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Archives: Week Of October 28 - November 3, 2002
-VOLUME: 58 / ISSUE: 1,764 Monday - October 28, 2002

Dixie Dooley presents his 18th Annual Houdini Séance on Oct. 31 at 1pm at the Greek Isles Hotel/Casino in Las Vegas. The event begins with a demonstration of tricks used by mediums during Houdini's era and concludes with the séance at 1:26pm which is the time of his death in 1926. In addition to the show and séance there will also be a display of Houdini memorabilia. The event is free but reservations are required. For more information phone: 702-737-5540.(10/28)

The Daytona Beach Festival of Magic which took place last weekend is profiled in a News Journal article that reported, "Two-hundred just happens to be the number of professional magicians who will make themselves appear Friday through Sunday for the second Daytona Beach Festival of Magic -- a convention for prestidigitators, illusionists and other practitioners of the magical arts." Magicians mentioned in the article include: Michael Finney, Harry Allen, Mehdi, Jay Mattioli, and Lee Edward Smith. To read the Oct. 25 article by Donna Callea titled "Voila! Magic convention conjured up for weekend" click: HERE.(10/28)

Siegfried & Roy will introduce three new White Tigers on Monday Oct. 28th at 3:30pm. The media event, which will be held at the Dolphin Habitat at the Mirage in Las Vegas, will feature the newly born (Oct. 22) cubs, which were born to Orissa and Vishnu.(10/28)

Michael Vincent, Whit Haydn, Aldo Colombini, Matt Marcy, Michael Hack, Andy Amyx, Craig Dickens, and Ron Saylor appear at the Magic Castle in Los Angeles on Oct. 28-Nov. 3. Michael Vincent lectures on Sunday Nov. 3.(10/28)

Chuck's House of Magic in Homewood, Illinois which recently celebrated it's 20th anniversary is featured in The Times. To read the Oct. 27 article by Carrie Steinweg titled "Costumes are a disappearing act for this couple" click: HERE.(10/28)

"Fercos Untamed Illusions" which has been extended through Nov. 30 at the Tropicana in Atlantic City have just received a 2002 Merlin Award as "most original magicians." To read the Oct. 25 article titled "'Can we talk?' Just not about stand-up" supplied by Infoseek and YellowBrix click: HERE.(10/28)

FLORIDA: René Lavand, James Dimmare, John Carney, Falkenstein & Willard, Roberto Mansilla, Shoot Ogawa, Doc Eason, Simon Lovell, Kevin King, and Patrick Brown are the headliners at the 8th annual Magic on the Beach on Nov. 1-3 at the Ramada Plaza Marco Polo Beach Resort (19201 Collins Ave.) in Miami Beach. Sponsored by IBM Ring 45 who has announced that Funtasio will be the special guest. Registration is $75 per person. For more information click: HERE.(10/28)

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-VOLUME: 58 / ISSUE: 1,765 Tuesday - October 29, 2002

Houdini at LibertyOn Oct. 31 the ephemera, correspondence and memorabilia of Harry Houdini, "The Jailbreaker" may be unable to escape from beneath the auctioneers gavel when items from the Manny Weltman collection are featured in the annual Magic Auction at Swann Galleries in New York City. The Weltman collection, a resource utilized on several motion pictures, TV shows and documentaries, was acquired piece by piece over the course of Weltman's lifetime. A personal dairy of Houdini and his scrapbook on spiritualism, both on sale as part of the auction, were among Weltman's favorite items in a collection that included film footage, manuscripts, advertising, and photographs. ...Go to full story.(10/29)

The 2002 "Official Houdini Séance" sponsored by the Houdini Museum in Las Vegas takes place on Wednesday Oct. 30 at midnight at the New York-New York Hotel & Casino. Participants include Sid Radner, Teller, Terry Nosek, Geoffrey Hansen, John Gaughan, Lee Earle, Rev. Ray Fraser and Geno Munari, who owns the Houdini Museum and Houdini's Magic Shops. For more information about the Séance or the Museum phone: 702-798-4789.(10/29)

A Blackstone Collection Of Magic Press Conference & Séance takes place on Wednesday Oct. 30 at noon at The Magic Castle in Hollywood, California. Expected to attend will be Gay Blackstone, Patrick Culliton, Darren Julien, Jason Alexander, Harry Anderson, Ray Bradbury, Eric Estrada, Martin Landau, and Ed McMahon. The event is a promotion for the upcoming auction on Nov. 14-24 on the web.(10/29)

A couple of magic related automata will be auctioned on Oct. 30 at Christies in London. The auction title is "Fine Toys, Biscuit Tins and Toy Soldiers, Mechanical Music, Automata Dolls and Dolls' Houses.'" The two items of interest are lot #504, "A rare Phalibois monkey magician" from 1870 (est. £8,000-£12,000) and lot #517, "A rare Roullet et Decamps automaton of a magician with rings" from 1890 (est. £6,000-£8,000).(10/29)
--For info on lot #504 click: HERE.
--For info on lot #517 click: HERE.

