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Archives: Week Of October 7-13, 2002
-VOLUME: 58 / ISSUE: 1,743 Monday - October 7, 2002

Swann Galleries 2002 Magic Auction CatalogThe annual magic auction at the Swann Galleries in New York City on Thursday Oct. 31 has just shipped the impressive catalog that features the Houdini collection of Manny Weltman. There are a total of 253 lots broken up into 14 categories: Books (31 lots), Manuscripts (3 lots), Magazines and Newspapers (9 lots), Letters (5 lots), Houdini On Stage (25 lots), Houdini In Film (8 lots), Photographs (29 lots), Ephemera (18 lots), Bess Houdini (9 lots), Magic (18 lots), Spiritualism (7 lots), Books, Manuscripts & Ephemera (47 lots), Posters (35 lots), and Apparatus (9 lots). There are many high-priced items in the catalog with the most valuable being Houdini's Personal Diary for 1916 which is estimated to be worth between $40,000-$60,000. Right behind it is Houdini's Scrapbook On Spiritualism which is estimated at $35,000-50,000. The catalog can also be viewed on the web by clicking: HERE.(10/7)

Ed Garnighian in a Weehawken Reporter article that reported about his partner ship with Serge Magnarock to produce a "majik-music" show. Magnarock is quoted, "We're going to be on the road for a month… I think you'll see that music, and magic will be a trend that catches on. I've always been open to a more different approach to everything." To read the Oct. 6 article by Jim Hague titled "Music and magic: Perfect together" click: HERE.(10/7)

Mark Phillips & Karen Beriss will present a half-hour version of their "Thin Air" show on Oct. 9-10 at 8:30pm as they open for Leon Redbone at The Ram's Head (33 West Street) in Annapolis, MD. Admission is $24.50 per person. For tickets and reservations phone: 410-268-4545.(10/7)

Todd Fuchs is planning a 100-seat theater for magic in Florida. A St. Petersburg Times article reported that, "The shows will include dancing, music, magic, comedy and even fire-eating." Fuchs is also, "confident the theater will be successful and works hard to ensure that it will be." To read the Oct. 6 article by Sarah P. Kennedy titled "Theater has tricks up its sleeve" click: HERE.(10/7)

MISSOURI: Mark Wilson & Nani Darnell are the special guests of honor at the Workshop Reunion which takes place on Oct. 9-12 at the Ramada Inn located in St. Joseph. The popular event which features intensive learning sessions and shows has already sold out. Featured performers include: Michael Ammar, Bob Sheets, Ali Bongo, Doc Eason, Tom Mullica, Kerry Pollock, Aldo Colombini, Dan Harlan, Rich Bloch, Dale Salwak, Tom Burgoon, Stan Allen, Danny Cole, John Shryock & Mari Lynn plus many others. For more information click: HERE.(10/7)


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-VOLUME: 58 / ISSUE: 1,744 Tuesday - October 8, 2002

David CopperfiedDavid Copperfied appears in the West Coast during October with two separate stints in Las Vegas. He will be at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas on Oct. 10-16, Sacramento Community Center Theater in Sacramento, CA on Oct. 18-19, Arlington Theatre in Santa Barbara, CA on Oct. 21, Reno Hilton Theatre in Reno, NV on Oct. 23-24, Flint Center in Cupertino, CA on Oct. 25-27 and back to Las Vegas to the MGM Grand on Oct. 31-Nov. 6.(10/8)

"Ricky Jay On The Stem" which has been running at the Second Stage Theatre in New York City since Apr. 13 (with a few short breaks) and has been extended a number of times due to very strong demand has closed on Oct. 6. Originally scheduled to run through Oct. 20, the theater recently announced that the show "Must close October 6, 2002."(10/8)

André KoleAndré Kole tours his full-evening show in California in October with stops at the Hydesville Community Church in Hydesville (707-768-3767) on Oct. 9, Peninsula Covenant Church in Redwood City (650-364-6304) on Oct. 11, Pastor Ciociola in Yuba City (530-673-6035) on Oct. 13, Preston Corrections in Ione (209-274-8251) on Oct. 15, Las Gatos Christian Church in San Jose (408-997-4645) on Oct. 16, Military Ministry/Dave Cook in Seaside (831-394-5442) on Oct. 18, and Oasis Church in Pismo Beach (805-773-1420) on Oct. 31.(10/8)


