a one-man show. Great entertainment, even though it's hard to spot where the performer ends and the real person begins… They mesh - fittingly - as if by magic." Blaine also recounts the moment he realized the concept of "street magic" on television when he spent a night in jail, "I did some crazy card effects, and the whole cell block went wild. I was getting high-fived right and left… Their reactions to the magic were so animated and intense that I instantly realized that this is what magic on television should be ... done to real people in real places." The article also describes a couple of routines performed for the reporter. To read the Nov. 7 article by David Behrens titled "The Art of Wonder" click: HERE.(11/7)
--To read an excerpt from Mysterious Stranger click: HERE.
--To buy the book click: HERE.

Jarrett Parker and Raja Rahman's "Classical Magic" show gets a standing ovation from Darren Romeo, Norm Neilson and The Great Tomsoni according to a Las Vegas Sun article. To read the Nov. 6 article by Timothy McDarrah titled "CPK crowd is more than upper crust" click: HERE.(11/7)

David Blaine's upcoming appearance at Books and Books and a brief biography appears in Street Miami where they promote his book. To read the Nov. 6 article by Jessica Sick titled "Best Bets for the Week of Nov. 8-14" click: HERE.(11/7)

The Shankars present their full evening show "Gili Gili Magic" in Bangalore, India on Nov. 9-10. The show is a benefit to raise funds for the proposed educational institution to be run by Sri Ramachandrapura Muth. They will also present a special shows for school children from on Nov. 11-13.(11/7)

NORTHEAST: Lee Earle presents his "Syzygy's Best" lecture on Nov. 7 in Scranton, PA (phone: 570-822-2460), on Nov. 11 in Green Brook, NJ (phone: 973-361-3715) and on Nov. 12 in Wallingford, CT (phone: 203-269-3009).(11/7)

MARYLAND: Gene Anderson lectures at Denny & Lee Magic Studio (325 South Marlyn Avenue) in Baltimore on Sunday Nov. 10 at 7:30pm. Admission is $20 per person. For more information and reservations phone: 410-686-3914.(11/7)

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-VOLUME: 59 / ISSUE: 1,775 Friday - November 8, 2002

Nicholas EinhornNicholas Einhorn who won "The Magic Circle Close-Up Magician on The Year 2002" on Monday Nov. 4 is featured in a Totally Jewish article that reported that he, "…won the organization's prestigious close-up magician award with a dazzling display, incorporating card trickery, vanishing coins and a bottle of wine appearing from thin air." Einhorn has previously won the award in 1996 and is quoted, "I'm ecstatic to receive this award from such a distinguished organization recognized around the world. I might go back and try to get the hat trick!" To read the Nov. 7 article by Daniella Peled titled "Kosher Conjuror" click: HERE.(11/8)

David Blaine's book "Mysterious Stranger" in a New York Post feature which focuses on the $100,000 treasure hunt aspect of the book. An interesting observation about magic and chess is recounted from the book, "His book also hints of a strong link between chess and magic. 'The further you plan ahead, the more effective your game or magic will be,' Blaine writes." Also in the article is Steve Cohen who used to work for Blaine. Cohen gives some insights into how the code could be broken and where Blaine may have gotten the idea. To win the money one will have to find the hidden "25-karat, solid gold orb (made by Blaine and his jewelry designer/model girlfriend, Manon von Gerkan) and Blaine's cell phone number… Dial it, and Blaine will show up with a check for $100,000. And you get to keep the $10,000 orb." To read the Nov. 7 article by Farrah Weinstein titled "Just Clue It!" click: HERE.(11/8)

Joseph Dunninger's former home in Cliffside Park, New Jersey is currently on sale on ebay where it is expected to sell for more than a million dollars. It is a 22 room mansion built in 1909 on a 183'x100 ' lot. Is oversees a the New York City skyline across the Hudson River. Much magic history occurred at the home with Houdini Séances and parties with many well-known magicians of the time. The house will need fixing up and will be available till Nov. 14. For more information click: HERE.(11/8)

Jamy Ian Swiss in "A Literary Tea" and book signing on Sunday Nov. 10 at 4-6pm at Michael Canick Booksellers, L.L.C. (200 East 82nd Street, #3B) in NYC. Admission is free. For more information phone: 212-585-2990.(11/8)

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-VOLUME: 59 / ISSUE: 1,776 Saturday - November 9, 2002

