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Archives: Week Of September 23-29, 2002
-VOLUME: 57 / ISSUE: 1,729 Monday - September 23, 2002

The "Art and Soul of Magic" is the title of a television documentary that will chronicle the story of "Black American Magicians." Produced and conceived by Glenn Farrington the major part of the shoot will take place on Monday Sep. 23 in New York City. Scheduled to appear are Goldfinger & Dove, Ice, Chris Capeheart, Carl Andrews, Randy Shines, Puck, Presto and Bill McQueen. Frank Brents and Hiawatha have previously taped segments for the show. The special is tentatively scheduled to air in February 2003 during Black History Month.(9/23)

Robert Gallup's new show "Extreme Magic and Deadly Escapes" which is currently running at the Sky City Theater in Auckland is reviewed in the New Zealand Herald. To read the Sep. 23 article by Graham Reid titled "Robert Gallup at Sky City Theatre" click: HERE.(9/23)

Roger Lee and Maria Gara, "The Snake Babe," appear at Le Bistro Theatre at The Riviera Hotel Casino in Las Vegas through the 30th. The show runs every Monday at 11:30pm and features "naughty, late night, comedy and magic. For tickets phone: 877-892-7469.(9/23)

Juliana Chen, Mandy Muden, Suzanne, Trixie Bond, Joycee Beck, Jillian Gotlib, and Mallory Lewis with Lamb Chop appear at the Magic Castle in Los Angeles on Sep. 23-29. For more information click: HERE.(9/23)


Robin Leach - Tony BlancoRobin Leach with Tony Blanco who performed at his birthday party at Postino at the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas on September 9. (Photo: Tony Blanco).(9/23)

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-VOLUME: 57 / ISSUE: 1,730 Tuesday - September 24, 2002

October 2002  issue of DiscoverPersi Diaconis and Susan Holmes are the subject of a story about random shuffling machines in the October issue of Discover magazine. The article explains a demonstration of nonrandom shuffles and describes Diaconis as "Even now, at 57, he is one of a couple of dozen people on the planet who can do eight perfect shuffles in less than a minute." The article is mostly about the testing of a new shuffling machine that casinos might be adopting -- the verdict by Diaconis and Holmes is that it does form patterns which ultimately could be tracked. The issue also has an article by Scott Kim about mind bogglers. To read the Dana Mackenzie story titled "The Mathematics of ... Shuffling" click: HERE.(9/24)

Jamy Ian Swiss stars in "Magic: Close-Up in Concert" at the prestigious Rainbow Room (30 Rockefeller Plaza, 64th Floor) in New York City. The show will begin previews on Sep. 24 and 26 at 7pm and 9pm and will officially open on Oct. 9 with recurring shows every Wednesday through Nov. 27. The show is being produced by the producers of Monday Night Magic which continues to run every week. Held at the Art Deco private salon of the Rainbow Room, seating will be extremely limited. Tickets are $50 per person and are available by phoning: 212-307-7171 or clicking: HERE.(9/24)

R.G. Smith who will emcee "The Capitol Revue" on Sep. 29 at 2pm at the Capitol Theatre in Chambersburg, PA. A Chambersburg Gazette article describes Smith as "one of the premier comedy magic acts in the wide world of magic. His talent range from mystifying close-up skills where true magic happens 'right before your eyes,' to hilarious ballroom shows where entertainment comes first and comedy reigns." To read the Sep. 23 article titled "The Capitol Revue takes the stage Sept. 29" click: HERE.(9/24)

Diane Herrera Shepard who performs under the name "Diane the Magicienne" is featured in a Albuquerque Tribune article where she explains her best business idea, "I think it was combining science with magic and working with the museum to package an educational show for children with a science theme." To read the Sep. 23 profile titled "Shop Talk: Diane the Magicienne" click: HERE.(9/24)

CALIFORNIA: Cellini lectures on Sep. 26 at 7:30pm for the Misdirections Magic Shop at the Miraloma Park Improvement Club (350-O'Shaughnessy Boulevard) in San Francisco. For more information phone: 415-566-2180.(9/24)

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-VOLUME: 57 / ISSUE: 1,731 Wednesday - September 25, 2002

Brett Daniels who will be performing in Shanghai on Oct. 1-6 is featured in an Shanghai Daily article that asks him about how he is different from David Copperfield, Daniels responded, "David usually tells a great moving story in his shows. Although I do things in a theatrical way too, my show is a highly packed, fast-paced illusion with extravagant sets and lighting. I try to create more visual impact." To read the Sep. 24 article titled "Move over Copperfield, Daniels's here to dazzle" click: HERE.(9/25)