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-VOLUME: 58 / ISSUE: 1,745 Wednesday - October 9, 2002

Michael AmmarNEW YORK: Sylvester the Jester, Eric DeCamps, Eric Anderson, The Fabulous Valentis, Dan Garrett, David & Dania, Joshua Jay, Sean Bogunia, Jay Mattioli, Steve Rodman, John Pizzi, Jack Diamond and Steve Dacri will be headlining at Tannen's 40th anniversary Magic Jubilee on Oct. 11-13. Michael Ammar is the special guest and will receive the "Louie" award. The convention will take place at a new location at the Swan Lake Resort , which is located in the Catskills. The Tannen Jubilees are different from most magic conventions as they resemble a three-day party with six-banquet style meals, cocktail parties and lots of informal magic going on 24-hours a day. Registrations will be available at the door. For more information click: HERE.(10/9)

Rumors about Caesars Magical Empire in Las Vegas having to close began around a month ago and finally made it into a Las Vegas Review-Journal article that reported that the hotel gave them a closing notice of Nov. 30. Park Place Entertainment spokeswoman Deborah Munch said that "Any show that has had a six-year run has nothing to be ashamed of… But the company is seeking 'a greater return on investment for our shareholders.'" To read the Oct. 8 article by Mike Weatherford titled "Caesars Magical Empire faces execution again" click: HERE.(10/9)

Emil Loew (Jun. 4, 1910-Oct. 8, 2002) who is the current Dean of SAM #1 died on Oct. 8 at the age of 92. Loew recently wrote a book, "The Joys Of Magic," about his life in magic which recounted his struggles during WWII and how he ended up in the United States after escaping from war torn Europe. The book also chronicled his many magic performances and projects which included the first magic lecture network which brought dozens of European magicians to the U.S. for the first time. He also organized magic cruises and tours for American magicians to Europe and the FISM conventions. He was a big supporter of magic in New York City and a past president of the local SAM. He also presented a magic lecture and in 1979 released a set of lecture notes. Services will be held on Oct. 9 at 1:30pm at the Blasberg Funeral Chapel (720 71st Street) in Miami Beach, FL (305-865-2353).(10/9)

"Siegfried & Roy Presents Darren Romeo, the Voice of Magic" is scheduled to close on Saturday Oct. 12. A Las Vegas Review-Journal article reported that "Romeo's $30 matinee had struggled almost from the start." Verifying the report the article spoke to Kristy Michelson who "confirmed the show's last performance is next Saturday, but added that she and Romeo are already in preproduction for a new show at The Mirage." To read the Oct. 6 article by Norm titled "Chris Rock to film big scene in Las Vegas" click: HERE.(10/9)

Members of IBM Ring 50 appear in a Benefit Magic Show on Oct. 12 at 7:30pm to benefit the Drama Department of Bishop Ireton High School (210 Cambridge Road) in Alexandria, VA. Tickets are $5-$20 and are available at the Bishop Ireton High School.(10/9)

Donald Bitzer who invented "the flat-panel plasma display" received an Emmy award "for his work on the advancement of television." An article in the Technician reported that "Bitzer is well known for trying new ways to pique the interest of his students. Incorporating magic tricks into his lectures, be it card tricks or making paper balls disappear through plastic cups, he is able to draw his students into learning what is otherwise dry and difficult material." Bitzer is also and IBM member and "recently has been promoted to the prestigious order of Merlin." To read the Oct. 8 article by Thushan Amarasiriwardena titled "A modern day wizard" click: HERE.(10/9)

Dennis Regling who presents "The Magic of Science" shows in schools tells the Carlisle Sentinel, "The first scientists were the magicians… Magicians used to use science to fool people. What was once magic is now technology." To read the Oct. 8 article by Linda Franz titled "Middle school students get lesson in science from magician's act" click: HERE.(10/9)

Patrick Brown, Robert Horning and Vince Natale have formed a magic team that will be presenting a "Harry Halloween Magic Show" on Oct. 16. A Tampa Tribune article discusses how they got together and how each became interested in magic. To read the Oct. 8 article titled "A Magic Touch" click: HERE.(10/9)

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-VOLUME: 58 / ISSUE: 1,746 Thursday - October 10, 2002

A.C. Gilbert who created and marketed the sought after Gilbert Magic Sets is the subject of a new book by Bruce Watson titled "The Man Who Changed How Toys and Boys Were Made." In a review in The Christian Science Monitor Gilbert is described as, "Olympic athlete, Yale-educated doctor, magician, toy magnate, radio pioneer, and perpetual boy." Talking about his impact on the toy industry the article stated, "Gilbert was the first to take toys seriously, the first to understand the mentality of boys, and the first to market his wares directly to them." To read the Oct. 9 article titled "'Solves the boy problem!' -- Erector sets constructed a new industry - and new marketing" click: HERE.(10/10)
--To buy a copy of the book for $17.47 click: HERE.