Craig Karges' new book "The Wizard's Legacy" will be promoted through an "attempt to 'contact' his deceased great uncle by duplicating a classic Halloween seance on Tuesday, Oct. 29, 12:30 PM, at Barnes & Noble Downtown, 555 12th Street, NW." Karges pointed out "Anyone can talk to the dead… The trick is getting them to answer back." To read the Oct. 28 press release titled "Halloween Seance: Haunting for a Long Distance Call?" click: HERE.(10/29)
--To buy the book click: HERE.

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-VOLUME: 58 / ISSUE: 1,766 Wednesday - October 30, 2002

Harry Anderson is profiled in People Magazine where they look at where he is now. Anderson is interviewed is his Spade & Archer Curiosities by Appointment store in New Orleans where he said, "I am richer than Davy Crockett… I can settle back and do what I want to do. And what I want to do is card tricks and magic." Explaining what one could expect at the shop Anderson said, "What you get when you come here is you pay way too much for my stuff, but you get it signed by me, demonstrated by me." To read the Oct. 29 article titled "Hocus Focus" click: HERE.(10/30)

David BlaineDavid Blaine is featured on the cover of The Scotsman where they promote his new book and have the first mention of a new stunt he is working on where "a Perspex pyramid barely big enough to sit in and surfaced with a one-sided mirror so while the public can see in, he can’t see out. He will sit in it for 44 days." The interview takes place in Blaine's New York City apartment, which is described by the author. Also described is a performance of a needle through the hand. To read the Oct. 30 article by Beatrice Colin titled "Blaine culture" click: HERE. (10/30)

The Amazing Johnathan's very successful run at the Golden Nugget in Las Vegas will end when he moves his show to the Flamingo in January. A Las Vegas Review-Journal article reported that "He wraps up his Nugget run on Dec. 15 and reopens Jan. 18." The article also discussed the two Houdini Séances scheduled this week. To read the Oct. 29 article by Mike Weatherford titiled "Amazing Johnathan makes move to the Strip" click: HERE.(10/30)

Steve Wheeler's "Magic on Ice" which appears at the Beau Rivage Casino in Mississippi through Nov. 25 is reviewed in The Sun Herald. The show is described as "a thoroughly modern production with vivid lighting, wild costumes and an interesting mix of music, ranging from mystical Middle Eastern sounds to heavily percussive techno-pop, along with a couple of contemporary numbers by well-known performers such as Sting." To read the Oct. 29 article by Joy Jones titled "Artistry, athletics mark 'Magic on Ice'" click: HERE.(10/30)

"Big Daddy Cool" (Johnny Dellarocca) stars in Swingin' At The Roxy on Nov. 1-2 at the North West High School in Canal Fulton, Ohio. The show is a music and magic review set in the Chicago Roxy circa 1949 and features Big Daddy's club act. Tickets are $10-$12 pe person and are available by phoning: 330-492-2462.(10/30)

Jeffrey J. O'Lear in a Pottsville Republican that reports on his recent show "We're Going To Change The World" where he educates children with his magic. The messages in the show included, "not to succumb to drugs, alcohol, hate or prejudice" and "…by believing in themselves, working hard and avoiding the temptations of drugs and alcohol, 'you can do anything'… O'Lear also told students that education is magic and can be the key to unlocking their dreams and potential." To read the Oct. 29 article by Shawn A. Hessinger titled "Tamaqua area native uses illusions to educate" click: HERE.(10/30)

Trixie the Magician in a Flatonia News article (with many photographs) about her recent show at the Flatonia Elementary School. The article reported that "The students were amazed and amused watching her perform many magic tricks. With the help of several students in the audience, Trixie kept the students oohing and ahhing for well over an hour on Friday afternoon." To read the Oct. 29 article titled "Trixie Takes Magic to School" click: HERE.(10/30)

Two Siegfried & Roy photographs with their new white tiger cubs are published by the Associated Press. To view the two photographs and read the captions click: HERE and HERE.(10/30)