Siegfried & Roy and Darren Romeo's recent TV appearances in a Las Vegas Review-Journal article that also reported, "Veteran choreographer Kenny Ortega ("Dirty Dancing," "Xanadu") has been brought in to spruce up Romeo's show. So far, none of Ortega's input has been introduced, but some segments have been cut since last June's opening." A related report about "Gleason Magic" to open on Oct. 5 at The Venetian, "…features the local husband-and-wife team of Gregory and Kristi Gleason, who used to do the "Wizard's Secret" magic show at the MGM Grand when it had a themed "Wizard of Oz" area." To read the Sep. 24 article by Mike Weatherford titled "Sorrentino, Martin leaving Riviera" click: HERE.(9/25)

Michael P. Siegel who was a member of the New Jersey based comedy and magic team, "Mike & Mike" for more than twenty years died on Sep. 22 at the age of 44. Services will be held on Sep. 25 at 11am at the Gray Funeral Home (318 E. Broad St.) in Westfield, NJ. To read the Sep. 24 Star-Ledger obituary click: HERE.(9/25)

Penn & Teller's show at The Rio is being promoted by sending a box of quarters and a chocolate rat. A Las Vegas Sun article reported that "The coins are supposed to be brought to The Rio parking lot at 10:30 a.m. Thursday for an event called Four Million Quarters and One Very Large Crane." To read the Sep. 23 article by Timothy McDarrah titled "Al has silver tongue for the Silver State" click: HERE.(9/25)

A New York Times review of the movie "Invincible" began, "Mesmerizing is the only word to describe Tim Roth's profoundly sinister portrayal of a ruthless magician, hypnotist and mind reader in Werner Herzog's surreally flavored historical epic, "Invincible." His gleaming hair slicked back, his cold eyes glowing phosphorescently in his cadaverous head, Mr. Roth's character, who calls himself Erik Jan Hanussen, exudes the icy elegance of a European Gatsby who has just wafted up from the tomb." To read the Sep. 23 review by Stephen Holden titled "Cold Master of Trickery, Political and Otherwise" click: HERE. (Membership site).(9/25)

Thomas Evan Rea Jr. who died on Sep. 23 at the age of 83 is described in The Derrick as "a member of the Youngstown Magic Club and as an amateur magician enjoyed putting on magic shows for numerous years." To read the Sep. 24 obituary click: HERE.(9/25)

ENGLAND: The 66th Annual British Ring Convention takes place on Sep. 24-29 in Eastbourne. Scheduled performers include: Bob Read, Fielding West, Pierre Brahma, Dominique Duvivier, John Fisher, Roberto Giobbi, Eddie Dawes, Richard Forget, Henry Evans, Paul Cummins, Duncan Trillo, Bin Lin, Danny Cole, Steve Bedwell, Tom Jones & Rachel Wild, Cyril Harvey, Mathieu Bich, Rafael, Visiona, Eriksson & Laver, Antje Pode, Jo Hansen, Woo the Wizard, Hugh Nightingale, Clancy Clown, Mel Myland's Puppets, Lynn Thomas, David Grist, Keith Cooper & Carol, Peter Greenwood, John Wade, Tim Cockerill, Geoff Ray & Pat, Safire, Trevor Dawson, Russ Stevens, and Paul Eastwood. For more information click: HERE.(9/25)

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-VOLUME: 57 / ISSUE: 1,732 Thursday - September 26, 2002

Testing to see if magicians are good liars, Richard Wiseman and Peter Lamont tracked down Max Maven who shot two videos, one where he is lying and one where he is telling the truth. A web poll is being taken in Nature to see if readers can tell the difference. The article pointed out that "Magicians are practised at pulling the wool over our eyes during shows." Ian Rowland pointed out that "Any experienced magician could go head-to-head with a cognitive psychologist and wipe the floor with them." To read the Sep. 25 article by Helen Pearson titled "Magicians' deceit put to public poll" click: HERE.(9/26)

Hawaii magicians in coordination with Monty's Magic Theater will attempt to set several Guinness World Records using the Linking Rings on Saturday Sep. 28 at 1pm the Kapalama Elementary School. Records to be set include: most magicians performing the Chinese Linking Rings at one time, the longest link of rings, the oldest and youngest magicians performing the Chinese Linking Rings, and the most female magicians performing the Chinese Linking Rings. Since these events have never been done before they will be eligible once documented. If you would like to participate phone: 808-524-1791.(9/26)