Swann Galleries Magic Auction CatalogThe annual magic auction at the Swann Galleries in New York City that took place on Thursday Oct. 31 grossed more than a quarter of a million dollars ($239,440 (sales) + 15% (buyer's premium) + 8.25% (sales tax). These are unofficial results). Of the 253 lots offered for sale 35 did not meet the minimum bid and were not sold. The items receiving the highest bids included: Houdini's 1916 Diary which sold for $36,000, Houdini's King Of Cards poster sold for $16,000 and a surprise bidding war took place over the first edition copy of Henry Dean's Hocus Pocus whose estimated value was published as $500-$750 but finally sold for $34,000. Most of the other items sold at or below the estimates. Swann Galleries just published a complete list of prices realized on their website. To view it click: HERE.(11/9)

David Copperfield will make a cameo appearance on the Dec. 5 episode of "Scrubs" on NBC-TV.(11/9)

David Copperfield's shows are described in The Examiner as, "his shows are adrenaline rushes so powerful they border on rock 'n' roll." Copperfield spoke of his goals with the show, "My job is creating wonder, having people feel that feeling of awe." To read the Nov. 8 article by Tom Lanham titled "Copperfield the magic man" click: HERE.(11/9)

Ryan Adler is described in a Tri-Valley Herald article as, "The 21-year-old has spent the past five years bouncing between his quiet home in Union City and the enchanting night life of Las Vegas, honing his magical craft." The article reported that Adler has interned for Lance Burton and Rick Thomas. To read the Nov. 8 article by Daniel Lavoie titled "Local man revels in smoke and mirrors" click: HERE.(11/9)

"Karvell the Magician" who presents his "There's No Magic In Drugs" show is featured in an Evening Times article that discusses his show and the messages he imparts on his young audiences. To read the Nov. 8 article by Greg Diute titled "Anti-drug magic show dazzles students, teachers" click: HERE.(11/9)

VIRGINIA: Jeff McBride performs and lectures on Nov. 12-15 in the Virginia area. On Nov. 12 at 7pm a lecture will be presented. Nov. 13-14 will be an opportunity to see McBride in action with his 90-minute stage show featuring Abbi Spinner. Nov. 15 at 6pm will feature a "Secret Session Workshop." For more information phone Glenn Gary at: 703-430-6885.(11/9)

FLORIDA: The "magic2motivate-Live Workshop" takes place on Nov. 12-16 at the Holiday Inn Oceanfront Resort in Cocoa Beach. It is an intensive workshop for magicians who use magic in their role as speaker, trainer, or sales expert." There will also be an advance workshop offered on Nov. 14-16. For more information click: HERE.(11/9)

NEW YORK: Peter Marucci lectures on Tuesday Nov. 12 at 7:30pm for IBM #4 in Rochester. For more information e-mail:


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-VOLUME: 59 / ISSUE: 1,777 Sunday - November 10, 2002

December issue of JANE magazineDorothy Dietrich, Melinda and Maritess Zurbano are featured in a JANE Magazine article that looks at the state of women in magic. Dietrich talked about her performance of the dangerous bullet catch at an IBM convention and Zurbano recounted several, less than respectful, incidents with male magicians. A majority of the article takes place back stage at Lance Burton's show where the writer joined his crew of female assistants for a few days and even helped on stage. The article concluded, "Unfortunately, I never came close to finding a female David Blaine. In fact, I'm more discouraged than I was when I started… Not even the women who try to compromise by dressing sexy while doing large-scale tricks get the kinds of opportunities offered to the traditional male-in-a-tux show." The article also features many small photographs of the magicians and assistants involved. Esther Haynes' article titled "Girl, We Want To Wear G-Strings!" appears on pages 134-137 of the December issue of JANE magazine.(11/10)

According to a New York Post gossip story "David Blaine is challenging rival magician Criss Angel to an endurance contest. Weary of the lesser-known Angel's constant taunts, Blaine told WPLJ radio the other day that he thinks both magic men should seal themselves inside a "bubble" and see who lasts the longest without food or water." To read the Oct. 8 Page Six article by subtitled "Bubble boys" click: HERE.(11/10)

David Saxe is interviewed in the Las Vegas Sun where he reminiscences about growing up with Melinda and her career in magic. Also discussed is David's ascension to successful Las Vegas show producer. To read the Nov. 8 article by Jerry Fink titled "Saxe Solo" click: HERE.(11/10)

David Oliver, Jon Stetson, Mike Bent, Erik Rochelle, Steve Kradolfer, and Alexander appear on Monday Nov. 11 at 8pm in the "Mystery Lounge" at The Comedy Studio (1236 Massachusetts Ave.) in Cambridge, MA. Admission is $10 per person. For reservations and information phone: 617-661-6507.(11/10)

David Blaine Autographing his booksDavid Blaine autographing copies of his already best-selling book, "Mysterious Stranger," on November 6, 2002 at Barnes & Noble in New York City. This was the first in a series of signings and featured a talk, a Q&A session and free money and gifts for many attendees. (Photo: MagicTimes). (11/10)

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