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Archives: Week Of October 21-27, 2002
-VOLUME: 58 / ISSUE: 1,757 Monday - October 21, 2002

Jerry SadowitzJerry Sadowitz who is performing at the Queen Margaret Union in Glasgow is featured in the Scotsman where the reporter makes a funny analogy of what the audience will get, "…that famous killer whale scene from David Attenborough’s The Trials of Life - the one where the whales play volleyball with the seals before tearing them to pieces." But the article also points out that, "...seeing Jerry do his 'not very nice' act isn’t the only reason to go to tonight’s show. Beneath all the bile and venom, Sadowitz is actually a very fine magician - one of the top five sleight of hand artists in the world." To read the Oct. 21 article by Roger Cox titled "Pick Of The Day: Jerry Sadowitz" click: HERE.(10/21)

Natalie Portman was just cast as Emmeline in the soon to be produced motion picture "The Magician's Wife." An article in Sunday People reported that "Kate Winslet has been beaten to a big film role by Star Wars actress Natalie Portman, 21." To read the Oct. 21 article titled "Hot People: The Magician's Wife" click: HERE.(10/21)

Darren Romeo's Las Vegas show which closed on Oct. 12 is discussed in a Las Vegas Review-Journal article that tries to analyze why the show did not succeed in it's current venue after much promotion. To read the Oct. 20 article by Mike Weatherford titled "Romeo unfazed by closing" click: HERE.(10/21)

John Carney, Doc Eason, Andrew Goldenhersh, Richard McDougall, Scott Hollingsworth, Loren C. Michaels, George Tovar, John Fealey, and Howard Jay appear at the Magic Castle in Los Angeles on Oct. 21-27. Doc Eason lectures on Sunday Oct. 27.(10/21)

Joe D'Alessandro is featured in the Bemidji Pioneer where his previous profession in the Casino industry is reported and some of his routines are described. D'Alessandro pointed out, "Cards are good for the soul. Magic is good for the soul. It keeps you young." To read the Oct. 20 article by Molly Miron titled "Solway illusionist like to work up close and personal" click: HERE.(10/21)


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-VOLUME: 58 / ISSUE: 1,758 Tuesday - October 22, 2002

Bob FriedhofferBob Friedhoffer presents his "The Magic and Science of Halloween" show on Saturday Oct. 26 at 1pm at the City University Graduate Center (365 Fifth Avenue) in New York City. Friedhoffer has written 30 books on the subject of magic and science in addition to his book "How to Haunt a House for Halloween." The event, which geared to children and their parents, will entertain and educate as Friedhoffer explains how to perform science experiments as magic tricks. Admission is $10-$15 per person and tickets are available by phoning: 212-817-8215.(10/22)

The Mystery Lounge in Cambridge gets a blurb in the Boston Globe, "See what these cape-wearing dudes have up their sleeves and under their hats. Doug Henning, watch out - we hear these latter-day Merlins are capable of swallowing 6-foot balloons, and they do it without the benefit of rainbow suspenders." To read the Oct. 21 article by Christopher Muther titled "Sleight of hand" click: HERE.(10/22)

"Halloween Magic of Neech" runs on Oct. 26-31 at the Storm King Theater in Cornwall-On-Hudson, NY. The show promises "edge of your seat thrills and chills." Tickets are $15 per person and are available by phoning: 845-562-7222.(10/22)

CALIFORNIA: Scott Hollingsworth lectures on Monday Oct. 28 at 7pm for Mind Over Magic at the Ramada INN-Burbank. Admission is free. For more information phone: 818-562-1921.(10/22)

Eugene BurgerEugene Burger at his lecture on Monday Oct. 17 at Michael Canick Booksellers in New York City. (Photo: Michael Canick).(10/22)

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-VOLUME: 58 / ISSUE: 1,759 Wednesday - October 23, 2002