"A Really Big Shew" featuring Ed Alonzo will run on Thursday Sep. 26 at the Nampa Civic Center in Idaho. To read the Sep. 25 Idaho Statesman article by Dana Oland titled "'Ed Sullivan Show' tribute features Elvis, Marilyn, the Beatles" click: HERE.(9/26)

"Magical Bunnies by Magical F/X" is a fundraising show for The Humane Society of Whitley County. Featured performers include Launda Lee Rick Fisher, Wayne Hill, Ryan Wall, and Mike Durrant. The show runs on Saturday Sep. 28 at 7pm. To read the Sep. 25 Columbia City Post article by Robin R. Plasterer titled "Magical night to benefit Humane Society" click: HERE.(9/26)

An article about Crossing Over's popularity in Australia is the subject of an article in The Age where the author also writes about magic and mystery. To read the Sep. 26 article titled "I see a man... and a lot of hocuspocus" click: HERE.(9/26)

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-VOLUME: 57 / ISSUE: 1,733 Friday - September 27, 2002

Thomas Solomon who according to a Gazette Advertiser article "entertained a large crowd of people last week by escaping from handcuffs and a 20-pound ball and chain while submerged in the Hudson River" is also performing this wee at the Rhinebeck Performing Arts Center. The article describes the escape and reports on the show which features escapes "from various objects and situations, such as a nuclear device the U.S. Military used to store Plutonium 241, a Tower of London torture device, and a locked New York City subway token bag. Video, music, and dance are also a vital part of the show to enhance the magical feats taking place on stage." In describing his show Solomon said, "It's more theater-oriented, but it's a different type of theater experience." To read the Sep. 26 article by Darrell F. Kuhn titled "Hudson River no match for escape artist" click: HERE.(9/27)

Glen David Gold is scheduled to appear on the Today show on Friday Sep. 27 at 7-10am (probably around 8:30am) ET. Gold's highly acclaimed book "Carter Beats the Devil," was just released in paperback and he is on a book tour promoting it. To read and NBC article about the book which includes an excerpt click: HERE.(9/27)
--To purchase the paperback edition for $10.47 click: HERE.

Robb Weinstock who has won the "All-Arizona Close-Up Magic Competition four times" is featured in The Arizona Republic where they report on the 8th annual competition which is scheduled for Saturday Sep. 28 at the Scottsdale Civic Center Library Auditorium. The article reported that "Eight magicians will be competing in the show, which organizer Nick Orlando says draws about 300 people annually. 'There are no camera tricks here,' he says." To read the Sep. 26 article by Mitchell Vantrease titled "Hands up" click: HERE.(9/27)

Marc DeSouza appears at "The Theory and Art of Magic, Series II" in Muhlenberg College in Pennsylvania. His presentation titled "The History of Magic Through Performance" takes place on Sep. 30 at 7:30pm at the Recital Hall. Tickets and information are available from the college box office by phoning: 484-664-3333 or clicking: HERE.(9/27)

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-VOLUME: 57 / ISSUE: 1,734 Saturday - September 28, 2002

The Houdini Museum in Scranton, PA is featured in the Sep. 18 issue of The Citizens Voice where proprietors Dorothy Dietrich and John Bravo are interviewed. The museum is described as "More Houdini memorabilia than anyone can imagine." Dietrich said, "We have many items that belonged to Houdini… We're adding to the collection all the time. The article pointed out that "those who love magic, magicians, and the great escape artist Houdini will not be disappointed with what they find." Also in the article is Dietrich's career and the upcoming Houdini séance. The Sep. 18 article by Debby Higgins is titled "Scranton museum shows off its magical memories.(9/28)

Ben Robinson in the Fall 2002 issue of the Connecticut College Magazine teaches an old Davenport Brothers stunt when asked, "How can I amaze my friends with a simple illusion?" Robinson is also listed as "one of 13 experts in their fields."(9/28)

"V -- Ultimate Variety Show" produced by David Saxe is reviewed this week in both Vegas newspapers. Hosted by Jeff Hobson and featuring Nathan Burton & Sarah, and Russ Merlin the show received very positive reviews. The Las Vegas Sun summarized "There were plenty of laughs and thrills, but as they say about variety shows, if you don't like the act you're seeing, wait a few minutes and there will be another." The Las Vegas Review-Journal gave advice, "If the show is able to make some long-term investments down the road, an onstage band to serve in a Paul Shaffer-esque capacity might add a hip edge of continuity and extend the show's appeal to the Hard Rock Hotel or Palms demographic." To read the Sep. 27 Las Vegas Sun review by Jerry Fink titled "Saxe's solo 'V' looks OK at The Venetian" click: HERE.(9/28)
--To read the Sep. 27 Las Vegas Review-Journal review by Mike Weatherford titled "'V' a throwback to old-school Vegas entertainment" click: HERE.(9/28)