"Houdini: A Musical" which was written by Muriel Rukeyser and recently published is described in the Daily Hampshire Gazette as, "the verse drama/musical is a whimsical look at magician Harry Houdini and his obsession with secrets, love and locks." The play was performed in "1973 at the Lenox Arts Center" but was never published until now – more than 20 years after the author died. To read the Oct. 9 article by Jessica Friedman titled "'Houdini' escapes from oblivion" click: HERE.(10/10)
--To buy a copy of the book for $10.47 click: HERE.

The eighth annual auction devoted to magic and conjuring antiques at the Galerie de Chartres in Chartes, France will take place on Sunday Oct. 13. For more information click: HERE.(10/10)

Gopinath Muthukad's tour through India with his "Vismaya Bharatha Yatra" is reported in Express India. Muthukad who has previously toured with, Vazhakunnam Namboodiri, P.C.Sorcar Jr. and K. Lal, said "My magic has to give a message and has to be treated as an art form." To read the Oct. 8 article by Nisha Nambiar titled "A mission of magic" click: HERE.(10/10)

Frank Miles is featured in the Tyler Morning Telegraph where they described his recent presentation, "A nationally renowned juggler, comedian and magician kept 200 doctors laughing throughout the East Texas Medical Center's medical staff dinner Tuesday night, but at the same time, pointed out how to conquer fears." To read the Oct. 8 article by Marvin Ellis titled "Etmc Staff Gets Juggling Lesson From Entertainer" click: HERE.(10/10)

Steve Sausage who began using his son in his act is featured in an Eastern Daily Press article that reported that "The private showing by the father and son double act was staged to promote two Children's Variety Shows at the Playhouse Theatre on Thursday, October 24, to raise money for Great Ormond Street Hospital, which is celebrating its 150th anniversary this year. Laurence Short (the son) underwent open heart surgery at the hospital when he was three years old. To read the Oct. 9 article by Steve Downes titled "Magic to lift the miracle workers" click: HERE.(10/10)

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-VOLUME: 58 / ISSUE: 1,747 Friday - October 11, 2002

David Copperfield who opens in Vegas this week is featured in a Las Vegas Sun article that discusses how he always tries to top himself, "I like putting new things in the show. A lot of people come to my show again and again and they don't want to see the same stuff over and over." In a phone interview Copperfield spoke about his latest routine, "The Lottery," which he said will be a highlight of his show and he explained the routine he is working on, "I'm working on an illusion now in which I get a girl from the audience not a plant and impregnate her onstage. And an hour and 10 minutes later she will give birth onstage, to a baby who looks exactly like me… It'll happen in the next six months." Copperfield will also be releasing a book of magic titled, "Project Magic Handbook." To read the Oct. 10 article by Jerry Fink titled "Topping Copperfield: Master illusionist constantly tries to top himself" click: HERE.(10/11)

Mario Carrandi, who will be displaying part of his Houdini collection at the Atlantique City Holiday Megafair on Oct. 19-20 in Atlantic City, NJ, is featured in where he said, "People haven't forgotten Houdini, and in that sense, he's succeeded in his effort to draw the public's attention. Mention the name Houdini to a young person today and he's likely to know who you're talking about." To read the Oct. 2 article by Bill Van Lannen titled "Enchanted City: Magic display to be featured in Atlantic City" click: HERE.(10/11)

David Oliver, Mike Bent, Jon Stetson, Erik Rochelle, Steve Kradolfer, and Alexander appear on Monday Oct. 14 at 8pm in the "Mystery Lounge" at The Comedy Studio (1236 Massachusetts Ave.) in Cambridge, MA. Admission is $10 per person. For reservations and information phone: 617-661-6507.(10/11)

Chris "Doc" Dixon's anti-bullying show, Bully-Free Amazing Wonder Show, is featured in a News Journal article which reported that, "Dixon taught students four steps to take when they face a bully -- stick together, tell the bully to stop, tell a teacher and try to be a friend." To read the Oct. 10 article by Lou Whitmire titled "Newman Elementary students learn about bullies" click: HERE.(10/11)