Vanni PuléVanni Pulé is featured in a Klikka article that examines his life in and out of magic as well as interviewing him about various subjects. Pulé is the best known magician in Malta with many television and live appearances during a career that has spaned more than 30 years. Asked about what he would like to do in the future Pulé responded, "I would like to continue magic, although perhaps as more of a hobby. I am also interested in writing; perhaps about the paranormal, or magic - a book about magic for magicians and another for people - and a novel or a play." To read the Oct. 17 article by Nadine Brincat titled "Klikka Spotlight On Vanni Pulé" click: HERE.(10/23)

Michael Griffin presents a "Magical Tribute to Houdini" on Saturday Oct. 26 at 5pm at Veteran’s Park (802 N.E. 1st Street) in Del Ray Beach, Florida. Griffin plans to escape from a sealed trunk after being bound, handcuffed and lowered into the depths of the Intercoastal waters. The 90-year old packing crate to be used is the same one Houdini escaped from in 1912. The stunt is in conjunction with a remembrance of Houdini's death 76 years ago.(10/23)


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-VOLUME: 60 / ISSUE: 1,760 Thursday - October 24, 2002

Lyn DilliesLyn Dillies presents her "Magic At The Symphony" program On Saturday Oct. 26 at 11am and 1pm at the Avery Fisher Hall at New York City's prestigious Lincoln Center. The event being titled "Magical Tricks and Musical Treats" will also feature Maestro Dino Anagnost who will conduct music by Mozart, Mussorgsky, Bizet and Rouse to compliment the illusions. For tickets phone: 212- 971-9500. For more information click: HERE.(10/24)

"Murray: Magic's New Master" at the New Frontier is featured in the Gambling Magazine where the author writes, "I have to confess, I love magic, so I'm a sucker for all this, but I especially like to see how each magician establishes his/her own trademark. For Murray, it's CDs. Yeah, you heard me right -- CDs. Those shiny circular things that produce music when slipped into your CD player. Murray has turned these simple disks into a whole magic show, which gives you an idea of his creativity." To read the Oct. 23 titled "A Turn in the Spotlight" click: HERE.(10/24)

Michael Griffin who will be escaping from Houdini's trunk while in chains is featured in the Palm Beach Post where they report that "Houdini made good an escape from the same trunk. Griffin has obtained permission from its owner, Anthony V. Pugliese III of Boca Raton, the event host and founder of the Creations Pop Culture Museum, to use the trunk for the first time since it hit the drink 90 years ago." To read the Oct. 23 article by Thom Smith titled "Magician to get dunked in a trunk" click: HERE.(10/24)

Vonfred receives special award from the Malta Ring of the International Brotherhood of Magicians. A article reported that "Eight young and not so young magicians competed in a friendly contest organized by the Malta Ring of the International Brotherhood of Magicians. …The Winner was Brian Role' with Bernard Schembri and Geoffrey Buhagiar as runners up. A special trophy for originality was awarded to Mop Krayz." To read the Oct. 23 article titled "Magic Contest" click: HERE.(10/24)

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-VOLUME: 58 / ISSUE: 1,761 Friday - October 25, 2002

A.C. Gilbert is the subject of a Forbes article which mentions that a movie about his life titled "The Man Who Saved Christmas" is scheduled to air on Dec. 15 on CBS-TV. The article also discusses the recently published book about Gilbert by Bruce Watson titled "The Man Who Changed How Boys and Toys Were Made." His company began as Mysto Manufacturing which produced magic sets and tricks and later changed it's name to The A.C. Gilbert Co. in 1916 after it "…topped $1.2 million [in annual sales], four times those of any other toy company." The financial success came after he invented and marketed his erector sets which became a huge success and the original sets have become expensive collectibles, for example, "If you happen to have hung on to a No. 10 in mint condition, you can probably get $15,000 for it." To read the Oct. 24 article by Susan Adams titled "Boy Toy" click: HERE.(10/25)
--To buy a copy of the book for $17.47 click: HERE.