Simon During's new book "Modern Enchantments: The Cultural and Secular Power of Magic" is reviewed in The Guardian where they point out that "What singled Isaac Fawkes out from his contemporaries was his keenness to distinguish himself from competitors who dabbled either in supernaturalism and the spirit world, or fraud and crime, or both. Fawkes made no bones about it: he advertised his diversions as 'tricks' whose attraction lay in their capacity to cause 'surprise'; he was an 'artist in dexterity of hand'. His magic, in other words, was safe to enjoy. You wouldn't lose your shirt, your savings, or your country estate by coming to watch this man perform." The book is also said to take "us on a series of intricate tours covering the development of secular magic in the 18th and 19th centuries." To read the Sep. 28 review by James Flint titled "Buzzsaw and lightyear" click: HERE.(9/28)
--To buy the book for $35 click: HERE.

Dick Steiner is featured in a Washington Times article that describes him as "a professional 'mentalist.' He makes his living by making people believe he can 'read' their minds and perform other magic tricks." The story describes several of the routines Steiner performs in his strolling work which he uses "to determine which audience members will make good participants for his stage show." Steiner commented "This really is the best job. I want to keep going until I get tired. Quite frankly, I can't conceive being tired of it." To read the Sep. 27 article by Chris Baker titled "A real card" click: HERE.(9/28)

William Lodge Shewan who was going to compete at the British Ring had to cancel due to an injury to his foot. A Shropshire Star article quotes him, "I'm disappointed. I was looking forward to it. I'll just have to put it off and wait another year now." Shewan won the 1994 British Magical Champion of Comedy in Blackpool. To read the Sep. 27 article titled "Prop fall is a bad spell for William" click: HERE.(9/28)

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-VOLUME: 57 / ISSUE: 1,735 Sunday - September 29, 2002

The Magical Arts Festival running in Toronto this week is the subject of a Globe and Mail article that talks about Doug Henning and Dai Vernon's careers and accomplishments. James Biss, organizer of the event commented that, "All the arts councils told me that magic wasn't an art form. I told them it was one of the oldest art forms in existence." The article also looks at the popularity of magic and how it declined after the advent of television, "Magic simply did not fare very well on that particular medium [TV]: There was distance, separation from the miracles, and people couldn't be certain that the effects weren't created by editing and/or camera trickery… Ironically, [David] Blaine used television, the very medium that had scuppered the art, to put it back on its feet. Blaine practices street magic, very in-your-face stuff, close-up as close can be." Magicians mentioned in the article include Jeff Pinsky, Siegfried and Roy, David Ben, Harry Houdini, Carter the Great, Harry Blackstone, Lance Burton, Glen Ottaway, Magic Mike, David Grosfield, David Blaine, and Adam Swaye. To read the Sep. 28 article by Paul Quarrington titled "Do you believe in magic?" click: HERE.(9/29)

Danny Alan, Frank Brents, Jeff Moche, Jamy Ian Swiss, Andy Roberts, Rich Cohn, and Michael Chaut headline at Monday Night Magic on Sep. 30 at 8pm in NYC. For tickets phone Ticketmaster at: 212-307-4100. For more information click: HERE.(9/29)

Rick Thomas is featured in the current issue of Showbiz Magazine which has a picture of Roy on the cover. A history of Thomas' career is discussed and his new illusion, "in which he transforms his 475-pound royal white Bengal tiger Samson into a small cub. He was inspired to create "The Incredible Shrinking Tiger" when he recently took his show to Asia and discovered it would cost $15,000 to fly Samson to Japan. The illusion begins with Thomas turning one of his dancers into Samson, turning one of his cockatoos into the dancer, and then, turning the adult Samson into baby Samson." To read the Sep. 29-Oct. 5 article by Hilary L. Green titled "The Incredible Shrinking Tiger" click: HERE.(9/29)

Famed street performer Philippe Petit is featured in a New York Times article about his legendary walk across the Twin Towers in 1974. Talking about his art Petit said, "I am a professional high-wire artist. I never take a risk. I want to live to be very old." In addition to "500 arrests for street juggling" Petit is also described as "a sleight-of-hand magician who specializes in card tricks. Petit is currently on tour promoting his new book "To Reach the Clouds: My High Wire Walk Between the Twin Towers." To read the Sep. 29 article by Alan Feuer titled "High-Wire Walker Fondly Recalls Towers" click: HERE.(9/29-member site)
--To buy a copy of the book for $21 click: HERE.

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