Chuck Gruberman and Tim Stevens about "magic week" in a Times article that discusses the annual event and the local magicians who participate in it. To read the Oct. 29 article by Mark Kiesling titled "Do you believe in magic?" click: HERE.(10/30) is launching a new line of magic products "labelled under the brand, include decks of magic cards and optical illusion tricks." To read the Oct. 25 press release titled "UK’s Top Magic E-Tailer Launches Own Brand of Products" click: HERE.(10/30)


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-VOLUME: 58 / ISSUE: 1,767 Thursday - October 31, 2002

Mandrake the Magician comic strip is once again on it's way to becoming a movie. A Hollywood Reporter article broke the news that "Ashok Armitraj's Hyde Park Entertainment has teamed with Howard Baldwin's Crusader Entertainment to acquire the rights to the classic fantasy comic strip 'Mandrake the Magician' from the Hearst Corp.'s King Features Syndicate." Writing the script will be Josh Oppenheimer and Tom Donnelly with the storyline having Mandrake followed "from the United States to Europe to South America in a 'big-canvas adventure story.'" To read the Oct. 30 article by Chris Gardner titled " Hyde Park, Crusader in 'Mandrake'" click: HERE.
--To read an Oct. 30 Film Force article about this click: HERE.(10/31)

Tejaswi Shankar is said to be "revolutionising the ancient bazaar entertainment" in a Newindpress article. To read the Oct. 31 article titled "Magical illusion: serious art of misdirection" click: HERE.(10/31)

Thomas Anthony in a Wakefield Today article that reported "The young magician will be in action at the Opera House playing a drunken magician in the production of Second From Last in the Sack Race from November 19 to 23." To read the Oct. 30 article titled "now you see him..." click: HERE.(10/31)

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-VOLUME: 59 / ISSUE: 1,768 Friday - November 1, 2002

Owen Magic SupremeOwen Magic Supreme will be celebrating their 100th anniversary on Nov. 2-3 with a two-day party featuring Harry Anderson, William McIlhaney, Bill Taylor, and Dale Oprandy. The events will take place at their showroom in Azusa, California with Saturday's festivities being by invitation only and Sunday open to magicians from 11am-4pm. For more information and reservations phone: 626-969-4519.(11/1)

David Copperfield spends November in the West Coast with shows at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas through Nov. 6 and then at the Orpheum Theatre in San Francisco, CA (8-10), Paramount Theatre in Seattle, WA (15-17), Orange County Performing Arts Center in Costa Mesa, CA (20-23), Bakersfield Centennial Garden & Convention Center in Bakersfield, CA (24), San Diego Civic Theatre in San Diego, CA (25-27) and Kodak Theatre in Hollywood, CA (29-30).(11/1)

Carl Mercurio appeared on the CBS Early Show as part of the on-air Oct. 31 Halloween party. Mercurio currently performs bar magic on at the Riverdale Tavern, Schlitz Inn and Backdrafts.(11/1)

Norman Bigelow who at one time presented an escape act conducts a Houdini séance but with a twist. Bigelow explained in a Fitchburg Sentinel article, "Many people that I know in the escape field have read about or witnessed a seance with Houdini… We decided to change it and try his brother." To read the Oct. 31 article by Kate Hogan titled "Reappearing Act" click: HERE.(11/1)

The Spencers who are appearing at the Van Meter Auditorium are featured in a Bowling Green Daily News article that quotes the theater director, "It’s always a challenge for us to present quality, educational programming that’s entertaining. We believe The Spencers fit the bill… Illusion is not typical in this community. This may encourage people to think out of the box of what art is." To read the Oct. 31 article by Alyssa Harvey titled "Theatre of Illusion" click: HERE.(11/1)

Felix Snipes' "Magical Wonder-Full Week-Ends" is scheduled to appear in Clinton, SC (Nov. 1-3), Walnut Ridge, AR (Nov. 8-10), Monticello, MS (Nov. 15-17) and Joshua, TX (Nov. 22-24). Admission is free. For more information phone: 770-938-8073.(11/1)

USA: David Stone lectures throughout November in the United States with appearances in Detroit, MI (Nov. 1-3), Boca Raton, FL (4), Lakeland, FL (7), Huntsville, AL (18), Nashville, TN (19), Richmond, VA (20), Cleveland, OH (22), Findlay, OH (24), and Chicago, IL (26-27). On Nov. 10-17 Stone will be in NYC where he will be doing several private shows.(11/1)

Meir Yedid - René Lavand - Nora LavandMeir Yedid presents René and Nora Lavand the first copies of the newly released Close-Up Artistry DVDs at a party given at the home of Joe Hernandez on October 20. (Photo: George Schindler).(11/1)