Ken Driscoll who performs with his brother James is profiled in The Dundalk Eagle pior to their 52 show stint at the Merriweather Post Pavilion's Nightmare Woods Halloween celebration." To read the Oct. 9 article by Amanda Ripley titled "Magic show grows" click: HERE.(10/11)

POLAND: The Polish Convention takes place on Oct. 11-13 in Lódz. Salvano, Arsene, and Vadini will be lecturing. Performers from France, Germany, Czech Republic and Lithuania will be featured.(10/11)

Johnny Thompson - Herb Zarrow - Meir YedidJohnny Thompson with Herb Zarrow and Meir Yedid in Atlantic City on September 24. Thompson was presenting his Tomsoni & Co. show at the Tropicana Hotel & casino which ran through September 26th. (Photo: MagicTimes).(10/11)

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-VOLUME: 58 / ISSUE: 1,748 Saturday - October 12, 2002
Jerzy Stanek"The Festival Of 4 Cultures Dialogue" in Lódz, Poland, which is one of the largest cultural events in the world, with around a thousand performers, concluded with a large scale Magic Gala Show on Oct. 6. The high budget show starred Amos Levkovitch, Tom Voss, Ivan Netcheporenko, Dani Lary, and Jerzy Stanek who emceed the show and was also the organizer of the event. Since the event is a celebration of Polish, German, Jewish and Russian cultures Stanek told MagicTimes that "As I got to know about the plans to organize this festival in Lódz, it came to my mind to find magicians, world top class, representing the four nations to which the Festival was devoted and to do a big magic gala show." The show turned out to be the largest magic show ever staged in Poland.(10/12)

A special series of SpookyMagic Shows will take place daily at the Houdini Museum in Scranton, PA on Oct. 15-31. Featured performers are Dorothy Dietrich and John Bravo. The museum will be completely redecorated "for Halloween, including a full exhibit room turned into a fun interactive Halloween happening, with dozens of surprises and fun displays." Proceeds from the shows will benefit Scranton's Houdini Museum. Admission is $9.95 for adults and 8.95 for children. For more information phone: 570-342-5555.(10/12)

Malcolm Norton who recently won the Devon Magic Circle's Close-Up Magic Cup is featured in a Plymouth Evening Herald article. To read the Oct. 10 article by Graham Broach titled "Magician Malcolm Reappears" click: HERE.(10/12)

EAST COAST: Ryan Swigert presents his "Hit & Run Lecture" in Philadelphia, PA on Oct. 14, at Denny & Lee Magic Studio in Baltimore, MD on Oct. 15. For more information e-mail:

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-VOLUME: 58 / ISSUE: 1,749 Sunday - October 13, 2002
Mysterious Stranger: A Book Of MagicDavid Blaine's book "Mysterious Stranger: A Book Of Magic" is scheduled to be released on Oct. 29 in hardcover and will retail for $24.95. The size of the book will be either 224-pages or 288-pages depending on whose press you believe. In conjunction with the release of the book Blaine has scheduled some book signings. The two that are confirmed are at Barnes & Noble (Union Square) in New York City on Nov. 6 and at Books & Books (Aragon Ave.) in Coral Gables, FL on Nov. 9. The book's pre-press promises readers to "bring Blaine's kind of magic into their own lives, supporting his belief that 'you don't get into magic; magic gets into you.' The book also contains a hidden code that could lead to a $100,000 payday.(10/13)
--To buy a copy of the book click: HERE.

Uri Geller tries to use his "psychic powers" to help the Wolves football team win. An Express & Star article reported that "Today he urged fans to join his effort by holding items with the Wolves logo at 11am and 11pm tomorrow while thinking positive and optimistic thoughts about their team." Uri Geller said, "Just for one minute believe that Wolves will start to win. It would help to hold a scarf or shirt and send positive thinking powers to the team." To read the Oct. 11 article titled "Uri could help luckless Wolves" click: HERE.(10/13)

Puck, Robert Baxt, Rocco, Jamy Ian Swiss, John Graham, Bob Elliott, and Michael Chaut headline at Monday Night Magic on Oct. 14 at 8pm in NYC. For tickets phone Ticketmaster at: 212-307-4100. For more information click: HERE.(10/13)

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