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Archives: Week Of September 2-8, 2002
-VOLUME: 57 / ISSUE: 1,708 Monday - September 2, 2002

The Incredible Universe of Magic & IllusionScott Interrante has been presenting his show "The Incredible Universe of Magic & Illusion" with Danae DeFeis at the Vanderbilt Museum and Planetarium (180 Little Neck Road) in Centerport, NY for the past six months. The run makes it the longest continuously running magic show in Long Island and is scheduled to run for at least six more. The one-hour multimedia show that the New York Times listed as a "Best Bet" features five major illusions and a unique presentation of the history of magic that uses 36 slide projectors, 3 video projection units, a live "dome-cam," a revolving Goto projector, and special lighting and sound effects. Currently the show runs on Sundays at 3pm and 4:30pm. Admission is $10-$12 per person. For tickets and information phone: 631-854-5550.(9/2)

Muhammed Ali doing magic while in Florida. According to a Page Six article, "Ali entertained the crowd with magic tricks all night - like making a scarf disappear and making his thumb light up." To read the Sep. 1 article by Jeane MacIntosh with Paula Froelich and Chris Wilson titled "Heavy Duty" click: HERE.(9/2)

The 64th annual convention of the Houdini Club of Wisconsin that took place this weekend is featured in a Post-Crescent article that quotes Ron Lindberg about becoming a magician, "It takes patience and a willingness to understand that you’re going to fail sometimes… You have to have a strong backbone." To read the Sep. 1 article by Chris Baker titled "Aspiring magicians learn tricks of trade" click: HERE.(9/2)

Franco Sicilia appears at the Las Vegas Comedy Festival which will be held at the Stardust Hotel on Sep. 4-8. Sicilia will perform on Saturday Sep. 7 at the Freemont Experience Stage in Downtown Las Vegas. Nick Lewin will also be appearing at the Festival as Host to two of the shows. For more information about the festival click: HERE.(9/2)

Gregory and Kristi Gleason appear in The Amazing Johnathan show on Sep. 3-8 at the Golden Nugget Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. For more information and tickets click: HERE.(9/2)

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-VOLUME: 57 / ISSUE: 1,709 Tuesday - September 3, 2002

Alice Cohen, who with her husband Al and son Stan ran one of the most popular magic shops in the United States, died on Aug. 31. She was instrumental in making the Al's Magic booths, at hundreds of magic conventions, the friendly, helpful, and popular destinations they were for the many conventioneers who used to hang-out with the Cohens. Services will be held on Tuesday Sep. 3 at 11:30am at the Hine Rinaldi Funeral Home (11800 New Hampshire Ave) in Silver Spring, MD.(9/3)

Rob Russ is featured in a News Sun article that looks at his career and some of his routines. Explaining what he tries to achieve with his shows Russ explained, "My goal has always been to make our show an entertainment event that incorporates mystery, suspense and comedy… I try to bring my audience through the whole gamut of emotions just as you would experience if you went to see a movie or a play." The inspiring article also quotes Russ about the importance of magic, "I think we spend our days hearing about what's not possible, what we can't do -- that's the reality of life… And magic, at least momentarily, gives us a sense of possibility." To read the Aug. 27 article by Carel Schmidlkofer titled "Escape artist" click: HERE.(9/3)

Johnny Ace Palmer, Chris DePalma, The Fabulous Valentis, Alfonso, Lee Bayless, Woody Pittman, Jason Byrne, and Stoil Stoilov appear at the Magic Castle in Los Angeles on Sep. 3-8.(9/3)

Felix Snipes' "Magical Wonder-Full Week-Ends" is scheduled to appear in Killeen, TX (Sep. 6-8), Tupelo, MS (Sep. 13-15), Chattanooga, TN (Sep. 20-22) and Brent, AL (Sep. 27-29). Admission is free. For more information phone: 770-938-8073.(9/3)

Mac King's appearance on the Jerry Lewis MDA telethon is mentioned in a Las Vegas Review-Journal article that quotes him about the event, "It makes me feel like I'm really in show business, actually going to L.A. and being on this show, not taped, and not in the middle of the night. It's a real honor." To read the Sep. 2 article by Norm titled "Local TV co-hosts Waddell, Francis pass test of time with telethon" click: HERE.(9/3)

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-VOLUME: 57 / ISSUE: 1,710 Wednesday - September 4, 2002