"Fiasco" starring The Gizmo Guys, The Magic Guys (John Trembler and Michael Mills) and ventriloquist Lynn Trefzger appears on Oct. 27 at The Palace Theatre in Manchester, NH.(10/25)

Jeff McBride will be headlining at the 46th Annual Edition of It’s Magic on Sunday Oct. 27 at 2:30pm at the Fred Kavli Theatre (Thousand Oaks Civic Arts Plaza) in Thousand Oaks, California. Tickets are $18-$42 per person and are available by phoning: 805-449-2787.(10/25)

The newly opened MartiniMagic in Farmington, Connecticut is featured in The Hartford Courant where it is described as, "There's no need to plan dinner and a movie when you visit MartiniMagic on Friday or Saturday nights. Along with gin-, vodka- or sake-based martinis and Asian fusion cuisine, there are magic shows in a smoke-free environment." To read the Oct. 24 article by Lee White titled "A Magical Evening" click: HERE.(10/25)

MARYLAND: René Lavand lectures at Denny & Lee Magic Studio (325 South Marlyn Avenue) in Baltimore on Monday Oct. 28 at 7:30pm. Admission is $40 per person. For more information and reservations phone: 410-686-3914.(10/25)

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-VOLUME: 58 / ISSUE: 1,762 Saturday - October 26, 2002

The Houdini exhibit in Michigan is the subject of a Lansing State Journal article that looks at his career as it developed and it's many connections to the Michigan area, "Houdini grew up in Wisconsin, got his first big break in Minneapolis and wiggled to freedom high above the masses in Grand Rapids. If his death certificate and passport could be believed, he was born  in Appleton, Wis." The article also found an obscure quote, "His work took strength and agility. 'It is good for me that I am not a tall man,' Houdini told a reporter, 'because I must be quick, quick!'" To read the Oct. 25 article by Mike Hughes titled "Houdini - the great escape" click: HERE.(10/26)

The "Spooktacular Halloween Magic Show" at the Houdini Museum in Scranton is reviewed in Electric City where they surmise, "…and we're lucky to have it in Scranton." Also in Scranton is "The Final Houdini Séance" at the Threshold Spirit Theatre which is described as a "chilling, thrilling evening that you're not likely to forget in this lifetime." To read the Oct. 24 article by Alicia Grega-Pikul titled "Things That Go Bump in NEPA" click: HERE.(10/26)

David Seebach will feature "The Human Cannonball Routine" in his upcoming 2002 edition of "Illusions of the Night" show at the Modjeska Theatre. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported that "This is the 12th year that Seebach has brought his Halloween collection of magic illusions to the theater, which local legend says itself is haunted." To read the Oct. 25 article titled "Throwing weight behind a stunt" supplied by YellowBrix and Infoseek click: HERE.(10/26)

David Copperfield will make his "25,000th randomly selected audience member" vanish during his engagements at the end of November in California. The lucky person will win an all-expense paid trip to visit Copperfield's massive collection in Nevada. It will be a personal tour given by Copperfield and sponsored by Magic Arts & Entertainment and Clear Channel Entertainment. To read the Oct. 25 article press release titled "Copperfield Secrets Revealed?" click: HERE.(10/26)

CALIFORNIA: Jeff McBride lectures on Tuesday Oct. 29 at 7pm for Mind Over Magic at the Ramada INN-Burbank. Admission is $40 per person. McBride will also offer a one-day Master Class on Oct. 30 at 2pm. For more information phone: 818-562-1921.(10/26)

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-VOLUME: 58 / ISSUE: 1,763 Sunday - October 27, 2002
Michael Griffin who recreated a Houdini escape finished in record time. A Palm Beach Post article reported that "It happened so fast that some spectators standing on the sea wall just feet away hadn't noticed the stunt was over until an emcee announced it." The crate used was an original Houdini piece which is about 90 years old. It is reported that "An auction house says its worth $25,000 to $35,000. Some Houdini aficionados bristled at Pugliese dropping the famed magician's box into the water, worried that it would disintegrate when submerged. The uninsured artifact emerged intact. And so did the man trapped inside." Griffin said after the event that "he was convinced Houdini spoke to him during the stunt." To read the Oct. 27 article by Gariot Louima titled "Houdini escape stunt baffles" click: HERE.(10/27)

R.J. Lewis, David Oliver, and Jeff Moche headline at Monday Night Magic on Oct. 28 at 8pm in NYC. For tickets phone Ticketmaster at: 212-307-4100. For more information click: HERE.(10/27)

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