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-VOLUME: 59 / ISSUE: 1,769 Saturday - November 2, 2002

Penn & Teller's new show is reviewed in the Las Vegas Review-Journal where Penn points out "We're not really your typical Las Vegas show." The review describes the many routines included in the current show and reports on the changes over the years, "As the two age -- Penn is 47, Teller 54 -- they move away from some of the escapes and 'Teller torture' in favor of more thoughtful pieces, such as one about flag burning." The review closes with, "It has been really painful to see a lot of performers grow old on the Las Vegas stage. But if they live up to their strong start, a retirement-aged Penn & Teller might even be something to look forward to." To read the Nov. 1 article by Mike Weatherford titled "Illusionists Penn & Teller age like a fine wine" click: HERE.(11/2)

Ed Thomas, Brian Richards, Nick Fausto, Al Belmont, and Mark Young in a Courier-Post article that looks at the magic profession. The article concluded that "…there's money to be made in magic, but that only the serious need apply. Would-be magicians can learn the basics in books, then join magic clubs and receive professional instruction to hone their skills. It can take years to master the trade and move into the arena of entertainment on a full-time basis." To read the Oct. 31 article by Lyford M. Moore titled "Professional magicians in demand on Halloween" click: HERE.(11/2)

Kevin and Cindy Spencer who appear in Virginia are featured in a News & Advance article that quotes Cindy about their show, "We try to take our audience on a roller coaster ride of emotions… We include some light-hearted illusions as well as some dramatic and suspenseful ones." To read the Oct. 31 article by Penny Colston titled "Behold the power of magic" click: HERE.(11/2)

Kylisha Julio, Llewellyn Simons, Susannah Shane, Andy Minton and Roger Moniz present a magic show on Nov. 2. They were selected from O’Brian Roberts Bermuda Magic workshops. To read the Nov. 1 Bermuda Sun article by Alex O’Reilly titled "Youngsters turn on the magic" click: HERE.(11/2)

NEW JERSEY: Bill Rauscher lectures on his new book "S.S. Adams: High Priest of Pranks and Merchant of Magic" for the IBM #156 on Monday Nov. 4 at 8pm at the Transfiguration Parish House (White Horse Pike) in Collingswood.(11/2)

NEW YORK: Ryan Swigert lectures for IBM #12 on Nov. 4 at The Screening Room in Amherst. For more information e-mail:

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-VOLUME: 59 / ISSUE: 1,770 Sunday - November 3, 2002

Mario Manzini who performed at the Rochester Opera House on Friday is featured in an article in The Citizen which reported "A New York native, Manzini blended music, special effects, fire, illusions and escape acts to create his show, 'A Tribute to Harry Houdini.'" The article also gives some background, "Manzini spent seven years touring with Ringling Brothers Circus and went on to be the opening act for Evel Knievel after he became famous for escaping from New York City Police handcuffs as they were bringing him to Bellview Hospital -- a psychiatric hospital in the city… Police officers thought Manzini was crazy too when he jumped off the Brooklyn Bridge in another set of handcuffs." To read the Nov. 2 article by Bruno Matarazzo, Jr. titled "Manzini pays tribute to Houdini" click: HERE.(11/3)

Warren Kaps has been named "2003 Magician Of The Year" by SAM Parent Assembly #1 in New York City. The award will be presented on Apr. 5, 2003 at the "Annual Salute to Magic" show. The organization also named Sam Schwartz at their Dean, replacing Emil Loew who recently passed away.(11/3)

The "Official Houdini Séance" which took place at the New York-New York Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas did not make contact with Houdini but did provide Houdini related entertainment and education. Morgan performed a straightjacket escape, Terry Nosek released himself from being bound with rope, and Lee Earle performed a Spirit Theater presentation. Speakers included Larry Fischer, Sid Radner, and John Gaughan. Organizer was Geno Munari.(11/3)

Torkova, The Great Throwdini, and John Graham headline at Monday Night Magic on Nov. 4 at 8pm in NYC. For tickets phone Ticketmaster at: 212-307-4100. For more information click: HERE.(11/3)

CALIFORNIA: Reed McClintock lectures on Wednesday Nov. 6 at 7:30pm for the Misdirections Magic Shop at the Miraloma Park Improvement Club (350-0'Shaughnessy Boulevard) in San Francisco. For more information phone: 415-566-2180.(11/3)

DC: Charles Pecor lectures for IBM #50 on Wednesday Nov. 6 at 8pm at the Channel Inn Hotel in Washington, DC. Admission is free to members and $15 for guests. For more information click: HERE.(11/3)

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