Jeff HobsonA few days after Melinda's show closes at The Venetian, David Saxe's (her brother) new show "V -- The Ultimate Variety Show" will open. Scheduled to open on the 12th it will feature seven variety acts which Saxe described as, "There will be no dancing girls or hokey backdrops, just high-energy acts with a proven history in showrooms." A Las Vegas Review-Journal also reported that "Comic magician Jeff Hobson will be the semipermanent host when he's not booked for lucrative corporate gigs." The rest of the show will change as Saxe explained, "I've got a list of 50 to 100 acts that could rotate through the show in the next year." To read the Sep. 3 article by Mike Weatherford titled "Several shows' futures up in the air as fall nears" click: HERE.(9/4)

Ron Burgess who is about to release a magic book is featured in a Providence Journal article that explained that "Part of his writing style includes standing in front of a mirror and recreating magic tricks." To read the Aug. 30 article titled "The indefatigable class clown" supplied by Infoseek and yellowbrix click: HERE.(9/4)

James Clayton performs at Bookpeople (96th and Lamar) in Austin, TX on Saturday Sep. 7 at 11:30am. For more information phone: 800-853-9757.(9/4)

NEW JERSEY: Pete Lentini, Bill Wisch, Arnoldo Leggi, Tom Yurasits, John Mitsopoulos, and Bob Lloyd will be headlining at Magic Funday on Sunday Sep. 8 at the Villagers Theatre in Somerset. In addition to the lectures, contest, auction and shows there will also be a tribute to the Late All Hillman "The Bewildered Barfly." Admission is $40 per person at the door and includes everything. For more information click: HERE.(9/4)

Gay Blackstone and Bob FitchGay Blackstone and Bob Fitch goofing around at the International Brotherhood of Magicians Convention in San Diego, California over the fourth of July weekend. (Photo: Mona Santow).(9/4)

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-VOLUME: 57 / ISSUE: 1,711 Thursday - September 5, 2002

Tannen's MagicMichael Ammar will be receiving the "Louie" award at Tannen's 40th anniversary Magic Jubilee that will take place on Oct. 11-13 at a new venue in Swan Lake, NY. The official lineup has just been announced with featured performers Sylvester the Jester, Eric DeCamps, Eric Anderson, The Fabulous Valentis, Dan Garrett, David & Dania, Joshua Jay, Sean Bogunia, Jay Mattioli, John Pizzi, Jack Diamond and Steve Dacri. The Tannen Jubilees have traditionally been different from most magic conventions as they resemble a three-day party with six-banquet style meals, cocktail parties and lots of informal magic going on 24-hours a day. Registration is $115 per person, and the hotel rate includes three meals a day. For more information phone: 212-929-4500 or click: HERE.(9/5)

Penn & Teller are working on some TV projects with Pariah Television. A Hollywood Reporter article revealed that, "Magicians Penn and Teller have teamed with Pariah to develop a few specials that will be pitched to prospective network buyers in the coming weeks." To read the Sep. 3 article by Nellie Andreeva titled "Pariah marks slate with broad strokes" click: HERE.(9/5)

Criss Angel's website is rated number five for the week in "Yahoo! Web Buzz." A Bermuda Sun article described his site, "His official site allows you to view a 30-second clip of his show. He performed in New York’s Time Square this past week as he was submerged in a water torture chamber and shackled by the New York City PD." To read the Sep. 4 article by Don Burgess titled "Web buzz" click: HERE.(9/5)

COLORADO: The 9th Annual Magic in the Rockies Convention will be held on Sep. 5-8 in Ft. Collins. An all-star lineup of talent features Gaetan Bloom, Bob Cassidy, Mike Caveney, Kevin James, Tina Lenert, Jamy Ian Swiss, Mike Bent, Doc Eason, Terry Seabrooke, Thom Peterson, Jon Stetson, Peter Studebaker, Bob Sammons and Eric Mead. For more information click: HERE.(9/5)

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-VOLUME: 57 / ISSUE: 1,712 Friday - September 6, 2002
The Soul of MagicVictor & Diamond and their show "The Soul of Magic" at the New Frontier in Las Vegas is featured in a Showbiz Magazine article. The article points out that "The magicians' eye-popping afternoon performances have captured the imagination of both Las Vegas audiences and Hollywood's elite. Oscar-winning actor Denzel Washington said, 'Keep your eyes on them, they're smooth.' Rubber-faced funnyman Jim Carrey said, 'This act is smoking, wait until you see them.'" The article concludes "Together they present one of the most unique magic shows in Las Vegas." To read the Sep. 8-14 article titled "Sound, Spectacle & Soul" click: HERE.(9/6)

André Kole is back on tour with his full-evening show. It is a rare treat for the magicians in Arizona, Wyoming, Montana and Washington to see this magic star perform in his own environment. You can catch him in Phoenix, AZ (480-759-2118) on Sep. 7, Sheridan, WY (406-256-8296) on Sep. 10, Billings, MT (406-256-8296) on Sep. 13, Seattle, WA (425-432-1359) on Sep. 15, Bremerton, WA (360-373-1408) on Sep. 17, Bellevue, WA (425-454-3082) on Sep. 20-21, and Kent, WA (360-886-1643) on Sep. 22.(9/6)

NEW JERSEY: Bruce Kalver lectures on Monday Sep. 9 at 8pm for SAM #161 at The Willows (1013 Washington Avenue) in Green Brook. Admission is $8 for members and $15 for guests. For more information click: HERE.(9/6)

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-VOLUME: 57 / ISSUE: 1,713 Saturday - September 7, 2002

Jewel AichJewel Aich who is the leading magician in Bangladesh is featured in The Independent where he explained the importance of the performer, "Almost all performing arts need the application of science, but I think, superiority depends on their presentation. For instance, a painter works with mixture of colours, brush and other ingredients. But the brilliance appears when emotional attachment and application chemistry click." Aich who is described as a true artist and humanitarian is also said to always donate, "… half of the money from commercial shows for charity." About his performance style the article points out that, "Jewel Aich’s smile is appreciated and loved by all. It adds a soft flavour to his every offer even while he presents seemingly hazardous magic." Aich explained, "My face, beaming with smiles, is more to do with enjoyment of my work. My smile is an inner feeling and involuntarily oozes out of the inner being. Artificiality in any form does not influence my work." To read the Sep. 6 article by Sohel Islam titled "Enchantment and surprise!" click: HERE.(9/7)

Dirk Arthur's Vegas show "New Art of Magic" is reviewed in the Las Vegas Review-Journal's Neon where they point out that "With so many of today's magic shows serving as thinly veiled twists on the Old Vegas variety revue, it's a fun contrast to watch Dirk Arthur get down to business." To read the Sep. 6 review by Mike Weatherford titled "Dirk Arthur keeps the tricks coming at Silverton" click: HERE.(9/7)

Torkova, Throwdini, Banachek, Simon Lovell, Frank Brents, Michael Chaut, and Andy Roberts headline at Monday Night Magic on Sep. 9 at 8pm in NYC. For tickets phone Ticketmaster at: 212-307-4100. For more information click: HERE.(9/7)

"Siegfried & Roy: The Magic Box" IMAX movie which is playing in Tampa, FL through Nov. 25 is reviewed in the St. Petersburg Times which concludes that "The Magic Box is a worthwhile example of the IMAX experience." To read the Sep. 6 review by Steve Persall titled "Now you see 'em" click: HERE.(9/7)

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-VOLUME: 57 / ISSUE: 1,714 Sunday - September 8, 2002

Glen David Gold's novel "Carter Beats the Devil" is reviewed in American Outlook where they take a different slant at the story. In addition to giving an outline of to the plot the review centers around the many conspiracies in the novel and how they relate to current day affairs, "The parallels between that tumultuous time and the 1990s are multitudinous, though the comparisons are never made explicit and hence never strained. …Like ours, Carter’s time is one of rapid technological change, with numerous new inventions paralleling the 1990s phenomena of fiber optic lines, the Internet, and cheap air transportation." An interesting point is also made, "A magician’s greatest asset, as Carter learns early in his career, is the audience’s deep desire to believe what they see. Their trust in the magician is what makes misdirection possible and his tricks successful--as is true also for novelists. Similarly, the public’s desire to believe in the politicians they elect enables their leaders to deceive them." To read the Sep. 7 review by S.T. Karnick titled "Truth in Fiction" click: HERE.(9/8)

Juliana Chen will receive the Chavez Memorial Trophy from the Society of American Magicians on Sep. 29 in Hollywood where she will also be performing at the Magic Castle. To read the Sep. 7 press release titled "Canada's world champion to be honored by the Society of American Magicians' Hall of Fame in Hollywood" click: HERE.(9/8)

Michaelangelo (Mike Gigliotti) who describes his show as, "There are lots of special effects in the show, as well as comedy, magic and slapstick," is featured in an Indiana Gazette article. To read the Sep. 7 article by Pat Rich titled "The 85th Cookport Fair" click: HERE.(9/8)

Joe Monti, Allen Hayden, Bob Jardine, John Shryock, Mark Allen, and Mark Hendrickson appear at the Magic Castle in Los Angeles on Sep. 9-15. Cody Fisher lectures on Sunday Sep. 15.(9/8)

Jason Abbs is competing on the TV show Stand Up Britain which will air on Oct. 11. A Huddersfield Daily Examiner reported that "Jason has branched out into comedy specially for the six-part series." To read the Sep. 7 article titled "Joker plans to be king of comedy" click: HERE.(9/8)

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